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  1. Polish the Super League Trophy!

    Will be a pleasure
  2. Not quite 30 I wished we had kicked them penalties at the time tho, how many did we miss was it 4??? would of made the last 10 minutes less of a peeping from behind fingers affair.
  3. :D i still cant believe we won the damn thing! Sore head today I thought Gleeson was outstanding, mind you, they all were Oh happy days
  4. What can we do for terrys family?

    Because not doing anything, when the time and situation is right, is not what the RL family is all about.
  5. TRL GF Wetherspoons gathering 2010

    No happy to help
  6. :D cmon I can be positive before hand! right after we get our collective ***** handed to us on a plate I may not be so chipper!
  7. Wigan by a pondfull This Sts side going on about unbeaten in 8, played nowt no stand off, no scrum half, Wigan to stride right over the buggers by 30
  8. Sad news - Terry Newton

    Terrible terrible news. RIP Terry, was a pleasure to watch you play
  9. Bradford Bulls Pledge Campaign

    I dont go to Sainsburys, Im a loyal Aldi-ite But ive seen some in town, still didnt make me want to go!
  10. Bradford Bulls Pledge Campaign

    Oh dear the poor folk of the wet and windy side of the pennines are all getting in a strop with each other! Last time i looked it wasnt compulsary to buy just because youd seen an advert. I see asda and sainsburys ads all the time, still prefer to buy my stuff at aldi
  11. Second favourite - Other clubs you like...

    Well after Wigan, is there anything? I used to go to Chorley every week, My lads 1st game of Rugby was at Victory Park, he was 8 weeks old, only way is up lad! Keighley for same reasons as Shrek, cos I was with him. Cas, dunno why, always had respect for them, Classy Cas, love going there. Could be a Mick Morgan thing, epic commentator, you think Phil Clarke is biased!
  12. St. Helens v Huddersfield Giants

    Especialy when it comes to playing a ball ok ok couldnt help it
  13. St. Helens v Huddersfield Giants

    No, why? Are you upto speed with the rules yet?