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  1. cricket

    The city thing, particularly for Lancashire/Manchester is a strange one. Old Trafford is very close to Cheshire and a large number of cricket people from Cheshire follow Lancs as it is so close AND Cheshire do not have a 1st class presence. A lot of people Cheshire people identify with/are identified as Mancunians - half of Joy Division were from Cheshire (the other half from Salford); the Charlatans are from Macclesfield also - but they are always identified as "Manchester". If you were to have a Manchester franchise there might be more supporters from outside of Lancashire than say Liverpool.
  2. cricket

    They are following the Austalian Big Bash "model" - they have two teams in Sydney & Melbourne and one each in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart. People keep going on about getting big crowds like they do in the BB but what they seem to forget is that most of the Aus Test grounds are much bigger than ours - MCG has 100,000 capacity. The Aus states only have one big population centre each so it s easier to get behind the city name. Would Liverpudlians watch a Manchester team / Would Bradfordians get behind a Leeds team ?
  3. If he was to move away from NQC but stay in RL, wouldn't the new club have to buy out his contract ?
  4. That scene was so totally shocking, it took a moment to actually work out what was happening. Great film.
  5. Currently, "Rain" & "Paperback Writer". "Don't Let Me Down" is right up there too.
  6. Great tournament, best 20-20 comp in the world. It works so well as so many of the games can be played over the Christmas / New Year holiday period which means crowds are big and boisterous in those big, iconic Aussie cricket/sports stadia. The small number of 1st class State teams means that the "transfer" to "city franchises" and giving Sydney and Melbourne two each works a treat, the derby games are superb. Not a KP fan though.
  7. You've hit the nail on the head here. How many "exciting" SL games were there last year with close results ? Loads - because sides who should have been winning easily effectively surrender their advantage with errors, not necessarily poor play. The number of knock-ons from decent passes, missed tackles when you have an organised defensive line etc is ridiculous. This is what the Australians show us year after after year - mistake-free football or "boring rugby" as so many seem to call it. Remember the last time we had an off-the-cuff halfback, Rangi Chase. Every chance you get, you must take.
  8. What is going on at Mayfield and Hopwood college bodes well for both Rochdale Hornets and the game in general. Well done to all concerned
  9. Anyone mention Mark Broadhurst ? Darryl Halligan for the goal kicking ? The "mercurial" Dave Watson >
  10. That's a bit more like mine would be. Gary Kemble at full-back ?
  11. A lot of good points on here. I've thought for a long time that the number of tactical (i.e. not due to injury) interchanges is too high . People talk about old-style "creative half backs" without taking into account that in the final quarter of the game in 50s/60s/70s etc, these players were running at forwards who had played a full 60 minutes and been involved in physically tiring competitive scrums. No one wants to see injured players carrying on and chancing serious injury and few would like a return to large numbers of scrums that have to be constantly re-set or end in penalties but there maybe needs to be a look at how creative play can be encouraged rather than be stifled. I don't believe for a minute that today's players are any less skillful than their predecessors - you only have to watch junior RL to know that - its just that in the current era with the levels of fitness that occur in the pro game, they do not get a chance to display their skills.
  12. I once played in a 2 all draw. Kirkholt WMC away at York Acorn in the first round of the National Cup 1989. The game was played on a pitch in the middle of York Racecourse. I remember it as a tough old game but the spectators were less complimentary.
  13. Which one, the LA triloogy or the 60's set ?