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  1. Rest of the bottom 4 breathe a sigh of relief as an abysmal Leeds performances keeps Rick Stone in his job.
  2. Thing is, they have actually all bothered!
  3. So long as one of them is Ken Davy it doesn't really matter though, does it?
  4. Cuthbertson showing his class again!
  5. Leeds really don't want this do they? Cuthbertson having a positive hand for Shudds at both ends!
  6. He was born black and has spent his whole rugby career trying to justify the other word maybe?
  7. Once saw 1st Division Wakefield beaten at home by 2nd division Whitehaven.
  8. Hardly surprising that Rod Studd doesn't like the term is it?
  9. Shades of last year's Widnes are RL's Leicester City article?
  10. Envy from the KR fans????
  11. In Wakefield's case I would tell Marvel to ensure Captain America is in the chuffin shirt!
  12. He's a Rugby League player! Surely it would be some other players wife?
  13. Is there a good way to do it?
  14. Never trust a train spotter.
  15. 15/8 for a Salford win seems like good bet. Catalans recent upsurge to come to an end. Salford by 10.