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  1. Fullback - Wing - Centre - Hartley Utility Back - Half back - Prop - Hooker - Second Row - Loose Forward - Whittel Squad = 2
  2. Conor Benn has failed a drug test... Some rubbish coming from both camps about it. Benn lot saying he's passed other tests since, well that's not the point, some things get out of the system quickly! Being PED free now doesn't mean you was PED free a week ago. Eubanks camp saying they don't consider it performance enhancing. If it raises testosterone, then its a PED.
  3. I have caught them on camera in Bedford before now, but would love to see them properly.
  4. Because club game was king. Why fund something like a stadium when you can buy another player?
  5. I think the millionaire backer of Bristol has backed them by 10s of millions. If he left they’d collapse too.
  6. It’s fine to celebrate our working class history and heartlands roots but then don’t be surprised that we are sponsored by mushy peas and Betfred. While union is sponsored by Range Rover and financiers.
  7. Because the clubs controlled the game. They don't want players released or games midseason. Because we are a small town game restricted to the M62, without the big old boys network.
  8. Union has beaten us by having a shed load of money from the international game (which comes secondary to club games in RL) and having lots of millionaires with more money than sense.
  9. Very late to the party but I have been catching up with Brassic. Really enjoyed it, plus keep spotting filming locations.
  10. “The dildo of consequences rarely arrives lubed”
  11. Disappointed that Caz Collie didn't make it, but i feel she was scuppered by lack of game time. Hard to show what you can do with weeks between games in the south. Sinead Peach seems to be a obvious missing player?
  12. 'Andor' on Disney. The show that all the other Star Wars spin offs should have been.
  13. I'm going with Saints getting a good (expensive) lawyer who took one look at the rules and said 'show me the definition of range of movement', and prove that this was outside of it? You can prove it right? I have a tribunal waiting if you can't....
  14. I think there was doubt that he would have scored, but i do think there needs to be more of a benefit of doubt on penalty tries. Union probably go too far the other way. Great coverage from C4 too. Loved what they have done and gone about things.
  15. Not many journalists would manage to get themselves banned from this forum for repeatedly saying refs are biased (but only in games Bradford lost).
  16. The 'certificate' has expired. I'm sure @John Drake is all over it.
  17. The Tigers have recently set up a Crowdfunder in order to deliver all of the activity running through the club in 2022 and into 2023! Like all sports organisations, Covid had a huge impact on their regular sources of income and participation. With the men's and women's teams now established they want to turn their attention to launching our disability section. Over the autumn period they will start both a Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) team and a Wheelchair side! The costs of these, on top of those for the Mens and Womens sections, will reach into the tens of thousands BUT they feel it is a hugely worthy endeavour and one they want to deliver for the local and extended community. They are £15,000 on the way to reaching the £20,000 target. If they reach the target, Sport England will match their funding up to a further £10,000! Please, if you can, help them to reach the goal so they can deliver the most inclusive and diverse sports offering they can in Bedford! Every single £1 will make a difference! https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/bedford-tigers-community-activities?fbclid=IwAR1n_P4P0bzzsYdmDXgvOwA29rfbS1Prkz7J0QzxAlqQqQzfvwW_P3INOHQ
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