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  1. Relatively big win for Cas. Relatively big crowd for London.
  2. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Mikolaj Oledzki.

  3. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Man of Steel points

    The system might be flawed but I've no problem with the guy out front already.
  4. It was a cracking tackle. You would've put your house on Makinson scoring. Well worthy of being on any subsequent highlights or big hits compilation. Tom would've scored though.
  5. Wakefield had just burst through the Saints defensive line and were attacking in numbers. Hicks halted play on the 3rd tackle with Johnstone about 5 metres off the Saints line. It would have looked mighty suspicious if he'd just got up and played on. Walmsley had to be subbed after taking"sufficient time" for his team to recompose. I told him earlier.
  6. It was Miller who came across and bailed Johnston out. Unfortunately he couldn't do it the other two times Johnstone left a 10 metre open corridor for Makinson to run through. On the other side of the coin though TJ scored two of his own past TM. Cracking game though but was always on the cards that Saints would get out of jail. Looks like Huby broke a bone or had a dislocation just on half time hooter as he took an age to get up and off the pitch. Walmsley simultaneous injury must've been time wasting as he jogged back out for the 2nd half. Broughy just about contributed more +ve than -ve this week Still 100% in try conversions this season too. Think fans of both clubs went home reasonably happy.
  7. Murphy should be ashamed of himself.
  8. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Season of the fake

    Aaron Murphy performed a backward somersault that Tom Daley would have been proud of earlier this evening.
  9. It's always a lottery with Kendall. As exhibited last night, his interpretations of facets such as holding down and ball steals are never consistent which means he's always going to influence a tight game. You win some you lose some.
  10. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    It's a bit unfair to bulk London, Toulouse and even a potential club in Liverpool with a Faux club like Toronto.
  11. Just when you think it's safe to come out from under the blankets.
  12. No. I think you've got away with it.