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  1. Should give us a measure of the velocity of Salford's current free fall.
  2. Bookies giving Trin 2 start and making Saints8/11 favourites. With Saints recent form you can't really argue with those sentiments.
  3. It's worth a try. I too think Warrington are too good to go down. Only kidding. I like Warrington.
  4. Maybe he should "Brave the Shave" in aid of Macmillans? I'll donate a few quid.
  5. Still 8 games to go and the bottom end teams are getting some momentum. Shudds, Saints and Wigan all moving up. Salford and Hull in freefall. Only Cas and Leeds look comfy in that top 4. Cas v Wakey sharing a ground? Old Trafford!
  6. Another loss for Salford. Cas by 20.
  7. Surely James Lowes?
  8. It's easier to show enthusiasm and good attitude in a winning side.
  9. Luke Gale to follow?
  10. 4th loss in last 5 Super League games for Salford. Teams 2 to 5 seem to be falling over themselves to assist Cas keep that top slot.
  11. Soz. I thought it was Inu and that other "stiff" Yaha on the wings back then, with Broughton in the centre.
  12. What has happened to Broughton? A couple of seasons back he was the outstanding centre in the comp. He's now just a clone of Inu. What an awful pair to have together. Was looking forward to another trip there in the super 8s. Not now.
  13. Don't you just hate late drop goals!
  14. Knock on missed/ignored by officials there?
  15. Sneyd repeating his wembley form. Just playing for the final 15 minutes.