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  1. His salary didn't count on the cap for his first 12 months. Maybe he has gone back to play RU or has gone on loan to another club
  2. Maybe this is the cash for wigan rugbys bid to buy the stadium ( oops sorry i mean the latics)
  3. Only one description of PAT this year ............ MAN OF STEEL
  4. Liam Farrell and Chris Tuson At Wigan. Both have been outstanding all season.
  5. Right Folks its that time of year again: Who is off to where? Feel free to add as you like. Confirmed: Saints: Perry, Shenton Wigan: Hoffman, Lima, Finch Salford: Patten, Nero, Anderson
  6. The other lad who wigna have been rumoured to be keen on is paul wood. Again he is a wiganer. If wire dont have to release a big name player then they will have a squad for the rest to be envious about and should be challenging for major honours.
  7. Players will have to leave. They have signed king, monaghan, hicks and anderson. They will be losing Sullivan Rauhihi and Grose but the salaries of those dont match to those coming in. There will be at least 1 big name departure if wire are going to stay under the cap.
  8. But who is going to leave to make way for all of these big money imports. Gleeson to wigan anyone?
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