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  1. I’m torn here. I don’t like Bradford and never will. But do I want them to cease? I might chuckle for a few minutes if they folded but probably not overall, they have a history and a place in the game and I believe the game needs them. Is their owner a complete ####? Well yes obviously, but that shouldn’t mean the fans are punished, they are RL fans after all. I think being forced to play at Odsal for the next 50 years floating around the bottom of L1 a la Highfield would suit me just fine, but then again I could be just a touch bitter. Ah well!!!!
  2. Toronto draw bigger crowds than most superleague clubs.
  3. Leeds were old manned in every department from the coach, halves to fullback
  4. Agar is been out-coached massively. Btw dies anyone know why Suttcliffe is kicking when the new guy is supposedly a dead shot?
  5. I haven’t seen lui play that much, can he dictate play? I like the look of him, I think the reason being is that he reminds me of Stanley Gene, a bit chunky but he’s got a lot of heart (something Leeds really lack.)
  6. Whoever thinks myler is a really good player hasn’t watched Leeds this season .
  7. What I don’t get is that Leeds we’re as creative as a blank piece of paper so why when they had two seconds rows on the bench did they put a SR at 6 midway through the 2nd half? Wouldn’t have made more sense to put Watkins to FB and Loloheia at 6?
  8. I’ll rephrase that he’s literally stealing a living. He was out of breath returning the ball and then dropped it out of exhaustion.
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