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  1. Seems as though England are playing Samoa in Australia sometime during the SL season, the BBC were keen to broadcast it, but the RL said no, we will stream it ourselves and charge people to watch it. I wasn't a wear that Samoa were such a big draw in RL terms. And at about 10 -30 in the morning ( I think ) wouldn't have thought a lot of people would be watching it any way.
  2. What a great era to have been a Hornets supporter. Happy Birthday Frank.
  3. I dont need to go on you tube, I was commenting on the game I SAW, I didn't see the Milan game . So I couldn't possibly comment on it.
  4. Estudiantes, now there's a name from the past in the days of my youth I remember me and Diddy Dave watching them at Old Trafford in the world Club Championship. Nobby Stiles had got sent off in Argentina. I don't think I had seen a more dirtier team before or after. I remember one of them whacking George Best, who retaliated. Then the Argentine went down like a bag of cement, and of George went of. So they must be one hell of a nasty team.
  5. Does Mega bus go to Toulouse. It seems they go to Europe and for only a £.
  6. to ex Hornets player Chris Campbell, and now referee, for making his debut on Sky at the magic weekend.
  7. Are, but did you walk on the glass floor ?. I put a foot gingerly on it, and that was my lot, even though a few kids were playing on it,
  8. A French player on report.
  9. That's the one.
  10. The only thing I can remember about that game, the scores were very close, and late in the second half we broke away down the wing John Higgins I think. He had only the Widnes fullback to beat, John ? who was a Scottish international scared the life out of Higgins, who threw out a terrible pass over his shoulder, think it was centre Mark Nixon who just failed to gather it and knocked on. If we had scored then it would have put us in front, and who knows what would have happened.
  11. Favourite duo from the 70s. The two Ronnie's reunited. RIP Ronnie.
  12. Yes, but Theresa looked nice, took my mind of what Gideon was waffling on about.
  13. RIP Frank, Brilliant as Father Jack. Even had a Feck off t shirt, My Irish Mother in Law wasn't too impressed.
  14. Sunday 13-30 according to the BBC