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  1. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Questioning Powell's integrity now? Jesus!
  2. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Man Of Steel 2018

    I really wish the name could be changed. Other than Adrian Vowles I don't think many recipients since exhibited Man of Steel properties during their relevant season. Maybe Bateman is worthy this year of such a title/
  3. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Man Of Steel 2018

    I wondered why the o.p. had McShane so high.
  4. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Casty or Barba for me.
  5. Seems like your Cas player friend wants to make you look an even bigger fool than we all already take you for?
  6. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Tom Johnstone

    Tupou won't be in the Dream Team, or any team ,for try creating. 😊 Check out his stats.
  7. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Tom Johnstone

    Who he plays for is irrelevant. He stands out because he scores outstanding tries in their own right. Surely that is undeniable. Makinson is the same. Both these guys are a joy to watch. Johnstone is the most exciting winger we've had down at Belle Vue since Berwyn Jones IMHO. If you can't even remember Magic Weekend from 3 years ago then that will mean nothing to you. Ask your Grandad.
  8. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Tom Johnstone

    2nd top points scorers for 2nd season running, 2 in top try scorers top 5, yeah really boring. Tupou (who you are slavering over) top metres made. You obviously too young to remember the 90 metre job against Cas at Newcastle then?
  9. Shame to hear Johnstone is injured and will miss the final games. Just managed to catch up to Barba too
  10. If you're really interested he had a very quiet game.
  11. Wakey really were coasting at 34-12 with Hampshire having missed 4 conversions to give a flattering scoreline to the French. Unfortunately with the game well lost Catalans took full advantage of a weak and naive ref to just kill the game as a spectacle. Tom Johnstone . His 2nd try had everything. Only Makinson comes anywhere near matching that sort of finishing.
  12. With Shudds getting beat last night there's a bit of extra incentive for Trinity to try and get the two points on offer.
  13. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    Already been said by others: No great loss.
  14. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Season of the fake