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  1. There's no way Sutton is gonna get bullied by anyone. I'm sure he's learning a lot from the likes of Papalii...but while he's not as dominant as Papa, he's got a bigger motor than him. Sutton is killing it for the Raiders.
  2. Those who don't think Sutton is heavily in the discussion for the England top 17 aren't watching him play. Surely
  3. lol catch a replay of the game mate. Raiders played with a 1 man bench for 65 minutes of the game. Scott played majority of the game with a broken rib but couldn't be interchanged. Yet the difference was the ref stopping in his tracks to rule on a blatant forward pass, only to end up giving the try. Warriors extremely lucky to win that game.
  4. Speculative list, but Blake Green is best value there by far. Raiders probably have Austin, Sezer and Williams for the price of Cronk.
  5. Hodgo re-signing was always coming but still glad to hear it in the news. He is the most important player for the Raiders now, and going by the trial against the Knights, he's in for an even bigger year than 2015.
  6. Tamou to Raiders doesn't look like happening, apparently he is asking too much. May sign Grevsmuhl instead. Leilua could be announced next week
  7. That is a fantastic squad. Very impressive. No team will beat this Kangaroos team by luck. Any team that does beat them, will certainly have earnt it, no two ways about it.
  8. Wow. I remember watching the 2008 Grand Final with a fair few people at a mate's place. None of us were Manly fans, but when Menzies went over for his try, we all got to our feet as one and cheered for him. We were farewelling him from the Australian game, and never did I expect him to play on for another 5 years elsewhere. He never had the skills of a Johns or Lockyer, but his records and longevity put him in a league of his own, separate to more celebrated league greats but proven to be held in very high esteem by everyone. I take off my hat to you, Beaver.
  9. Campbell is first choice fullback for the Titans, as is Boyd for the Dragons (he just won Dally M Fullback of the Year actually).
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