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  1. We don't make the GF without Leilua and I can't see us winning next year without him. Crossing my fingers he stays now we've signed Scott.
  2. Lol Taukeiaho played that completely sideways but they earned the try through pressure build up
  3. A lot of people from AFL states do seem to refer to league as NRL. I'd say most from those states call our sport "rugby" though and probably legitimately don't know the difference between league and union and some may even be unaware that there are two separate "rugby" sports. I've lived in Sydney all my life and it is has always just been "footy" by the grand majority.
  4. It was a correct no try ruling. DWZ was very clearly offside live. On replay it's laughable anyone is complaining about the result.
  5. As an Aussie, I've found the discussion between English fans interesting and revealing. I've been a member here for over a decade and have noticed significant changes in the attitudes of some posters. I love it.
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