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  1. Cheers, it isn't like the RFL to make things complicated, is it!
  2. Does seem like the board are acting like little kids. Spat their dummy out because they are not getting their own way.
  3. Am I right in thinking that if we win our Semi Final next week, we go straight to the Final which will be played at the Vestacare?
  4. How does Bent tackle that much week in week out? must take until Wednesday before he can get out of bed in a morning.
  5. Whitworth Yed


    How was Wet Wet Wet? Worth missing the game for?
  6. Yeah, that is mentioned here: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/off-the-record-rugby-league-rumours-and-gossip-176/ Along with..... Salford interview Naylor Salford Red Devils have interviewed Scott Naylor as they seek to bring in a new assistant coach for Ian Watson. We reported in last week’s gossip column that the Red Devils were looking at Naylor as a replacement for Martin Gleeson, who left the club earlier this year to take up an offer in rugby union. We can confirm that Naylor has been interviewed over the vacancy. Last week, Oldham announced that Naylor will leave his post as head coach of the League 1 club at the end of the season. However, the trade papers have linked ex-Toronto and Leigh coach Paul Rowley with the assistant coaching job at Salford.
  7. or has he got a job as a coach in Yawnion?
  8. Now that would be interesting, if i was a betting man though I would put my money on it being Crook.
  9. It isn't like the the RFL to come up with a structure that doesn't confuse the hell out of everyone! I expect the RFL to announce that they have changed their minds and the top 2 go up automatically, probably just after the first round of Play Off games has been played.
  10. Knowing the RFL they will hold the League 1 Final before the Championship final in Toronto!
  11. How though? Atmosphere at grounds will be poor as away attendances will drop and therefore revenue for clubs. Plus, as mentioned before, who will want to watch Toronto v Ottawa? What if the owner of Toronto et al loses interest, is there someone else who will take the reigns? The RFL are making a quick buck but when the gold rush finishes what will be left? How about the RFL marketing the game more? Last year at the CC final we were asked on numerous occasions by locals (inc. a bar owner) what was going on at Wembley. Even the guy at ladbrokes (who sponsored the Cup) asked what was going on. Then they wonder why only 50k turned up to see a French team win it.
  12. Too much history for both clubs to just toss in the bin and start a merged club. Sadly I think we are nearing the end but would rather die than carry on as a 'Manchester' club. Only watched a handful of SL games this year after they threw the Championship/League One clubs on the scrap heap so probably would only go to the CC final and watch St Annes if ORLFC was to go. This is the way SL and the RFL want to go but I wonder in 20yrs time when Toronto, New York et al have all gone after a loss of interest and the game is left with around 15 clubs and hardly any TV coverage will people say ' what were we thinking letting all these traditional clubs die'? Or will the SL and RFL fatcats who have made money on franchises not really care from their homes in Monaco etc?
  13. You are really only buying a place in League 1. Worrying given what has recently happened to Hemel Stags
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