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  1. Best of luck to the guy in whatever he chooses to replace reffing with. Maybe Child and Hicks can follow suit?.
  2. No mention of his quite lengthy spell at Wakefield? RIP.
  3. From a purely Wakefield perspective, as nothing else matters to me. I love the close season. Full of optimism and positive predictions. Then the season kicks off and it's 8 months of pergatory, just looking forward to getting necessary survival points.
  4. Hard work never finishes mate. Weed, weed chuffin weed if the rain stops long enough. I've got a plot about 25m x 25m.
  5. Bet Sale RUFC can't believe their luck.
  6. We do enjoy watching our team win. Bloody pathetic aren't we.
  7. The Christmas competition of who could eat the most pudding, between Garbutt, Delaney, Singleton and Cuthbertson didn't do the mobility of the Leeds pack any favours. Some real Pork on show in the Blue and Amber. Hopefully the inclusion of their alternative 1st choice players will improve the team.
  8. Leeds were dire. Nuff said.
  9. Gateshead had some decent players to put in the pot too.
  10. Odsal if you're quick.
  11. Much as I like going to games at Cas, it is really only one step up the Midden Ladder from Belle Vue. Headingley is the best suggestion, this being a two full steps up that same ladder.
  12. Just ignore it.
  13. I'm with you. In the distant past I used to tape the programme for occasional look backs at British Sport. Now I don't even watch it once. I sat through the 1st 40 minutes of Sale v Saracens but I do have some standards to maintain.
  14. But Harry never deemed Knocker fit enough to return the compliment and always had to lace his own
  15. I like the hooped Rochdale home shirt. Would like Wakefield to offer something similar.