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  1. <_< its a well known fact bigger games = bigger crowds alot of people choose not to go to games because the game is dead and thiers nothing to play for anymore
  2. how many coaches r full and how many tickets have been selt because from what ive heard theirs not gonna be any1 left in fev
  3. Im Thinking of getting a flag nocked up whats the best site to get 1 from any1 know.
  4. nowt wrong with the c*s 1 and lets just see what comes out of our mouths on day
  5. I agree mate would be awsome for us all to be together creating a great atmosphere be ###### if were all spread out
  6. Isnt a champion someone who wins a championship ?? Rovers Won the championship Rovers = Champions
  7. A waste of my money in imo !! Other people in my family are going and looking forward to it. But ive been to evry game this season home and away and im going to miss the presentation
  8. Good question. Im not going to the f factor thing because it looks ###### and a waste of money but i want to see the presentation. Will the supportors have to watch poxy x factor cast offs and that bleeding chiko thing to see our team be pressented the league sheild ? if thiers no presentation after the barrow game this is a bad move imo
  9. Comment removed, i dont make the rules, just try to abide by them. Once again a thread spoilt by some posters inane name calling and abusive comments
  10. why get funny with fellow fans we should stick together ....
  11. There is loads of them at that final how many do you think we would of taken ?
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