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  1. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Serving in the military certainly used to be a big plus, however it also used to be a negative to be say a draft dodger, yet another issue were Trump has rewritten the conventions.
  2. Our new position in the EU

    I'm sure in the past you stated that you could see why the Euro clearing house would move from London. And that agencies would move was project fear. I might be wrong, and I'm sure you will tell me.
  3. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Of course its sweeping, but note that he said right wing, not republicans. It is very tribal (we are going the same way here) so that it is possible to overlook great deficiencies so long as the other lot lose. Obama and Hillary were labelled as radical liberals, Obamacare is labelled as communism, etc. People voted for Judge Moore, even though they thought he was probably guilty of the accusations, just so the other guy wouldn't win. The centre right republicans have been slowly culled by the tea party wing meaning compromise and cross party consensus is going to be a thing of the past. The left wing of the Dems seem to be pushing for the same.
  4. President of USA (Merged threads)

    If the economy is good and unemployment is low, then they certainly are (normally) plus points on a re-election campaign. Add in that (normally) being the incumbent gives a boost too. I agree all of those will be in his favour. Will Trump ever be the favourite? Probably not, regardless of who the Dems pick. Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard will bring a different sort of baggage and middle america is not a great hunting ground for 'socialists'. Obama was hated for being a 'maxist' (he wasn't), can you imagine the Fox response to Bernie?
  5. President of USA (Merged threads)

    The polling shows how big an impact the emails story had only a short time before the election. It only took 80,000 votes to win it for Trump.
  6. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Bots... no really....
  7. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Is it as damaging as the Nunes press conference from March? This is his second attempt at a smoking gun. I'm more than happy for the memo to be released as I'm not that sure its as damaging as suggested.
  8. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Might as well. Its not transcripts, memos, documents, its the thoughts/interpretations of one person on the committee.
  9. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Nunes is at the centre of it. His record hasn't been great so far.
  10. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Russia is overseas.
  11. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    PDC split from the grassroots leaving them behind. Snooker has moved from UK to other countries as China.
  12. The TV Thread

    Couldn't find the old one... A Touch of cloth on sky had been great. Airplane meets murder detective show. (null)
  13. President of USA (Merged threads)

    She did I believe. And stood by the claim that a number of Trump supporters were deplorable.
  14. President of USA (Merged threads)

    And that was the mistake she made in that speech. In interviews before than she said 2 baskets of supporters, normal people in one and deplorable in the other. It was a mistake to say half.
  15. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Thats exactly who she was referring to.
  16. President of USA (Merged threads)

    And she was right. 4Chan and the Alt right are deplorable.
  17. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I wouldn't be so confident especially if you replace complacent with competence. The way candidates are elected will expose the dems and probably open wounds. You are then going up against a president who all normal conventions don't apply (but will still apply to whomever the dems pick). The president has Fox, most talk radio and most local papers backing him. The GoP elites might hate him but they won't dump him. Trump will need the midterms to go his way, as he can't even get the votes when the GoP controls both houses. He also has to hope the financial bubble doesn't burst on his watch (its likely to happen soon regardless of who's in the White House).
  18. The Culture Wars The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm In 2018
  19. The new NHS thread

    Surely its capitalism in action?
  20. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I seem to remember a back and forth with at least 2 other forum members over you interpretation and neither seemed to back down? You of course will remember better.
  21. The new NHS thread

    The markets at work.
  22. President of USA (Merged threads)

    One example was accusing people of threats to murder?