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  1. The musical kitchen

    Sharpening your Shonen Knife
  2. New Teams 2018

    That's a great result and a credit to the officers. The thing is they are development officers, when they have got things going the hope is that there will be enough "engaged" local people to pick up the reins and carry on the good work.
  3. Canvey island

    " I was outside the one stop, when I saw her in the coin-op, " " When she finished her laundry, she was all in a quandary " Genius !!!
  4. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    No problem with correcting it - must just be one of those made up memories !! Might have been combining two episodes - although this one appears to be in the original "Likely Lads" not the later "Whatever " - https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/the_likely_lads/episodes/1/7/
  5. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    I think Don Brennan, Ivy's husband, ran a junior RL team and he was sacked by Mike Baldwin for using the company van to transport the kids around.
  6. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    There is an episode of "Last of the Summer Wine" where, in the cafe, you can see a small poster advertising an Underbank v Mayfield game.
  7. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    Diana Dors in "All Our Saturdays" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Our_Saturdays
  8. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    Instead of the "Wife of Bath", they had Alice, Wife of Batley.
  9. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    I remember an episode of "Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads" where Bob and Terry were talking about a male ladies hairdresser, with all the stereotypical 1970's connotations that had. One of them said something along the lines of "that's not the case with him, he once had a trial with Hull Kingston Rovers". HKR seem to get mentioned a lot in this thread !!
  10. Canvey island

    Little did you know that I knew you'd say that. I'll get me coat...
  11. cup final programme

    Not like Keck that !
  12. Obituary thread 2017

    Grant Hart from Husker Du.
  13. Thomas Bosc retires.

    Wish him a happy retirement. Great player
  14. Great Names of RL Players

    Isn't he from Tonga too !!
  15. Coldest ground

    Never played at Queensbury in the winter months but the other two were cold, along with Underbank (especially the "top" pitch). Ovenden could be a bit breezy but you were always guaranteed a "warm" welcome !