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  1. As an Aussie, I've found the discussion between English fans interesting and revealing. I've been a member here for over a decade and have noticed significant changes in the attitudes of some posters. I love it.
  2. Still can't get over it. The escalation. I went from Pangai Jr's try, "Ok, they got a consolation try, England couldn't nil them." To THAT JT13 BREAK and Lolohea try *OUTER BODY EXPERIENCE*
  3. Whaaaat?! Did channel 7 just cut to credits when Tonga had just started honouring the crowd with the Sipi Tau? Yes, yes they did. For...what even is this s**t movie? Ffs...
  4. Oh god, are you serious? Haha, I can't spake.
  5. Holy , that was the CRAZIEST final 5 mins to a game I've seen in a long, long time. Fantastic.