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  1. Anyone concerned about Tompkins? He looked like he was carrying during the season, he hasn't played for weeks but is still been rested?
  2. No - but keep you eyes peeled for another BD signing coming. Have you got any half decent players left that would want to join a club on the up or was Doyle the only one?
  3. So Lam has to move on 4 players and replace them in quality? Ones going to Keighley and ones off to Leeds so there's only 2 more to go. Will it really be that hard for Leigh? I don't think so. Strong rumours are that they've already signed up people for next season and they should really hit the ground running.
  4. Hall / Cooper? Thought Sutton would be a better bet than Cooper.
  5. Rihanna is heading the halftime show for the Super Bowl, only sorted 6 months in advance. Did we know what was going on 6 days before the Grand Final? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63029845
  6. Mount pleasant can’t be to standard? Can it? Imagine Leigh getting a red early doors! The world would end !
  7. A failure to sell out OT is a failure of the RFL / Superleague imo. We shouldn’t be relying on the two finalists to sell it out, it should be an “experience” neutrals / newbies want to attend. What is a crying shame is it could be so much more, a DJ as pre match entertainment is pathetic / Jerusalem is standard, do something pre match, do something at half time for gods sake. It’s not rocket science.
  8. love this !! they should never so discounts or anything like again, it just breeds contempt for the event
  9. Anyone any idea how ticket sales are going? I'd like to take my little girl (10) in the Leeds end but don't fancy been up in the gods. On the Rhino's website it just says they'll give the best seats they can.
  10. Channel 4, I like the way they keep things simple and aren’t looking for the controversy every 5 mins.
  11. I think Bentley should be in the conversation for SR, in the 2nd half of the season he’s been a real star / workhorse, he’s also the type of player the Aussies hate and we need to be showing them no respect. Bateman / Bentley / whitehead / mcMeekan / Watkins are definitely decent options for SR.
  12. Problem is how exactly do they become competitive without importing players & losing a lot of money
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