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  1. Homophobia, hmmmm. Homo = homosapien Phobia = fear Naaaa, use ya own language please, I'm not homophobic, how can I be, I do not FEAR MAN.
  2. Bah, just hurry up and start dropping those nukes please, the whole world needs a damn good clean up, and the doogooders should be first.
  3. Dunno, why not ask smithy and his other 500 names at the roar for his opinion on it mr Daddy? You sure like it at every other time. lolfraudulentlol.
  4. Can't find much on it but I do know they had a Jewish Comp for a few seasons in Sydney a decade or so before the second world war, have no idea what became of it..
  5. Look in here, lots and lots, and I do mean lots of interesting stuff you are looking for
  6. God himself could come down here and start a new rl comp with everything all have ever wanted, a few here would find a reason to moan. Maybe they're just moaners, imperfect, intolerable old maids. Life's to sad to waste time on them, life is for the living, the growing.
  7. You never know what could happen when teams like Oxford and co play in Toronto. They could finally been seen by some old boys no longer living in England who went to places like this and see they have a professional team that they had never heard of before representing their youth and seeing them get spanked might spark interest in people getting involved to help out these new clubs. Got to be seen the be known for a start. Maybe the people back home in England from these new expansion places have no idea they have new clubs in RL representing their neighbourhoods and when they play the likes of Toronto as we seen with Skolars, it's hyped up to the max so it may well pique their interests in heading down next time to catch a game? I can't believe anyone in RL who actually loves the game and wants to see it thrive to be the best we know it can would be against this self paid for hyped up expansion that's ticked every box asked of it yet.
  8. It's just not right. Will somebody please think of the children, we can't have this show off getting all this stuff done in a few months, bah, stone him or send back to the colonies. I do wonder who will be the first to actually have a moooooooooooooooooooooan? Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This guys a freaking Legend, not quite the Messiah, but pretty bloody good.
  9. As an outsider I really do hope they work things out, we can't afford to lose these historic clubs and I have always been of the belief seeing and reading about wakey that they really do have a latent support base of a decent size, they just need the facilities to grow into what they could have always been. It's not too late, but it can't keep going on the way it is. I know the local rivalry thing is very strong in the UK, but I just don't understand why clubs and communities would rather their club die (more or less) than share with your next door neighbour.
  10. Over dramatic as usual, it's ok, you know everything and I know s*it, that's the way, the parky way, if you disagree the drama queen starts the old, you're picking on me. Get a grip and grow a set, all they are are words and if you feel threatened by them, more fool you. It wouldn't matter what anyone posts if it differs from you, you either take everything as a insult or make people not bother responding. I'm thinking I need to put you on ignore before I hurt your feelings too much by posting something/anything..
  11. Attempts to move forward? All I have ever seen is a one off game played somewhere and the locals then told, you're on your own now boys, good luck. If that's enthusiastic backing, I'm not here. Maybe the people running the game have just a little inside knowledge that you and I don't in regards to teams wanting to join the SL from North America, maybe they have all the plains in place already and are waiting on a few things to fall in line so are waiting for those things to happen before announcing anything? Maybe it's all hot air just to try and stimulate some interest? I don't know, I'm not Rimmer or Perez so I wouldn't know who has spoken to who about what. In all the years I have followed RL, I have never outside of the Stupid Greed war heard anyone in RL mentioning Nth America in regards expansion, I've heard them mention Wales, France, New Zealand and PNG, but not N America. They actually have done a lot of what they have stated when you look at it, maybe not as big and as flash as it could have been but they have at least put all the roots down with each of those nations, maybe they have a plan for the Americas and we haven't seen it yet. If they fail and dont have a hope of competing after a few seasons, well the game and the people involved at least tried, they didn't just sit on their a*se and post trash on a forum praying for failure, they got off their backsides and tried to make it work, the people were just not interested. Too bad then huh, better than sitting at home whinging about new teams that could do this and that whilst the game literally dies on its feet at home. Expansion into other nations might just be the only hope of keeping the game alive in the UK, because god knows it's struggling and has been for 120 years. And most of that has to do with the fans of the game killing it with too much love, it's mine and you can't watch it because you're not from such and such place blah blah backward thinking.
  12. Thanks for that, very encouraging for the club and game when you read things like this.
  13. Come watch the future failure with Parky and I, we'll have plenty of empty seats around us if you would like to come and bleat in peace with like minded real supporters. Bring your own megaphone tho.