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  1. Sometimes I think I do and then realise that I only thought I did but in truth I didn't so....
  2. Top player. The game that sticks out for me was the one at Headingly where it seemed the entire Leeds forward pack singled him out by any means necessary.
  3. Perhaps Xenu had a stop off at Venus on his way to Earth and there were some escapees?
  4. Watched his appearance on a podcast (the good, the bad and the rugby) a short while back and unless he's about to have a miracle cure for his shoulder then I don't see how he could make a comeback?
  5. A quedtion I fully understand. I personally won't pay more than 20 notes for a new vinyl. I listen to a lot of punk with a diy ethos so anywhere between £10 to £13 + p&p is usually the ballpark figure for me. I do also listen to a fair bit of metal (thrash, doom and prog mostly) and that stuff can be quite expensive but I will buy the cd if I can't get it cheap enough. The reason I prefer to get stuff on vinyl is twofold: 1) The act of playing a vinyl record is almost a ritual. A ritual I used to love and now love again. 2) The artwork!
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/13/tech/vinyl-records-cd-sales-riaa/index.html "Vinyl records accounted for $232.1 million of music sales in the first half of the year, compared to CDs, which brought in only $129.9 million, according to a report from the Recording Industry Association of America." I find this incredibly interesting. I returned to Vinyl myself in December 2019 having last bought a vinyl record in 1990 and I'm addicted. Having bought over 40 albums on vinyl since then. Anyone else returned to vinyl after a long break or stuck with it all along?
  7. I also wouldn't take a knee. I consider myself to be anti-racist ( I'm anti a lot of things) but I get on my knees to no-one and for no-one. It's a personal choice for each individual but despite agreeing 100% that Black Lives Matter it's something I personally will not do. It's also become (for me at least) an empty gesture because when you see politicians and police officers (the very people who enable systematic racism) taking a knee then it's vomit inducing. Sadly we live in a world where if you aren't seen to be doing the 'right' thing then automatically it is assumed
  8. I was just about to say raiding other kids bonfires. We used to have a massive one that often consisted of wood we'd nicked form other bonfires not mention anything else that folk hadn't secured once we'd start our collecting phase.
  9. Ah the good old days of playing on building sites. Was once being chased by the security/cops when I ducked into one of the partially built houses and ran into the sheets of window glass that were neatly stacked around a corner. How I didn't take my legs off at the knees I'll never know?
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