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  1. BBC ITV CH4 CH5 I'm pretty much down to just youtube and Netflix these days where I choose who I want to watch so I no longer have to reach for the remote every 5 mins cos that's how much of a miserable sod I am. And I only watch Netflix on Saturday evenings.
  2. East Lancs Lions played out of the Anchor Ground in Darwen for a while and I also used to watch Accrington from time to time. Not sure what the current state of play is around here these days though. Last time I watched Accy they were playing at Blackburn RU.
  3. Not a million miles away from the Heartlands but whilst living in Blackburn and saving up for a mortgage deposit (late 80's) we started stopping in on Saturday afternoons and that's when I started watching Rugby League. Blew me away. My first game in the flesh was Wigan v Saints at Old Trafford in a cup semi.
  4. New 'Tau Cross'. So looking forward to this album!
  5. Had to google and then youtube him To be honest I was expecting a pub singer lol
  6. "Every nitwit who thought that saying they DISliked The Smiths/Morrisey would make them seem more intelligent" I haven't read the Napalm Death account but sounds interesting.
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