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  1. On my walk yesterday I passed my local. The landlord was sat having a bottled beer in the beer garden. I shouted over " When are you opening again Simon ? " He replied " Not before September at the earliest matey ". The lock down is saving me a fortune.
  2. I remember spotting he was playing the Manchester Academy just after he came back. I toyed with going but none of my mates fancied it . " He'll be old and tired, with an old and tired band. " That same gig got a 5 star review in The Guardian. He was brilliant with a brilliant new band apparently I've been kicking myself for not going ever since.
  3. I thought it started out OK and I watched it through to the end. If you bailed out after episode 3 you made a wise move.
  4. " Twelth Night " on youtube last night was brilliant. Tamsin Greig was outstandingly funny. They're putting out a pre recorded live theatre performance every Thursday at 7-00 pm.
  5. Fiestas ? You must live in really poverty stricken area. High power Audi's are the weapon of choice around here, S-3's, S-5's along with usual BMW M series and Merc AMG's. It's another world over here.
  6. It's getting busier where I live. Boy racers are out in abundance.
  7. It's become a parody of itself. The " kill rate " is beyond a joke. I don't know how people can take it seriously.
  8. I'd be in the at risk group so this would impact on me and my wife in a very serious way. However I think ultimately that will be the policy the government comes up with. I don't like it but I can't see any real alternative.
  9. That should have a government health warning.
  10. Yes the Guardia Civil are not to be messed with. My father in law lived out in Mojicar for years, he got into a bit of an argument with them about where he parked his car. In retaliation one of the Guardia pulled out his gun and shot my father in law's dog " Haggis " dead and threw my father in law in jail over night.
  11. You can get those pots that size in TKMaxx for about £10. You won't be surprised to hear all ours are red.
  12. Yes he's a brilliant weatherman and a natural in front of the camera. As someone once said - " I'd like to meet his tailor ". That's one for the music buffs on here.
  13. Nice, I see the you have the " Le Creuset " logo on that jar turned outwards for maximum snob value. My wife does the same.
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