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  1. Obituary thread 2017

    Grant Hart from Husker Du.
  2. Thomas Bosc retires.

    Wish him a happy retirement. Great player
  3. Great Names of RL Players

    Isn't he from Tonga too !!
  4. Coldest ground

    Never played at Queensbury in the winter months but the other two were cold, along with Underbank (especially the "top" pitch). Ovenden could be a bit breezy but you were always guaranteed a "warm" welcome !
  5. Coldest ground

    Coldest game I ever played in was Kirkholt "A" away at snow covered Hoyland Vikings (Barnsley) in the Pennine League in 1993 or 94. I think that it was the only PL game played that day. Went straight into the showers fully clothed but could not get warm and I was still shivering an hour later despite having had coffee and hot food.
  6. Coldest ground

    Went to watch Rochdale Hornets play at Wakefield in the early 90s on a freezing cold day. I went to get some pies, put two in my coats pockets and kept two to warm my hands. By the time I gave them out, the jelly and fat had congealed in my pockets !!
  7. Thatto beat Siddal..

    I don't like to have a go at refs but I thought the guy had a bad game on Saturday and I also think that he was poorly served by the touch judges. To me, it looked like two good teams both having off days at the same time. There were some bits of good football from both sides but on the whole, it was a bit scrappy. Mayfield would have benefitted from a bit of direction from Houghy or Sam B but the two Zacs (it was them wasn't it ?) improve with every game and will learn a bit of "game management" with time.
  8. Squeezing Out Sparks is a brilliant album but his best track by far is Mercury Poisoning
  9. The TV Thread

    Twin Peaks this week - the scene with Gordon, Albert, the French lady and the bottle of wine was hilarious
  10. Cod

    True - Skate-ing on thin ice
  11. Cod

    Didn't Sting(ray) play bass ?
  12. The TV Thread

    Got a light ?
  13. Obituary thread 2017

    Here is the alternative version from Half Man Half Biscuit
  14. Siddal arlfc

    It was a great game against Mayfield last week. One of the Siddal tries was a beautiful move across the pitch with well timed, accurate passes drawing the Mayfield defence in and creating the overlap to score.
  15. The TV Thread

    Absolutely. Lots of tiny threads. 3 Dale Coopers. David Lynch is brilliant as Gordon Cole. How are they going to tie this all together ? It is great to see how many of the original cast are involved 25 years on !! Hellloooo-oooo !!!