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  1. I can see a few youngsters going over to the NRL in the coming years. Why not earn in 1 season in the NRL what you can in 3 seasons in the UK and play less games per season? Smithies / Harvard from Wigan, Oledski / Holroyd from Leeds, English from Hudds are just a few players that could go test themselves.
  2. It’s weird isn’t it, all season it’s about tactics and patterns of play but when it comes to play offs it’s just about running and tackling hard.
  3. Two questions 1) why’s this on Mix, is RL really below darts? 2) is Bobby the worst Wigan winger in living memory?
  4. What a joke - the 11 other clubs are literally stealing money
  5. I agree with what you say but lets not believe that this vote wasn't self serving by some clubs in the hope they can gain an extra 100k. In reality is any so called elite club is relying on just that extra 100k then they're doomed as it's a pittance in the business world. Having been to Toronto many times I really believe it could have opened up a whole wrath of future markets to a sport that desperately needs them.
  6. Tens of thousands of supporters just thrown away !!! But that's ok we'll get to watch more games in front of no one in the rhubarb triangle
  7. Genuine question - where’s George Burgess, has he played much? Has he got a long term injury he can’t shift?
  8. Is the fact that Bibby is a Wigan player a representation of declining standards in SL?
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