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  1. Thanks for all the Poms, ESL!
  2. It was a correct no try ruling. DWZ was very clearly offside live. On replay it's laughable anyone is complaining about the result.
  3. As an Aussie, I've found the discussion between English fans interesting and revealing. I've been a member here for over a decade and have noticed significant changes in the attitudes of some posters. I love it.
  4. Still can't get over it. The escalation. I went from Pangai Jr's try, "Ok, they got a consolation try, England couldn't nil them." To THAT JT13 BREAK and Lolohea try *OUTER BODY EXPERIENCE*
  5. Whaaaat?! Did channel 7 just cut to credits when Tonga had just started honouring the crowd with the Sipi Tau? Yes, yes they did. For...what even is this s**t movie? Ffs...
  6. Holy , that was the CRAZIEST final 5 mins to a game I've seen in a long, long time. Fantastic.
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