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  1. I'll be there, as its only 1 1/2hr each way by train! School night so son wont be.
  2. Care ? Have you not felt the passion of those faithful fans who have so wanted to be in SL for years. That's caring. The big clubs have lots of fairweather fans, we don't.
  3. So you've hit the nail on the head. The suggestion no one cares is utter rubbish. I have been a ST holder for years and a Thursday night on the M25 for me sounds bonkers, but I'll give it a shot.
  4. We know you aren't as you drone on about it incessantly.
  5. Not having a pop IM as I know hard it is and how hard you guys work, but to take the strength of a clubs juniors based on the spin of a web site ..... going 16s and not 15s and 17s is a short sighted by the LJL Board. But lets be honest you aren't the only club to be struggling for juniors in London as the 50-0 and 24-0 will testify.
  6. I suggest you take what the website says with a pinch of salt. Your teams under 16 turned up to Saint Albans at the weekend with seven players having already defaulted one game and won by default in another. I know everybody is trying hard in London junior league but let’s get the facts straight.
  7. Walker aside, every one of them currently nowhere near good enough.
  8. The game itself appears to being glossed over. 29mins 8-0 Dragons having already taken a penalty as the game was that tight. Cats their usual grubby self and Mr Grant penalising Broncos at will Cue Broncos in attack and Abdul our only creative player left prone on the ground after kicking the ball. Pursuant melee resulted in 2 yellows and still Abdul down for a further 10 mins straight to ambulance. Decent outcome for Cats. Broncos rattled, no playmaker, no organisation, limited experience, no diff in playing numbers I hope if the incident is reviewed Mr Grant isn’t found lacking in cahoonas.
  9. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Giants, possibly the most boring side in the league, but its winning games. But with the brute force comes cleverness, like giving away 3 consecutive penalties on their line, knowing they could defend the reduced impetus, and so they did. That said I thought Leeming looked a very very good and creative player. We play some decent flowing rugby, and have to say Morgan Smith is improving by the week. We lack go forward in the middle. Note we struggle against teams stacked with huge fellas and compete well against the more mobile packs. I love the idea of sticking with the guys who got us promotion, but we need some big units, and surely DH must see that. Worries includes loss of Yates before half time and Kear in second half.
  10. Quite. It's bizarre. We've won 2 from 5, the latest scalp being a woeful Wigan and all of a sudden we should be thinking big. That said, I have two observations: 1) Trailfinders, whilst not 'Super League' is fine for Broncos for the short and medium term. It isn't inaccessible as some on here would have you believe. Anyone from Greater London would want LB playing on their doorstep, but they don't. They play in Ealing, serviced by overground, underground, buses and a decent road network. The ground itself is developing and whilst some of the criticisms are well founded but the new stand looked great yesterday and when the shop, bar and toilets are completed at that end, then there will be whole different feel. I remember having a pee next to Sir Kev when he played for YC just before he played, now the players actually have their own toilets !!!! 2) Volunteers, there aren't enough of them, let alone ones with the drive and ability to set up clubs. The 'good old days' when there were clubs everywhere seems to have gone by, and whilst there are decent kids coming through the system to LB, the base number playing, in my mind at least, is reducing. When the RFL scrapped their poorly managed Development Officers, that was the a big statement of contraction, and I don't believe the SE has recovered.
  11. After 10mins I was thinking I would rather be winning game sin the Championship, but ..... grit, a change in game plan and a building of confidence turned things around. What a win. It felt like we were back in SL. In a ground that is modest but the right size for now, looking full and still being developed. Rich from some Trin fans slagging off the ground ! Great atmosphere and if anyone with a London affiliation left not wanting more, then they don't have a pulse. Battye was immense, Abdull really impressed, Williams loving the opportunity ....one or two who looked out of their depth but on the whole WONDERFUL. Well done to Trinity fans for their excellent support.
  12. Broncos Open Day on Saturday was very good. Key points 1) S/T up 25% (ok, low start pt ....) 2) new stand will be ready for 3 Feb, to include bar, club shop and toilets (so not v temporary) and 3) players to earn their spot and squad numbers irrelevant
  13. Have I missed something ? If you are referring to Sammut, then you are misguided.
  14. Well ...... it looks like Sammut and Api have left and Harrison retired, so that leaves Marky. But seasoned internationals could include Kear, Williams and Hellewell
  15. BRONCOS.LONDON is renowned for exaggeration, so for International Superstar, read Ireland's Kyle Amor or similar.
  16. You are so right, but some folk just need an excuse not to attend games.
  17. No response is poor but an obtuse way to get a direct answer .... are you on Facebook and on the LB away page https://www.facebook.com/groups/335716526623798/ ? Neil Reynolds deals with such questions directly on there, not that question yet, but give it time.
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