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  1. Hornets on tv 2018

    Last season Free Sport had a number of Toronto games on. Although a few hours later. Hopefully same again.
  2. Onwards to 2018

    It must have been a quiet day on Sky sports news, news of Jonno even made it on there.
  3. Onwards to 2018

    Glyn & Kelvin Earl. ! We have had a few Chuckle bros playing for us over the years.
  4. Obituary thread 2017

    Frustration probably.
  5. Les Connolly RIP

    Saw his obituary in the Obbie, and wondered if it was him. Went to many away games with him on the old Ellen Smiths. He was Hornets through and through. First met him at the Athletic grounds with his son who was blind. He was one of the original founders of Mayfield I believe. Farewell Les it was a pleasure to have known you.
  6. Channel 424

    Thought about it a couple of times, but being married to her for 40 years, and she has a couple of good points
  7. Championship Rugby League on Free TV

    Started my own thread about this on the Hornets MB, I can get 424 through Sky but no matter how many times I tried to retune my old TV in the bedroom it just wouldn't do it. Same with Channel 389 Keep it Country, Presenter Michael English keeps telling us its on Free view but no.
  8. Channel 424

    don't know what happened to the smillies Brent so here's a better one.
  9. Channel 424

    As well as being a tight ar*e I am a bit of ( or a lot ) of a thicko. There are a couple of channels on Free View. Keep It Country and Free Sports i cannot get despite having Free View. I have retuned it numerous times but cannot get the channels. HELP anybody how do I get the channels.
  10. Channel 424

    George actually Doug. George Cole.
  11. Channel 424

    Just discovered this channel by accident. Free Sports, being a tight ar*se and not wanting to pay for a sports channel, am I glad I found it. Watched a bloody good game from Australia, Broncos V Roosters this morning. Seen a few other games from down under, with luck they will show all the games up to the grand final. Also saw Toronto V Whitehaven, their pitch had more lines on it than Victoria station. Might even watch some Portuguese football later. Well it is free.
  12. Big Doug

    Is this you, (only joking )
  13. England V Samoa

    Seems as though England are playing Samoa in Australia sometime during the SL season, the BBC were keen to broadcast it, but the RL said no, we will stream it ourselves and charge people to watch it. I wasn't a wear that Samoa were such a big draw in RL terms. And at about 10 -30 in the morning ( I think ) wouldn't have thought a lot of people would be watching it any way.
  14. Frank Myler

    What a great era to have been a Hornets supporter. Happy Birthday Frank.