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  1. Six Nations

    That is my preferred option Euro (+north America) and APAC England might win something of note
  2. Hull League

    It would be good to have regional based leagues underneath the Yorkshire summer league
  3. Midlands League 2017

    Should they make it a requirement that any team in the premier is required to run at least an "A" team (preferably at least 1 junior team as well) to keep the feeder leagues active
  4. Another car attack.

    another man killing people because of his low self esteem
  5. - Having 4 nations regularly gives at least 3 games to the major nations. Australia and NZ manage to usually organise a match during the season and at the end of the season each year - There is a calendar of regular internationals planned and it should go ahead regardless of a single game results - The years between WCs should contain qualifiers for the next WC and any 4N tournament
  6. South West Rugby League 2016

    There is a tag league in the area that might have some players from a league background
  7. Sounds good If next year you have 7s, 8s and 9s - you could enter a team in the 9s league and use all available ages in the squad
  8. League 1 and expansion prospects

    Of 3 conferences (North, South and France) playing home and away Top 2 from each conference go in with bottom 2 from Championship and play in a Super 8s with the top 2 teams going into the Championship the following season
  9. If England continually won international matches then the NRL would sign more English players (assuming that the pay gap remains) It would increase interest in international matches in Australia
  10. RL in York

    Nice read Is there any standard 10 week coaching course that is given at schools or is it just up to the person who turns up?
  11. Wigan best supported SL team

    I reckon the crowds at Catalans in the first few years were artificially high due to UK fans making the trip over. I would expect fewer to go over as the years progress - they will need to make up these numbers with locals