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  1. I’d have personally paid the fine if a Saints player had taken JWH’s head off - such a grub
  2. Is Tuopo naturally a winger? He seems to jam in a lot leaving space for the opposite winger
  3. It defies belief that Ellis is A) that size B) a professional sportsman C) a half back - the guy looks like an out of shape stunted prop.
  4. That was a horrendous clip to watch. I genuinely believe Rob Burrows doesn’t know how respected and how well liked he really is. I know there’s no cure but I really hope he somehow kicks MND in the nuts.
  5. Toronto have just done SL a massive favour, how many more fans will he pull to everyone's home games? It nullifies the terrible "away fan" argument.
  6. I’d genuinely like to see a game next year if anyone has any info I can keep tabs on?
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