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  1. 2018 Admission prices

    Conveniently, I already do.
  2. Michael Monaghan

    Surprising choice. Thought Kear might have been replaced with someone more similarly defence minded.
  3. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Fatima Whitbread?
  4. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    A Wakey fan that wants shut of MC!
  5. scrumdown

    After a Wakey v Widnes game the P.A guy announced that Wakefield fans could relive the action late that night on Yorkshire TV. Widnes fans could enjoy the latest episode of Prisoner Cell Block H.
  6. Ukrainian Rugby League

    Don't bother. He posts on here as Tong Y Bas or something.
  7. Times Ashton article attracts Troll

    Going back to Ashton. I always thought he left Wigan and RL after the embarrassment of being skinned by Richard Moore down at Belle Vue. Maybe he's heard Richard has retired?
  8. Wakey to stay at Belle Vue, redevelopment plans

    I'm sure MC realised a long time ago that he will never recoup any "investment".
  9. Hull Derby to be Played in Australia or America?

    It's difficult to know where to start when responding to a comment like this.
  10. Who misses professional winter rugby

    Not for me ta.
  11. 2018 Kits

    Love that Home kit. Would n't look amiss at a Wakey game that.
  12. Ryan Hampshire signs for Wakefield

    Another good quality signing by the Trin. Squad looking even stronger than last year.
  13. SPOTY

    If only he'd called himself Kev.
  14. SPOTY

    I thought he'd reverted back to Mohamed now the jobs done?
  15. Widnes Sign Wellington Albert

    What a classy name. Sound like a NZ Last of the Summer Wine Compo.