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  1. I'm deeply disappointed that this thread is not an attempt to re-make the vastly underrated 80s sitcom Ever Decreasing Circles with a rugby league theme. We'd need to jazz it up a bit for the younger generation though but I think it could work. Perhaps Gary Hetherington as Martin (the Richard Briers character) and Kath as his long-suffering wife. Richard Elstone could be the smooth talking neighbour - promising much but ultimately unsuccessful in his attempts to woo Gary with money from his university "mates". Then, sprucing up the plot to give it greater diversity, Barrie
  2. Hull KR practising for the future here. To satisfy SL's ground criteria, you just need to be able to produce really good drawings of things that have not happened yet - like new stadiums. You never have to build them - it's the drawings that do the trick. But keep this secret to yourselves Hull KR fans - we don't want everyone knowing. I actually think it's a good idea for those whose sarcasm detectors might not be working.
  3. A mid-winter midweek game in the 80s between Cas and Wigan at Wheldon Road. It had been snowing and every time the Wigan players were gathered under the sticks at the Wheldon Road end, they would get pelted with snowballs. One hit Kelvin Skerrett in the face, which got a massive cheer. He was furious and some of the other players had to hold him back as he was gesturing as if wanted to try and get into the crowd. Same match later on, Ellery Hanley was closest to the crowd and got pelted by 2 or 3 snowballs. He just stood there, let them hit him, didn't even turn round. So cool. Pre
  4. I remember seeing Bevan French in a Parramatta side playing away at Canberra. After 70 mins, a stat flashed up that he had made one run for seven metres. I am pleased it has gone to a player who has spent his whole career in Super League. I also think some of the posters here don't understand how the voting system works. It is harder to win it in a team playing well. A player who has stood out in a team which has struggled will always have a chance.
  5. Yes, this topic does need addressing. I would like to think that Jason Robinson would use his high profile as a black dual code international to help rugby league solve this problem.
  6. They would have been two of the most important players in Super League if they had been signed in 2013.
  7. Lots of things are not illegal but it doesn't mean they are things we should all do. Underfunding the NHS is one example...
  8. My dad randomly took me to a Hull v Halifax Challenge Cup semi final in the 80s which finished 0-0. Looking it up online, it was in 1988.
  9. I know the Cas ground is a dump but they can play there any day they want, any time of the year. I'm just a bit tired of the nonsense emanating from the Toronto camp. We've been here before with Paris, Celtic Crusaders, Gateshead. I hope Toronto do well but I am a bit cynical. I'd rather see a Canadian league established with the money being spent. I'd love to see a couple of Canadians in the squad. But already McDermott wants different rules for Toronto. The season hasn't even started yet. And reading this thread (not you Adelaide T) but I'm reminded why I don't post here much
  10. Cheers mate. What I make of it is that we won't be seeing SBW on the pitch until a few weeks into the season. And that some of the Toronto players are overpaid. If SBW doesn't count towards the cap and they only have 18 players, that's bad planning.
  11. Sometimes, there is a fine line between ideas and bull excrement. Anyone can come out with flights of fancy to try and impress people. I tend to be impressed when they do things, not just talk about them.
  12. Anyone have a scoop on why SBW didn't play if he was at the ground?
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