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  1. From personal experience and that of several friends, 100% what the previous poster, a man who knows his onions, has said.
  2. played and refereed the game in UK, Australia, NZ but also Germany, Ireland, the USA (sent off the-then captain of the USA, much to his outrage), Russia. The Russians were quite uncompromising and the field was covered in some sort of weird fluff like the seeds off a dandelion pod.
  3. trying to watch this in NZ while feeding babies in the middle of the night - page doesnt open - its not just as simple as clicking the link through my browser and watching then?
  4. A Cunning Conundrum Help Wanted.

    Martin Dean, I think if it is the same guy, refereed for some years in the London Society, now the Southern Referees Society. You could contact Alan Smith or Allan Steven down there and I reckon they could find him for you. Or try an old Barla handbook ie about 8-10 yrs ago which listed referees contact details.