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  1. Wow thanks very much. Typical of this joint
  2. Just to add, how could Izzy not be down with all the young lady's wanting him, I thought his upbringing encouraged multiple wives and partners? What next, no playing on Sundays because it's the last day of the week?
  3. It was only three or so weeks ago izzyfalonk was having his last crack at RL culture,what was it izzy? Oh that's right, too many of the opposite sex throwing themselves at you when you were actually known, oh the drama huh? Guess playing union that don't happen now aye, good for you if you only want the boys around 😇
  4. Did they run the game and everything to do will it down with big smiles on their faces? Bah what would I know, only had it shoved in my face for months at a time, was all in my imagination though as ppl from the other side of the world know better. As usual, RL needs to shut up and know its place,if people run the game down stab it in the back,who are we to say, no,we don't went not need your type in our game,how about lying where you left that big pile of money? Too many do gooders here thinking RL must go out of its way to make everyone happy, what rot. What next, wanting some celeb to come to games because some feel when they sit on a toilet, gold nuggets are produced? Bah, they are meat like the rest of us.
  5. I hope afl takes over in west Sydney, I think it would be fun and something different. Izzy falonk stating something like that at the start of his last nrl season when it was the nrls day to kick off the season. Every news channel made sure it was repeated,that's when we all knew Mr religious man was really nothing but a money man willing to say and do whatever he was told. Old Dave gallop nearly had a heart attack that day surrounded by thousands of kids promoting RL and the biggest star there kicks it and pumps up the opposition. Ha
  6. Naaaaa, Izzy had quite a few things to say about RL when he left for afl and then decided to dump even more garbage on the code when he was eventually vichyfied. He can go and get stuffed, RL might be warts n all, but it ain't full of backstabbers. Let him rot where he is. He and the code he is in now are made for each other, pretenders, brown Noser's, backstabbers and tax evaders.
  7. Would I be right in saying the last time the queen went to a game would be the opening of parramatta stadium in 1986?
  8. Only in RL the people all expect every club to be filled with local players from their local village.And they wonder why the game is being left Behind. The most regional professional game I know of (afl) doesn't carry on this much about the local guy having to play for his local team. They also don't seem to mind helping out the new teams so they get established which in the long run helps all the others benefit with higher TV rights and grants for grass roots growth because they decided to think big after getting a plan together and sticking with it. Meanwhile in rugby league, people are still arguing about how many locals should be in each starting line up every single week. I really do hope the French and Canadian clubs change the mindset in England I really do. This village mentality will eventually kill the game. I read ages ago and have heard it said before, but it does seem to me that a lot of fans would rather the game die than anyone else being allowed to fall in love with it, some rl people are loving RL to death it almost seems.
  9. How can people be stating the game has regressed back to the heartlands just because a few teams they think makes the game look bigger have been relegated? To me this seems so ridiculous seeing as the structure of RL over in the UK is completely opposite to Australia. In Australia, if you are not in the big time, you aren't anywhere or you exist to feed others. The teams some are running down or said have failed because they are no longer in the super league are still in existence, they live, they fight, they play on. How can it be a failure or regression if the teams that came in to the game later on with a helping hand into super league are still there kicking and screamng in the lower divisions wanting their time in the sun with most still playing in the same grounds they did when in SL. If a club comes into money or somehow they manage to win all their games by either the opposition sides bus breaking down weekly on the way to the game or the opposition taking them easy, why shouldn't they get promoted, they're alive, they're kicking? They win they're in, sounds fair to me, also shows growth no matter who or where they come from, it's called competing. Sometimes a so called small club can and do get a lot of support, the town, village, suburb no matter, the community tend to get right on board.
  10. I can't believe I read this whole thread. Someone said something nice about something. Hey, let's string em up. I fear for the future, I really do.
  11. Canberra is awesome. All the illegal stuff the rest can't partake in, they can. Rotten &%$#@$ Politics and their double standards eh. I bet if they got the true figure of smokers in Canberra, itd be much higher
  12. Haha that there be a great pub crawl. 2001 looks do able, 15 year anniversary?