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  1. Terrible round for me. Some bad squad selections with two 70+ scores sitting it out. My first 0 of the season, just didn't go through team lists this week. Terrible captain score from Johnson. Well under 1000 for the first time in since round 2 I think. I'll just move on.
  2. Great finish. Feel for the Titans. Great effort.
  3. Wow, that hurts for the Titans.
  4. Great no look grubber by Taylor there. Tipped Broncos but want to see a Titans win.
  5. He just threw a forward pass, not called, then finishes the set with a goal line drop out
  6. I didn't need Milford to do that, but you did. It wasn't even an intercept, ball just popped out Titans hands into Milford's. Very frustrating.
  7. Last minute trade reversals. Went for short term cash grabs. I finally got rid of Jai Field for Matt Frawley. Brian Kelly out for Moga.
  8. Johnson has historically scored very well against the Raiders, once scoring a hat-trick in 9 minutes. However, last outing against the Raiders was an exception.
  9. Gulp. I did not know that. Haven't even gone over team lists yet. Fair play and thanks for the heads up, South! I will probably keep Brailey for now, but I do like Hodgo at that price. He is starting to play well again, however, Sezer and Austin in particular are having a bigger impact for the Raiders this season. So a few things for me to consider.
  10. Here at TotalRL, I believe highest scorer of each round receives $1000 in RL Monopoly money.
  11. We're still in lockout, but it looks like you outscored everyone in our league. I would love to have captained Rapana again this round.
  12. I've got to admit I really suck during the Origin/bye period. I tend to just keep my squad the same and hope the luck of the draw gets me a couple wins before coming out the other side. For those with Gold, can somebody tell me what Rapana's break even was for this round?
  13. Your squad is pretty sound, Southstander. Majority of the top 17 are very reliable scorers, with good backup for injuries/origin/byes. It would be quite an anomalous round for you to end up with a poor score. Your overall ranking says it all. I traded for cash this week. Yates out for Harawira-Naera, Suli out for Gela-Mosby.
  14. Looking like my best week yet. Also happy with Johnson as captain. Dave's Anley Sea Eagles are leaving all of us in dust though. Super squad and a super week.