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  1. Get in touch with Little no it all he/she knows our financial accounts inside out
  2. Dave, Did you create a 2020 Fixture List poster?
  3. Why would a club short of money want to waste their time by bringing out the shirt before Christmas? Christmas parties don't organise themselves people!
  4. If we do then I expect you to use your winnings to buy a '5th place finish - Conquered' commemorative t-shirt ?
  5. This is an interesting rule change next season: Betfred Championship and League 1 clubs will fall into line with Super League by introducing golden point extra time in 2020 - but with a twist. If a game is level after 80 minutes, teams will play two five-minute periods of extra time in a bid to get a positive result. However, each team will receive a point for a draw as normal and an extra point will be up for grabs to the first team to score in extra time.
  6. Will Mr Naylor be doing his usual Fixtures spreadsheet? Need to replace the 2019 one that has pride of place on my desk. I even had to remove the picture of my kids to make room for it ?
  7. Maybe CH is waiting to see who becomes available when (a) other clubs have done their business and have surplus (b) get players cheaper as they become more anxious to sign a contract Either way, not a good start and a little worrying. I know Diskin is on a charity bike ride at the moment but surely he gave a list of players to CH? Really important we stay up this year with the central funding debacle looming the season after.
  8. With central funding (which I assume also covers Ground Improvements) rumoured to being scrapped then I just think the RFL are skint themselves (although the top dogs salaries seem to prove otherwise). Not going to slag CH off but I think he missed a big trick when we got the lease to Whitebank. Support was offered to improve the ground but he refused it and as such not one lick of paint was done in the time we had it.
  9. Hi, I have 2 Grand Final tickets for sale if anyone makes a last minute decision to attend on Saturday. They cost £23 each but open to offers
  10. Weird timing of announcement
  11. Hewitt should have been MOTM in my opinion. Hopefully we can stretch the winning streak by 1 more game. I wonder if Scott is regretting his decision to leave? Don't like that we have a week off again though, momentum is everything.
  12. Cheers, it isn't like the RFL to make things complicated, is it!
  13. Does seem like the board are acting like little kids. Spat their dummy out because they are not getting their own way.
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