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  1. I love the way you use words to get a rise! I, like a lot of other folk don't bother as you put it not because its Ealing or because of the cost, but because the quality on the field is diabolical, the club is a law unto itself lacking ambition and any direction and have been thoroughly put off the club they used to love. Its a simple as that. Keep banging on about how good Plough Lane is compared to Ealing how its potential is incredible, how the masses will flock to watch an academy side get flogged every other week. You are coming across as clueless. And what makes it most amusing is you don't even support the Broncos, but yet have so much to offer on them as a club.
  2. I don't think you are correct. Rugby League is an unforgiving sport on the field and if you aren't good enough, it finds you out. It has found out all the academy lads this year. Remove all the experience and you are left with a squad of under developed, under skilled players. Homegrown - yes; hungry - probably; good enough to compete - no. I and many others wont travel hundreds of miles for home games to watch a team 'trying'. Let's hope the locals are far more forgiving.
  3. Lets be honest, there is part time in the game's heartlands (with options of loans on your door step) and there is part time in Greater London, 200miles from game's heartlands. The two don't compare.
  4. You may be correct but until the club come out and explain what their intentions are then its not unreasonable for fans to think the worst .... and their track record isn't good. I believe there was a meeting with a few fans last week, where pointed questions were hopefully being addressed, but nothing and I mean nothing has come out, so status quo remains.
  5. I would be flabbergasted if this was the case. The clubs appear clueless on the game's structure and finance beyond the season end, let alone tipping clubs the wink they'd be involved. London needs to earn its place at whatever table is established.
  6. Are you hanging the success of the Plough Lane move on the hope there is a 'secret plan' ? And as for nadera78 observations, let's be honest, you have spent a year telling all who'd listen how good this move is (and it may prove to be so) and at the same time belittling the views of long standing and knowledgeable Broncos fans who have a little more insight into the history and workings of the club than yourself.
  7. The trouble is I think they would 'dare' and I struggle to argue a case for LB
  8. Instead of replacing my LB season ticket this year I subscribed to Watch NRL, so get to see most games and most players. Being brutally honest, I cant think of one SL player who would get in top 5 in any position.
  9. Broncos half hearted attempt to take the place that went to Leigh was nothing more than window dressing, a feeling they had to. Since relegation (having won 10 games I add) the wheels came off and unlike Beaumont, Hughes didn't have the ooomph to invest for a quick return.
  10. So I did - long Covid I reckon !!! But my point stands
  11. I can only think of Lovell and there's is a reason he hasn't moved on to bigger and better things .... like when we cut him as he wasn't good enough and then brought him back two years later. I know TO were good, but anyone watching that game from a Broncos perspective cant help but ask 'where did it all go wrong?'
  12. Most of the last two pages on how many fans Toulouse brought to a game. People even counted them, #wtf. Pretty much sums up why our game is in the state it is
  13. For sixteen read 11. For NRL read Super League. Its like the pot calling the kettle black (on a smaller scale!!)
  14. I don't think that's his point. Broncos at the moment are a rudderless shambles, but a relevant, well funded and challenging Broncos or Toulouse would get ore than 1k.
  15. How about keep the same rules but reduce from 6 tackles to 5 or even 4 ~ that would be punchy and they'll would need to be promoted a lot more
  16. See, easily accessed!!!! At least Ealing has parking ........
  17. Its not inconceivable that the gates at Ealing now reflect the general mood/engagement of the Broncos long suffering faithful, the final nail in the coffin being the Plough Lane move.
  18. I find it amazing that Hughes has not given Loubser and Milner the boot as they are clearly inept / incompetent, and have been stealing a wage.
  19. I wonder how the northern based clubs will supplement their academies once ours goes down the pan and with it, the vast opportunities presented by the greater London region; this at a time when the talent pool is reducing on the M62.
  20. I don't think the result on Saturday was the breaking point but it cant have helped. I am convinced he has told Hughes and Milner and Loubser we need reinforcements or else we have no chance, and they have just ignored him, more intent on this f&*%ing stupid move to Wimbledon. As each passing day goes by I am becoming less interested in this club and this Wardy situation merely reinforces matters.
  21. But you bring up 'full time ' as if it's the sole criteria to win games. Quality is surely first and foremost.
  22. I applaud you for sticking with it. I’ve said on here previously, until Broncos convince me they have some sort of long term strategy, then I’ll be keeping my hard earned in my pocket. Hardly missing it to be honest; nice to do other things and when the BBC score notifications come through, I just shake my head. MW suggests below that you should bring a friend, but it sounds like there just isn’t enough on offer, on or off the field, to get them hooked, if anything it would put them off. Only a couple of years ago we were competing in SL, and years before that competing in Championship, with a decent side and vibrant if not limited off field at Ealing. Hughes, Loubser and Milner have just let everything slide to such a point that the Broncos club now bears no resemblance to that of 2+ years ago. Maybe they are holding out for the Dons move, to solve all their woes, but given that hasn’t even been voted on by Merton Council, goodness knows when that will happen. As for 10 academy products in the 17. Laudable, but lets be honest most aren’t good enough at this stage in their development for even mid table Championship. A couple will never be good enough. Drip feed academy into an experienced team, that’s what happens everywhere else.
  23. So you will have some inkling why 'true' fans are fed up with the umpteenth move over the years with little rationale; a complete dis-attachment to the rank and file; no discernible plan to improve crowds and profile; gradual slide in the quality of the playing squad. It's gone beyond a little bit of extra travel.
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