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  1. Silverwood is too soft, he try's to be too pally with the players. After the incident with Graham he can be heard asking him if he's ok? Who cares if he's ok, he should have been in the bin. And yes I agree Leeds are right up there and also need sorting out. I once got penalised for holding down when I wasn't even in the tackle, when I asked the ref what he was on about I got 10mins for backchat. P*ssed off at the time but I never questioned the ref again. (Besides he should have known it wasn't me as I avoided tackling at all costs )
  2. Well done Wgan, fully deserved after the whole season. Enjoy it.
  3. England 17 for the opening game

    It's taken me till half time in the GF but here goes. I've gone with club partnerships in the backs as I feel very few of our backs are world class and so this will give us some missing cohesion. Tompkins Goulding Gleeson Senior Hall Brown Robinson Morley Sinfield Graham Ellis Burgess O'loughlin Fielden Lynch Westwood Roby Players who may be sorry to miss out. Shenton would play him outside Senior but I feel he isn't experienced enough as Gleeson or Senior to play with a relatively junior international winger as Hall or Briscoe. Briscoe, see above, although I would play him outside senior also. J. Tompkins, gives away a few too many penalties and I feel the experience of Westwood would prevail. Flanagan, if only for confidence of playing in the NRL, not saying he is any better than the other back rowers we have but the fact he plays against the opposition week in week out could be in his favour. Pryce, I'd have no quams playing him outside Gleeson. Carvell, Crabtree, I just feel Lynchy deserves a crack at them and can't see how either of the two aforementioned players offer any thing better. Maybe Crabtree's offload game? Widdop, not seen enough of him to pip Tompkins and Tompkins plays with Goulding and Gleeson so would hopefully link better. Have fun ripping it apart.
  4. england coach

    And "without a doubt" reckon that was right up there. He's like a parrot! Don't care what he says so long as the lads perform to their best though.
  5. Worlds ten best forwards

    Agreed on Gallen, a freak of nature. Big Dave Taylor at Souths, Awesome impact player, has been the equal of our Sam all season.
  6. Ellery Hanley

    He's a monster at squash too. Never lifts any weights in the gym and claims to never had in the past either. Tried to get him to play for an All stars team in the Leo's sevens, he was tempted and I'm sure with a little more work I would have got his signature but he said he was fully retired and wished us luck, didn't want to push too much. A true gent, but a real rake with the ladies I'll tell you that for nowt! We did get Neil Harmon though who was awesome, never rucked or jumped in a lineout. He thoroughly enjoyed himself especially when he absolutely nailed a Leeds Tykes player! Good times.
  7. What should the referee have done?

    I mind you saying! Not all Leeds fans are blinkered zombies! Bailey is a complete pudding. Without Burgess and Peacock our pack on a whole look very poor. We pass foward. We panick to try and score on every set. And we whinge like St Helens at the ref every time nothing goes our way. Sometimes even if it does! We need a real re-think and maybe a different approach to refresh the lads. You don't become bad overnight but there is def something lacking.
  8. Greg Inglis to miss 4 nations

    Soward is class and I'd have no hesitation in picking him. Prince also. As for Centre, Lyon, Gasnier, Jennings, Tahu, take your pick. Is Folau going straight to AFL or is he up for selection?
  9. England 4 Nations Team

    Tompkins Widdop Hall K Pryce Senior Shenton Gleeson Bridge Briscoe Riley McGuire Brown Eastmond Myler Morley Lynch Sinfield Roby Graham LMS Ellis J Tompkins Burgess Flannagan O'loughlin Wilkin Fielden Crabtree Westwood Wood Pryce Cudjoe Lunt Higham One for now and a list of players I would be happy to draft up.
  10. Kirke is faster than you think for a big fella, it's not the first time this season he's chased back and collared a supposedly faster back from scoring. If I remember rightly he's scored a try akin to a centre than that of a forward, can't remember who against though?
  11. Widnes Vs Canberra

    Awesome! Put a smile on my face has that.
  12. Catalans strongest team so far this season. Combine that with the simple fact they have nothing else to play for this season makes them dangerous. Wire had better be on top form to come through this one.
  13. Leeds Rhinos v St Helens

    Awesome! Wembley at last! Can't wait. My thoughts: 1. One stand completely closed, what was that about? 2. Leeds play like headless chickens and try to score on every play. When it works it's looks class and is very entertaining to watch, but the other 95% of the time it looks dreadful and I get a soar throat shouting at them, why do they do it? 3. Foster does have potential. God knows we need it in the outside backs. 4. Bailey has improved with age but why is he such a tool? He should just get on with playing and he may improve more. 5. Both teams showed how important the cup is to them, nerves for most of the first half and the start of the second, both sets of players out on their feet at the end. The cup is alive no matter what the nay sayers think! 6. Saints with Eastmond or Pryce would have beaten us today and we will need to improve to beat either Wazza or the Dragons come Final day. Hope the Wire get their as it will be a sell out! Can't wait!
  14. And most don't get the ball running onto it at full pace or the right line off of their centre. I don't know if it's just the standard of the wingers or the fact that the standard of those inside them is also lacking in our country at the moment. For the record Hall, Briscoe and beleive it or not Gardner are the three specialist wingers that are head and shoulders above the others. Goulding has looked good for Wigan but then so has Pryce.