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  1. Wakefield Game makes the US news..

    That vid was done from the hospitality end. All the play during that short period of blizzard was somewhere in that general direction. I was in North Stand.
  2. Wakefield Game makes the US news..

    1st chance I've had to see what was happening at that end of the pitch.
  3. When the game kicked off it was OK and the sky looked clear. The snow blizzard 20 minutes into the game was way way the worst of the day around Belle Vue. For GJ's info it was no major issue leaving the area after the game. Game wise, I thought Widnes were handling the conditions far better than Wakefield.
  4. Don't like the weekend results trend so far. Outsiders triumphant all round.
  5. Well played, a much depleted Leeds.
  6. Drop coming up? Ha ha, not needed.
  7. We were commenting, at the Wakey v Shudds game recently, how much weight Aaron Murphy had piled on. KR certainly got some joy down that side.
  8. Russia

    No doubt she'll be looking over her shoulder when she next visits a Moscow restaurant ?
  9. Liam Watts

    Unbelievable gamble by Cas.
  10. 16 Mar: SL: Salford Red Devils v Hull FC KO 8pm

    Nothing but a big Hull win here, anyone suggesting otherwise could almost be accused of Trolling. 12-36 maybe.
  11. Well deserved reward for piece of thuggery.