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  1. Joshua had a separate contract with Sky, the last fight is this weekend.
  2. £65 is too cheap, this working class thing doesn’t wash, there’s 100,000’s following football up north every week all under 30 spending more that £65 on a Saturday. Cheap prices only attracts a certain market, the game consistently cheapens itself. If the product and the game day experience is good (not just the 80 minutes) people will come and happily spend money.
  3. The RFL can give 500k for Nigel not to leave the sport but can’t find 60k a year for 10 clubs. Rimmer should consider himself solely responsible as this has been coming forward years yet the close the eyes and hope for the best method hasn’t worked. Such a shameful self serving regressive sport.
  4. I'd 100% have Matchroom involved in some capacity, they can create hype, they know how to put on events and they can market. The Magic Weekend and CC final are screaming out for assistance. We all admit that we've no cross over stars in RL anymore yet we have tonnes of stars that could be household names but no ones heard their stories nor has RL the ability to create this. Tompkins should have been the new Edwards, Grace the new Offiah, Newman the new Newlove, people pay to watch stars, not necessarily teams, people love to be part of events not just 80 mins of a match - it's blindingly obvious. Hearns got Arabs offering 100's of million just to stage a boxing match, he's held 3 boxing events in the gardens of his office over the last month with 250 people per time paying £750 each to watch some very average fighters. He's also in bed with Danz which is a global internet channel. Personally I can't think of anyone better at the moment.
  5. If only magic was marketed to anything other than hardcore RL fans. I called a friend (an RL fan) on the way up Saturday and he didn’t even know it was on. That’s literally criminal. People who go obviously like it, Newcastle as a city is amazing & unique but why isn’t it marketed? Some people go in fancy dress, just encourage this make a competition for the best outfits per club and then an overall winner per day. Throw a few bands in there inbetween games half time, it’s not rocket science and wouldn’t cost the earth, the more I write the more I become annoyed as the whole weekend could be amazing. Filling that ground both days really shouldn’t be hard to a competent organisation. Why do SL clubs not understand the word “event?”
  6. Apologies if this has been mentioned, great game but has anyone any idea how it lasted 2hr 10mins?
  7. I drove up north the other month and had the misfortune to miss the 606 turning off the 62. Now I know there’s bad parts of almost everywhere but my lord what a toilet the main part of Bradford is that I had to go through and that’s doing a disservice to the place i spend 10 minutes every morning. The amount of £2.50 car washes (laundering fronts for the less worldly) was amazing whilst the place was rank with decay and desperation. Moving onto the RL club (which I admittedly despise) they are shrouded in mystery, who actually owns them? How are they allowed to play on a kids pitch in a hole in the ground? They’re obviously toxic and too dodgy to touch!!
  8. That’s amazing, even better is the caption of being at the RL media day.
  9. i hope he goes, develops and earns decent money, same with Pearce at Wigan and Gannon at Leeds (that kid could be special)
  10. There’s better half’s in league 1 than Patton
  11. Martyn lost me at “USA” - I deal with the states on a daily basis and I’m genuinely surprised that 90% of the population know how to put their socks on, they are literally that dumb and as insular as the Aussies.
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