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  1. Tony Myler - The original Nigel Wright, he had everything: Big defence, athleticism, decent speed, physicality, a step and superb hands. Despite a superb career and some topperformances for GB his career was interupted and eventually cut short by injuries and he never reached his full potential
  2. Ronnie Duane(spelling) Warrington mid 80s. He was a big fella for a centre at that time and he earned his rhino nickname for good reason. Neil Puckering Hull mid 80s. He was a suprise inclusion in the front row for Hull at Wembley at something like 19 yrs old, back in the day when teenagers rarely made 1st teams. He played very well and looked set for a big future but he just disappeard.
  3. One aspect of this tragedy just keeps coming back into my mind and I just can't shake the feeling that it had something to do with Terry's state of mind leading up his taking his own life. I didn't know Terry well but have met him on four or five occasions where I have had the chance to speak with him as part of a group of players just having a drink. That doesn
  4. RIP Terry Condolences and thoughts to his Wife, children and his family. I'll remember him for his contribution to the game which was considerable, he served GB and England well and also played for the biggest clubs, in the biggest games in our sport. He was a whole hearted player who never conceded an inch and made his opponents fight for anything they got from him. Whatever his reputation, on field persona or off the field mistakes, he was a member of our Rugby League community The RFL should examine exactly how they deal with players who have lost their livelihoods and good name due to transgressions. I'm not saying that anyone did anything wrong but we must ensure that we take care of the well being of those individuals who fall foul of society's ills. Maybe there was nothing more that anyone could have done to help Terry get through but we should at least examine our procedures and aftercare to prevent any individual from feeling that this is the only way out! I hope that everyone at the Grand Final pays their respects to Terry Newton.
  5. Bottom of the article .
  6. or fix up a face to face meeting between Savage and one of the many football hardmen with whome he's had a feud, then esend in a very Robbie Savage looking Eorl Crabtree to greet him.
  7. On the other side of that sign it says:
  8. Naughton Park Wiggington Road Harvey Hadden Stadium Borough Road (I think, Blackpool) McCain Stadium Fartown
  9. And the farce continues:
  10. Under no circumstances is Williams
  11. Gleeson and Atkins would be my choice with Shenton being very unlucky to miss out. Atkins has come on a ton at Warrington and Gleeson has sorted his game out under McGuire at Wigan. Yeaman wouldnt let anyone down if he was picked but whether he deserves the chance is another question. I would'nt play Sykes, end of! Tony Clubb would be a better option than Sykes or Yeaman IMO.
  12. What stadium at Xscape? There isn't one at present, what Wakefield refused to do was compromise their chance of their own stadium becoming a reality in favour of CASTLEFORDS proposed stadium. Given the positive position that the Newmarket development will be in once OPP is granted it would have been ridiculous of those concerned to abandon it. Much is being made of Cas's OPP but in a matter of weeks Wakefield will also have that. What Wakefield also have is THE MONEY required to get on and build.
  13. No doubt Ricky Stuart is sat somewhere in Australia laughing his cock off!
  14. Wakefield Out - Confirmed Demetriou - Released Out - Rumoured Leo-Latu [sal] Johnson ? Cooke ? In - Confirmed In - Rumoured Jesse Joe Parker [Fev] Penny [Warr] Maloney [NZ War]