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  1. You could try counting them at the next home game.
  2. Good to see Jy Hitchcox back in the squad.
  3. They’ve just got a really good physio Doug.
  4. None, we managed to keep all our players on the pitch this time.
  5. Yeah that must have been a great effort by a really patched up team. No real preparation time etc. I was expecting a heavier defeat than that to be honest.
  6. That’s bit cynical of you Doug. Surely Swinton wouldn’t do that ?
  7. One of the towns real characters. Once met never forgotten. They don’t make ‘em like Moggy any more. RIP.
  8. Mm, Keighley up next I see.
  9. It looks like that’s what they’ve decided to do. Fair enough.
  10. The two “ D’s “ win you games - defence and discipline. Neither has been good enough this season.
  11. Looks like the tough decisions have been made sooner than I thought they would be. Rangi player coach ? Penkie player coach ?
  12. That would have been my choice also. Tyrer’s had a great season so far, he’s never had a bad game. If this season tapers off to nothingness some tough decisions will have to be made.
  13. Last season we had two guys get red cards early on in crucial games. At the disciplinary both were found to have no case to answer. Of course it’s too late then. Given the furore over players suffering from early on set dementia and consequently taking action in law against the RFL anything remotely above the chest is now a high tackle. It’s no good moaning about it. We have to come to terms with it.
  14. What happened to McNally ? I thought he was fit to play. Losing him apparently meant moving Sheridan from scrum half to full-back, Chase from stand off to scrum half, and bringing in the new guy to stand off. Wasn’t there a stand in full back that could have played that would have meant us playing with our usual settled half back partnership ?
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