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  1. Your view reflects mine exactly. I have gone above and beyond in my time following LB; season tickets for me and the lad (and the daughter many moons ago) writing off the value unconcerned how many games I attended, many player sponsorships, merchandise, events, etc, etc. I convinced myself the club had a grip on some sort of plan but time and time again they have demonstrated unbelievable ineptitude. I am coming to the conclusion that as much as I hate to say it, LB are on life support. I am not willing to continue blindly throwing money at the club. I will not get a season ticket.
  2. Thanks for the update. Was there a feeling the vote will be positive ? I have to say I thought the process was more advanced than it seems to be.
  3. Are you referring to the 2 or 3 that are actually paid to do something as their job ? I'd love to know what their KPIs are.
  4. One bloke who appears to be missed out when it comes to finger pointing and failure is Mr Loubser. At the helm as GM for countless years, overseeing the repeated sh!t show and seems to carry on regardless.
  5. Our commercial manager business probably supplied the kit bags and as he now manages the media output, no surprise he is bigging these us. Whether he has the intellectual capacity to deliver anything other than knee jerk actions, and provide a modicum of strategic thinking is anyone's guess.
  6. So all we are ever going to get fed is the club line, which is disappointing.
  7. I really wonder how this Q&A went, as there are so many (in my mind important) questions remaining unanswered. Was it a case of the new BOSG exec not wanting to rock a boat that really needed rocking ?
  8. The BOSG summary of the Q&A with Messrs Loubser and Milner has dropped. Judging by the output everything in the Broncos garden is rosey. Outstanding squad, brilliant new playing venue (with plans B and C just in case), amazing facilities for scholarship and academy and likewise for first team (now seemingly not so important to have all in one place), commercial deals aplenty, season tix soon to be in sale and so much more to be positive about . Disappointingly many of my submitted questions weren't answered like forecast impact on fan base of another move, what's the strategy to get m
  9. I believe the Q&A session was on Monday. Anyone got a clue when the output will be made public ?
  10. Good to see we are being mentioned in the same breath as Kew Park Rangers FC
  11. Can you point me in the right direction for this post pls ?
  12. He's fixated with Wimbledon first and foremost and then Broncos first team and seemingly has no appreciation of age group or community rugby league, the lifeblood and some would argue the future of LB.
  13. You have an agenda. Most LB supporters on here can see the bigger picture and are frustrated about everything we lose that has been steadily built up over the years, whereas your primary thought is AFCW is nearer to your house. To WQ point, yes we don't know what has gone on behind the scenes. Could it be the case that the we have peed off yet another landlord as a result of a complete lack of strategic thinking ?
  14. You took the words right out of my mouth. Broncos SL application approach should have had Plans A and B, A for a super stadium fit for SL and B, in the event of rejection, remain at Trailfinders and use the year to sort out a move, retaining the playing groups under one umbrella and remove this b/s carry on. You couldn't make it up.
  15. I am probably jumping to conclusions borne out of my ever increasing distant feeling from the club I have followed for most of my adult life but I see two scenarios in play now the club are up sh!t creek with no paddle as their gamesmanship around a new hook up has fallen flat the management are hedging their bets on all games being played at neutral venues through the season meaning no requirement for a `home` ground and saving a load of cash
  16. I think the OP was more about stable tenure for a significant number of years rather than ownership (I could be wrong)
  17. This is one of the things Broncos are really good at.
  18. In no way do I want to brush aside history. The reality is the world now is fast moving and so 'small', web and gadget based, so many more offerings on TV, Netflix, Amazon, etc. And the sporting landscape is so much more varied and many sports trying to grab headlines, unlike in the 70s and 80s. RU, Big Bash, Cycling, Netball, Darts, etc. And now Women's sport in general is growing at a pace. We need to keep up.
  19. Are you saying the likes of Toulouse and London, and possibly Bradford, Featherstone and York, who are ready to go come the end of February shouldn't be allowed in the C/Cup or commence their Championship campaigns ? The Championship should run as scheduled and the opponent of any club not able to fulfil fixtures should be given the win. As per SL, table based on percentage.
  20. I love rugby league, always have and always will BUT I now begrudgingly accept that as long as the elite game in ‘Europe’ is played in only Lancashire and Yorkshire we will never be taken seriously as a sport and that is reflected in broadcaster interest, sponsor engagement and anything other than extremely passing interest from the vast majority of UK.
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