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  1. T Dub

    The RFL's rocky road

    Youre right with that lot, LE. The new proposal looks a right dogs breakfast
  2. T Dub

    Ed Miliband

    It certainly didnt occurr to Gordon Brown that it might become a problem when if you spend more than you earn you have to borrow the difference. One day that difference will become too big to manage It doesnt seem to have been understood by Milliband or Balls either, given their pronouncement the other week Maybe Ed could ask a Spaniard, Italian, Irishman, Icelander, Portuguese, Cypriot or Greek, or maybe he could follow the long Labour tradition of spending borrowed money till they get found out Its a mark of teh uselessness of the Conservative press office that they havnt been able to communicate that message
  3. T Dub

    Ed Miliband

    On the original subject, people have short memories so the prospect of Ed Balls suddenly going on a spending spree of borrowed money might seem like a good idea to those who dont understand basic housekeeping Others will remember at teh last minute Unless the UKIP factor sustains expect a Labour win but not majority and the subsequent spectre of a Milliband/Alexander coalition
  4. T Dub

    Ed Miliband

    Such as Gideon, 'Call Me Dave' (he always calls himself David) or the witch some on here were keen to burn recently?
  5. The situation in the 5 Scottish Highlands ski areas http://www.winterhighland.info/
  6. True enough but wouldnt play in teh golf be finished by 6pm/ Its pitch black round these parts not long after
  7. T Dub

    Leeds Rhinos

    Apperarences at Wembley (CC) and Elland Road (WCC), 4th on the table and SL semi final...but ultimately no pot. Does that make it a good season or a bad one? When does ambition and high expectation become greed?
  8. The First Gulf War finished in 1991 (Scarborough rock band Little Angels dropped their proposed album title of 'Bomber' then, thought a bit tasteless), but the RL club rebrands didnt happen till 1996
  9. The original marketing idea for Halifax was 'Bombers'. If I recall, the club was even listed in League Express as such for a few weeks. Then some shrewd chap thought that synergising the X in Halifax and Sox just might attract sponsorship from Halifax ('Get a little Xtra help, dee dee dah dah dah, from the Halifax') Building Society as it then was. It didnt and the name didnt either
  10. T Dub


    Bring back that rugby ball shaped clock! fantastic
  11. T Dub

    Playoff system

    Yes it would under the existing formula, but this is longwinded and over complicated, and when 8th is involved open to ridicule. Everyone has a preference, mine would be:- Week 1 - 1 bye, 2v5, 3v4 (ie 2 eliminators) Week 2 - 1 bye, 2 v 3 (one eliminator) Week 3 - final Top 5 are involved, 6th downwards dont deserve to be Fewer games so our best players are less knackered by the time the internationals come round Use the exta week gained for something useful (week off before 4N, mid season international, WCC) Removes games that arnt eliminators Obviates preposterous 'club call' Saves rehashing the same 'big' fixtures to the point where they are routine Most importantly, gives real value to finishing top
  12. T Dub

    Playoff system

    The Minor Premiers should collect the shield and go straight to the finalno further justification needed.
  13. T Dub

    Hey, were on the telly!

    A fine example of sartorial elegence. Wore one meself during the 1995 WC opener, far touchline about 20 yards from halfway at teh front, and my red rimmd glasses of the time which were, frankly, preposterous - captured by Ray French et al for posterity
  14. T Dub

    Hey, were on the telly!

    Don't forget the young children led away in tears, theres always a few of them