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  1. It's ok. Easy to cancel once you have it as well which is a bonus. Took out the monthly Sky Sports pass at the beginning of the season and once it all went #### up I simply cancelled it with very little effort involved.
  2. Went to the one in Blackburn on my way home yesterday. Didn't leave with much. Went in primarily for chick peas (I do my own hummus) but no joy. The 'World Food' aisles were blitzed. Managed to snag the last 2kg bag of rice on the shelf although the real brucie was I also managed to get a 10pack of Thatchers Haze.
  3. Anyone who knocks on my front door other than a postie/ delivery person.
  4. If a "celebrity" coming out helps others who are struggling with making that step then I'm all for it. Can always change the channel or make a brew if it bothers you.
  5. Shortest song ever recorded according to Guiness World Records
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