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  1. I support Rugby League first and foremost always have.
  2. If they were run as bad as some of the clubs in the uk league are and getting the same support with absolutely no tv or radio coverage I would say go for it, plus Sydney doesn't have too many clubs, it's a strength not a weakness. Just ask AFL in Vic and the London Soccer teams or any other city around the world that has multiple clubs in one city. You have your ups and downs. Sydney's problem is really nothing to do with any club, it's mostly to do with when the game is played and where..
  3. Toronto, just give up, no one in RL wants expansion by the looks of it, it's all too hard. May as well bin it all now before next season starts so you don't waste anymore money on these people that really don't want you or your types around. RL in the last few years has been getting less and less of my time because things in the game EVERYWHERE are just too complicated to bother with anymore. The fans have no say and the pigs with all the money and connections running the game are only looking after themselves and their stinking little clubs. It's not their game and it's not mine, no one owns it yet the little cartel in charge seem to think they can do whatever they please. HA. Keep going the same way and your protected little club will not be protected for much longer as more and more fans get the absolute ####### and leave the code in droves. You can see it happening everywhere the game is played already. Loved to death as I have stated before. Thou shalt not have any part of our little northern game.
  4. ParraEelsNRL

    Toronto v York city Knights

    I would love to ask the RFL, MR Perez, Mr Lenagan how much they pay per post to keep the Super League/Expansion/Toronto threads ticking over at this forum. Has to be some decent coin available to keep doing it, that or some other issue because it seems to be a full time job. MaybeTRL are employing people these days to make sure certain threads tick over? Oh well. Some supposedly love the Melbourne Storm in the NRL and how it's all been managed (the only decent thing out of all the SL wars is they kept them going all this time) yet have the exact opposite view of Toronto and the likes in their own home comps. How very strange. Arguing for arguments sake I reckon. What or how much RL was played in Victoria just before the Storm arrived? About as much as Toronto.
  5. ParraEelsNRL

    how about a recreational drugs amnesty

    Drugs, natural ones are bad for us, the people running our lives told us so back in the late 1800's so we MUST obey, we must pump all their manufactured drugs into our system instead and pay for the right to do so instead of growing a natural weed in our garden that can cure Cancer, feed you, cloth you and help with so much more, no, you can't have that drug, but you can have OURS, just make sure you pay the tax and get addicted after a week or two, then we'll put you on something else, oh, and you'll need this drug to help with the effects of that drug so you can function normally. Yeah and I'm mad and don't have a clue eh.
  6. ParraEelsNRL

    Toronto chase Ta'ai.

    The couple that cry about being mocked, put and run down are the the exact same ones running down and mocking others, talk about the two biggest HYPOCRITES to ever post at this site. Any team can and will sign whomever they bloody well like, you don't own the club, you don't follow them, so get over YOURSELF, you are NOTHING in the game just as I AM. I hope they chase a guy like Thurston, that'd really make these two clowns lose it, please please please sign a name as big as that or pretty well as close. Misserable old %%%%s
  7. Riggggggggggght. You'll be eating those words when the eels open their new ground.
  8. Running on the one spot all the time, yet I was brought up believing soccer was a sport that didn't concentrate in the one area as much as others. Over the years I've noticed they wreck more pitches than most union games do. The goal area is always bald, same as the middle, the touch lines are always mud yet when I watch League anywhere, the pitches are nearly always perfect esp the higher up you play.
  9. ParraEelsNRL

    Toronto - Criteria for Success

    I reckon he's just peed off because some other sport didn't do it first so he could bash the RFL senseless with his garbage about not getting in there first. Very deceptive person imho. Sick of reading about some idiot owner of a club that runs the game too. NO he and his mates do not, Rupert Murdoch and his illuminated ones do and when they see fit to put another team in somewhere or cull a few where ever, they will. It's out of everyone elses hands including his mate that runs a club, it's a club that he is the guardian off until he carks it or leaves, that's all.The sport with or without this mythical club will continue in some fashion. So much absolute garbage posted all the time.
  10. ParraEelsNRL

    Toronto - Criteria for Success

    Sadly there's no gold, it's all green.
  11. ParraEelsNRL

    SW Ironmen vs Toronto

    Excellent, no use being or trying to be in the big league without signing the right Human Beings to win it.
  13. Link doesn't work anymore but I did manage to find the whole post.