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  1. In the Offiah era, so a long time ago. Off the top of my head London wise: Wycombe Wanderers FC v Bulls Esher RU v Catalans Both above when we were being shafted by Quins @ The Stoop On the road game way back at Newport RU and Leicester Tigers and there was a game scheduled for Wales when we got to the Severn Bridge and found out it had been called off !! On the back off Barnet Copthall, Chiswick, Crystal Palace, The Valley, The Stoop, The Hive, Trailfinders .... and who knows what the future holds !
  2. Excellent post. I loved the ground, and have to say has the perfect makings of Magic or Bash weekend. The fans village was superb making use of the exhibition centre and would be perfect a league event. The concourse goes all the way round the ground and there are plenty of bars and eateries. No idea about Coventry itself so maybe that would be a drawback (but for me anything is better than Blackpool. The RFL need to learn. As attractive as a double header is, there's a time and a place, and early evening on Bonfire Night in Coventry isnt it I am afraid.
  3. He'll be dual reg to Featherstone all season,
  4. David Hughes, he has supported the club for several years. He is no fly by night and has an astute mind although he recently retired. I know we dont get big enough crowds but lets be honest Fev hardly get crowds to write home about.
  5. The funniest thing here is as a London fan, Fev was the worst draw for us. You have the sign on us, with 2 and 2 last season, and you could easily argue you deserved to beat us at home BUT we finished above you not through the results with you. The only teams I would have wanted London to avoid were HKR and Fev !
  6. Thats the word but absolutely no confirmation, so wonder if he is playing a few clubs off!
  7. After all its about how many supporters you bring - comedy gold ! Enjoy your trip up and down in the day, not an option for a London fan, regardless how many.
  8. Its gone so ANYONE can go up
  9. Isnt this known as a loss leader ?
  10. A few other thoughts: Folk go on about Club Wembley being an issue, well its an issue only if there are no other seats available - from what I witnessed yesterday, there were huge swathes of seats, especially at the Warrington end on the top tier empty. Club Wembley is an issue but not the main issue. Saracens, NFL fill the joint, the RFL should be ashamed. Neutral fans attendance, especially from the South - no one knows about it. It's allegedly one of sports crown jewels, but its like a hidden secret. It was once the must see game, the premier rugby league game of the season, now it's an afterthought, so so why would any non rugby league heartland neutral feel a compunction to attend ? I walk by Ladbrokes in St Albans and there is no reference to the CC, none. I assume its the same in all other branches down here. So, what exactly are they doing to promote it ? As to venue, its been the same for over a 100 years, and if anything, the locale has improved significantly. The notion it's in the wrong place I believe is wrong, just because it doesnt have a 'festival feel'.This is not a mini Magic. Its the National Stadium for heavens sake. And for most its up and down in a day. Timing, August Bank holiday is wrong, in fact the whole CC strategy is wrong, too long winded, disjointed, but moving it is complicated, so perhaps we are stuck with it where it is.
  11. They make a profit year on year, Invest some of that profit in 2 or 3 more quality marketeers/organisers and the investment will be rewarded by bigger crowds, bigger gate returns.
  12. How about a former Broncos side playing East of Pennines in 2017 .... Dixon Solomona Caton-Brown Channing Macani Thomas Gale Cook Ellis Magrin Foster McMeeken Griffin Keyes Rowe
  13. I dont disagree with you but the idea that if we lose this game the rest is meaningless is far too short sighted. Going into todays game, do you think we will get promoted ? My simplistic view is whilst I am hoping for the best, I am realistic to know that the player development, the fact we have HKR and Leeds down, finances, overrides anything else, and hopefully a decent game day experience (although I am overseas for the Leeds game !!!). Like Leigh last year, get an appreciation of what the Qualifiers are about and go for it next year. For myself, I cant wait, I am off up to Leigh in a bit and provided we are competitive throughout the 8s, we beat Fev and Batley, I would be very happy.