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  1. I think Leeds won the year before their middle 8s. I certainly recall McGuire getting a try despite throwing the ball 10 yards forward. Cas are playing a bit below their level, and Saints are playing above it. Powell has done a brilliant job over a long period of time. His success last year built on strong seasons leading up to it. He can do it again, but I doubt it will be this year. Saints are this year’s Cas - darling of the press, wayward (far worse than Hardaker in fact) but talented full back who won’t be around the following season, with flaws in their game which more battle hardened sides will show up later in the year.
  2. FC will sneak this, as Wire will be hurting from last week, and have more than half an eye on next week. Meanwhile, FC have nothing to lose, and still have plenty of talent.
  3. Back away from the rugby, I only have half a season to twitch in an annoyed fashion at the Samkins malarkey...
  4. McDermott to continue to make a case for Makinson to be a mixture of Vollenhoven, Offiah and Boston. Hemmings to pass out from Barbamania. Cas to be put to the sword again.
  5. if only Roger Hargreaves was still around, he could ask Steve to pose for his Mr Angry pictures. I predict a narrow away win, much closer than the previous 2 games.
  6. Exiled Wiganer

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    I can’t see how any coach who only works in the SL can be at the cutting edge of the game, however clever and hard working they are. We need an injection of NRL best practice again. Good luck to someone who has put his body and soul into our club. The way this year is shaping up, he stands a good chance of signing off on a high note, which would have not been the case had he left last year. I think he would make an excellent coach at any club which had discipline and focus issues, and so Cats may be a great fit.
  7. Exiled Wiganer

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Wane on the wane!
  8. Congrats to JB, and welcome to TGG JB Junior! At the end of the day, we are merely custodians of this great game for the JB Juniors of the world.
  9. Am guessing his first word will be Wolfs.
  10. I think we will see the same at Saints before we are done. 😎
  11. It did occur to me that maybe Price might need slightly longer to complete his transformation. Really strong from us. Very fit and alert. Much better than last year.
  12. I will be typing on egg shells.
  13. Great to see such confidence. They are clearly unrecognisable from last year. Don't know how I even mistook them for re-vamped middle 8ers.
  14. By your own reckoning, there are 2 clear differences, a winger and a centre? We will have plenty of chance to see whether the transformation is complete over the next couple of months I suppose. Certainly, any coach with recent NRL experience will massively improve conditioning and tactics.
  15. We are going very well this year, are very hard to break down and have some great attackers. Wire are still essentially last year’s team, though with a much better coach. Next year and subsequent years will see this team at its best. For now I think we will stay in touch and then put some distance between. 28-16 to us.
  16. Exiled Wiganer

    London Skolars funding (merged threads)

    Skolars are a great club, doing the hard yards for our game and doing it pretty well. Wigan have good links with the club, as shown by the superb initiative of the HAC challenge match. If they are looking to attract more investment any which way that is great for them and the game. There are rules about investing in more than one club, which it is the RFL’s job to administer. IL knows these full well, from his time putting his money into the Broncos. If IL is helping the Skolars that is consistent with his support for the game in London (see eg our Milwall match and business club).in Hector’s place, IL’s number is one I would call if looking to attract investment in the club. But, what on earth is any of that any of Chalmers’ business? I simply cannot see it - if he is s—- stirring the main people who could be worse off would be the Skolars, and of course the broader game. It is I suppose feasible that someone with authority told something to Chalmers which he wanted him to disclose to the press, but which the Skolars subsequently decided should not have been. But that stretches believability far beyond breaking point. If however his intention was to harm the Skolars - perhaps to teach them some sort of lesson for associating with IL - then hats off to the man. It is I suppose possible however, being charitable, that the concept of running a business and seeking backing using professional skills is so alien to those associated with Bradford that he thought it would be just good “bants”. Good luck to Skolars, who deserve to survive and thrive. A proper league club, living within their means and growing our game.
  17. Exiled Wiganer

    Tomkins off

    To an extent, though turning Catalans into a top team looks one hell of a long shot to me. I don't recall that about Taylor, but I was certainly not among them. I was sadder to lose him than with Tomkins, and of all the players we have let go Scott is the one I would most love to see back in cherry and white. A gem of a player.
  18. Exiled Wiganer

    Tomkins off

    I thought the press release was great. OF is almost certainly not its target audience. It has been a badly kept secret, and I think that reflects badly on the player himself, who could have ensured a dignified ending to what was once a fine career at the club. His choice of the Catalans mirrors his choice of NZW - massive wage, easy life and none of this trying to win things pressure. By the end of his deal there he will have turned his stellar form of 2012 into a decade of massive wages. I can't help think that his ability to wring the maximum cash out of minimal contributions may well be his greatest skill. (He's the Status Quo of TGG.)
  19. Exiled Wiganer

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    He is doing fine, thanks. He hiked up season ticket prices, and reduced freebies, so turn over for tickets has been fine even though numbers through the gate have not gone up. His initiatives elsewhere don’t need repeating. He also spends more than he needs on things that benefit not just the club but the wider game.
  20. Exiled Wiganer

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    I think everyone, even IL and Chalmers, would agree that what we need is an RFL to do its job, as custodian of the game. IL has done a very great deal for the game over here - infinitely more than Judith’s lad - and has shown in things like the London business club, HAC games, the milwall match and the NSW tour that he is prepared to try and widen the net. So, in so far as he has views on what works and what doesn’t for growing the game, his voice should be given far more weight than this Chalmers chap. What he simply cannot be allowed to do is make decisions which would threaten the game in places like Oldham, Workington and Sheffield. All of these have been in SL, have produced greats of our game and had glory years - they must be in a system that allows them to survive and thrive.
  21. Exiled Wiganer

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    I am sure you do. Lenaghan, in reality, spends far more than he needs to, to develop the game. We run women’s teams, an academy and reserve sides. He has spent a great deal of money on London, knowing full well he would not get his money back. He is no grab and run man. He has a vision for the top teams driving forward the game, and sees every day the challenges the game faces when trying to fend off the NRL and union. However, the goal needs to be to grow the game, not strangle those leaguies below him.
  22. Exiled Wiganer

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    Always a good idea to build bridges. Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.
  23. Exiled Wiganer

    League restructure plans / TV money (merged threads)

    Here is my take: - where do the players come from? The clubs that produce the players - amateur and semi pro - have to have sufficient support to survive and a pathway that allows them to thrive; - the current make up of SL, outside perhaps 7/8 clubs, is an accident of history and patronage. There are as many clubs outside SL which have been big clubs in the years I have been watching, and even Wigan have not been in the top tier in all that time. The views of self interested cabals should be listened to, but not carry the day; - SL clubs should be capable of generating or being propped up to the tune of 5/6m a year. Any money taken from smaller clubs would represent a small proportion of that. And, to my mind should be resisted at all costs; - where the SL owners should be given their head is in their ability to grow their collective business. Get more coming in - negotiate TV deals, sponsorships, joint savings - that is where their skills as successful businessmen should be used. A decision on central funding should never be in their hands as it requires an overview of the game and assumes that whatever the current make up is will continue to prevail; - it is ironic that many of these points should come from the current owner of Bradford. Harvard will not be running courses on growing businesses the Bradford way any time soon.
  24. Budgie - looks more like Manfredi these days.
  25. Exiled Wiganer

    Challenge Cup 6th Round Draw (Merged Threads)

    Everything about that photo is hilarious. Great draw, interesting ties from wall to wall.