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  1. ArthurDaley

    Dale chairman Chris Dunphy

    Conspiracy theory's abound on the Dale MB, not quite on the who shot President Kennedy or Elvis is still alive level. ( Yet )
  2. ArthurDaley

    Dale chairman Chris Dunphy

    Is to step down as Chairman of Rochdale AFC at the end of the year. I think Chris had a good relationship with Hornets. Hope it continues with the new chairman.
  3. ArthurDaley

    A new all time low

  4. ArthurDaley

    A new all time low

    What was the name of the Castleford coach driver who stood in as referee. ? 17-1 penalty count against us and two sin binning's.
  5. ArthurDaley

    Eric Fitzsimons

    Craig Purcell, HN wife's maiden name was Purcell. I kept telling her they were related ( they wasn't ) RIP Eric.
  6. ArthurDaley

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    Read all about it.
  7. ArthurDaley

    Dale staying up! Oldham going down!

    Fairy tale ending, Joe Thompson who has fought cancer twice comes on as 2nd half sub and scores the winner.
  8. ArthurDaley

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Irish country music legend Big Tom, 11 weeks after his wife. When I stated courting my now Irish wife I used to buy her Big tom LPs, until one day she said I like Cat Stevens better.
  9. ArthurDaley

    Leigh away

    Its the Crown Oil Arena now.
  10. ArthurDaley

    Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    Dale play Newport/Spurs on Sunday 18th . Its on BBC at 4 o clock. Here's an idea how about a double header.If Hornets play Swinton KO at 1 o clock there should be enough time to remark the pitch change the post and level out the sand in time for Dale to kick off. Before I get any silly replys.
  11. ArthurDaley

    Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    Lifted from the Dale MB, might be getting a new grounds man.
  12. ArthurDaley

    Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    Dale V Newport/ Spurs if they beat Millwall. Somebody had better get the pitch sorted.
  13. ArthurDaley

    Challenge Cup 2018 First Round

    Its a good job glemiln knows what's happening Brent, I thought it was on main stream TV. I was going to record it. I am not used to hi tech. As it seems I am still in 1985.
  14. ArthurDaley

    Challenge Cup 2018 First Round

    According to Teletex Mayfield are on the BBC . On Saturday 27th V Crossfields at 14.00 . Seems like the Beeb are showing a game from every round right up to the final
  15. ArthurDaley

    A sad news week

    So very sorry to hear of the passing of Ray Myers. I know he hadn't been well for some time. I must have known Ray for over 40 years, he was Hornets through and through. Condolences to all Rays family. RIP