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  1. Hope thi helps! 😀😀😀😀
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    So it might seem. However, this is another anti-Trump thread and high unemployment in Spain is clearly his fault. 😊
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    2019 Predictions

    Mjm view seems pretty accurate to me, though injuries can upset those predictions. Leeds and Wigan face uncertain futures with new coaches. Dont know enough about the championship but expect Toronto and Toulouse to challenge for promotion.
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    Golden Point

    And answer to a good question is......?
  6. That's no way to talk about the owner. However, he'll not be the first person in the game to break the law and he won't be the last. It's the lack of contrition and respect for the law that winds people up. Strikes me that he's one of those people who can never accept that he is wrong and gets angry about it. Its not uncommon. Still, if he ends up losing his licence at some point in the future, he can always use the train to get to Leigh.
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    Unemployment in Spain 16% Unemployment in Italy 11% Unemployment in France 9% Dereliction of duty. Its Trump's duty.....yada yada yada......
  8. .. According to the Guardian report.... 1. A (sic) historic, legally binding climate deal that aims to hold global temperatures to a maximum rise of 1.5C, staving off the worst effects of catastrophic global warming, has been secured. 2, ...there will be no legal obligation for countries to cut emissions..... Discuss
  9. You have just proved my point. Nothing has changed since day 1, not one single mind has been changed. Well, not quite true. The attirudes expressed on here have resulted in me seriously considering changing my mind and wishing that I has voted to leave. Still, you have me on ignore, so you won't see this. In any case, im reverting to my former noncontributory position. Had enough.
  11. I'll continue to attack the patronsing arrogance of those Remainers who have consistently disparaged those who dare to disagree with them.
  12. But not the large font treatment.
  13. No, I only got one vote. I've already said I'd rather have us remained and put the whole thing right, by getting rid of those who had gone native, those with Stockholm syndrome and the various civil service collaborators. Badly let down by Cameron for lack of leadership and strength.
  14. Quite so. I really should have described it as a corrupt dictatorship.
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    IIRC, Kane scored 30 goals for Spurs last season and six so far this season Sterling scored 18 for City last season and six so far this season That suggests to me that they are effective players, so what if anything is different about their international performances?
  16. Oh what a giveaway! So it IS the Holy Roman Empire after all!! 😄😄😄
  17. "The something similar to what we already have" would be unemployment at half the Eurozone figure for many years and GDP growth over the last ten years (for example) at around 2% PA, slightly above the Eurozone figure, and without the Eurozone dip to -1% in 2012/2013 The Eurozone figure includes France's worse than the UK performance, propped up by a better than UK performance from Germany. Unemployment Rate in France averaged 9.27 percent from 1996 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 10.70 percent in the first quarter of 1997 and a record low of 7.20 percent in the first quarter of 2008. I'd hoped by remaining we'd continue to plough our own furrow despite the EUs desire - e.r. Macron-Merkel's desire to impose their will on us eg: I had hoped to that we'd have taken a proper exit stance from the outset rather than let the Eurocrats set the agenda.
  18. Its me pointing out one of your apparent reasons for wanting to remain.
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    ...and the score?
  20. Why, who would you be impersonating?
  21. Bingo! Its not the EU's business to change our system.
  22. As indeed they may have done. You don't know that.
  23. At least we get a vote. Who voted for Selmayr?
  24. Could it be that some people do not like the UK political system and think that by remaining in the EU we will eventually be sucked into their superstate vision?