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  1. Was hoping he'd get sending off sufficient.
  2. Dragging the topic back to match talk: Ratchford had an outstanding 1st half as Wire ran rings round Wakey. When things click Wire really are a joy to watch. I hope I get the pleasure of seeing them live at least twice more this season. Super 8's and down at Wembley. BTW. The half time disabled game between the two teams had the crowds full attention throughout and was very uplifting. I think the players enjoyed the experience as much as the crowd clearly did.
  3. Crazy score line that just nowhere near reflects the dominance and control Wire had over the game. Unbelievable decisions to take the 2's when they were cutting through Wakey at will. Then to stop playing and sit out the last 20 minutes using every spoiling tactic in the book. Weird. Good scoreline for Wakey that keeps our points diff in good order but some genuine shocking performances well flattered at the hooter. Hats off the Kyle Wood who was the exception for Trin.
  4. I reckon they could fill the stadium if Ken offered everyone a fiver to attend.
  5. Houston is a major liability to Widnes and really needs releasing before any late season crucial games. I did think Salford really took advantage from 3 x woeful last tackle kicks from Gilmore who didn't make much of an effort to react either. These two guys just hurt their own team far more than even Robert Lui did.
  6. No pressure game for Trinity. Hope we can keep it tight to at least hold on to the positive points difference which could be crucial come the cut.
  7. I think it's more linked to the TV cameras and multiple replays.
  8. At least one "crusher" tackle?
  9. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    England Squad Announced

    Rubbish. EW is one of very few in that squad who can hold his own at international level. Cracking player before he went to Oz. Head and shoulders above McMeeken.
  10. Wollo Wollo Wayoo

    Weller Hauraki signs 2 year deal for...

    Agreed. Knockonathon penalty machine right back from his Leeds days.
  11. Who does he play for?
  12. More clean shaven than the ones you're used to at Cas though? 😉
  13. All down to failed kicks really.
  14. Child has "issues" with Wakefield's style of play. Wakefield don't seem able to modify it to accommodate him. You very rarely, if at all, hear fans single out any other ref. I certainly don't.
  15. Our friend Mr Child been given the job of keeping us in check again. Absolutely fed up of the sight of the bloke. No matter what problems Wigan have I reckon they will still start as odds on favourites.