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  1. I’d genuinely like to see a game next year if anyone has any info I can keep tabs on?
  2. Some of these players mentioned will have no Australian bloodline, Hastings does. By constantly excusing the Aussies recruitment of non Australians (Carroll had played for NZ previously) smacks of hypocrisy especially as Aus RL has the largest player pool in the world to source from. I think it’s best to accept that if a player decides to play for a country and they qualify then that’s the way the world is and get on with it.
  3. I Heard 400 flat cappers were making the trip, does anyone know if that’s true? I’d love to see that in the crowd, they’ll take the atmosphere to a level not seen before.
  4. So we agree he’s not great but still miles ahead of Patton? I’m honestly trying to think of a worse half in the league.
  5. I’ve worked out that Dec Patton Is Matty Smiths love child except with even less ability.
  6. I’ve said it on another thread, I’d go all out for trueman
  7. I can’t understand why Leeds would break the bank and go for Trueman, that kid is special, he’s only 20 and has no injury baggage.
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