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  1. Me too. Would be a special weekend that. But I'd be happy to return to Cardiff or Newcastle for that matter.
  2. It's not just the number it's the quality. All three of our 2018 Dream Team representatives + Broughy. The subs are doing OK though.
  3. Just Johnstone, Tupou, Brough, England, Huby, Arona and Ashurst who would be 1st choice.
  4. When you have to play the other 5 teams 6 times, to ensure a decent league programme, I suppose a 7th game won't seem much of an issue.
  5. Welcome addition to the squad. Was a hell of match up last time Sau faced Reece Lynn. Now side by side.
  6. The Wigan fans who ran up to the hoardings to spit venom at the ref were a disgrace. Surprised the stewards didn't eject them. Maybe the Wigan club should look at the clear as day photos and make some effort to ban the group?
  7. I don't know about the rest of the Wakey fans but our group are going down for our 2nd London away weekend game instead. There has definitely been a general lack of interest in Anfield around our club though. Shame as we've had good turn outs at Newcastle. Lets hope Magic Weekend gets back to more user friendly venue asap.
  8. I doubt that Saints will have another performance as bad as that for quite some time. It is now far more likely that I will be sat as a neutral in Club Wembley rather than any "Wakey end"
  9. I'm sure all connected with Wakey would be quite happy if they draw the Bulls in the QF. The return of Kear, a big crowd and, most importantly, avoiding Super League opposition. It's in the tea leaves. Well played Bradford. Edge of the seat stuff. Two consecutive weeks I've been cheering them on.
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