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  1. Lots of prog rock and hard/heavy rock such as Genesis and Black Sabbath courtesy of an older brother. We had the house to ourselves a lot and I remember it always being full of his mates who always brought albums with them as well. Still like 'some' of that stuff and even still love some of it ie SAHB but also find a lot of it unlistenable.
  2. Apologies if it's already been mentioned but has anyone else been watching or has watched 'Black Spot' on Netflix? Oh my. I'm seriously impressed with this. It's a French/Belgian collaboration that is both visually stunning and comes with a very engrossing story.
  3. I'm genuinely suprised by this. We stopped over for a night in Huddersfield a few months back and we loved it. It must have been a really good place prior to going down the pan. Mind you I live between Accrington and Blackburn and one of those towns is clinically dead (Accy) and the other one is seemingly on life support and a mere shadow of it's former self.
  4. Recently had the pleasure of visiting Huddersfield to see a gig at The Parish and I was blown away how vibrant the town centre was and the number of pleasant boozers on offer. I can't remember the names of them off top of my head (had a bevvie in most of them) but I loved the Cuban themed pub and The Parish itself was a great suprise. Noticed the other day that they'd updated their food menu and it truly is a great choice. Hope to get back there soon.
  5. BBC ITV CH4 CH5 I'm pretty much down to just youtube and Netflix these days where I choose who I want to watch so I no longer have to reach for the remote every 5 mins cos that's how much of a miserable sod I am. And I only watch Netflix on Saturday evenings.
  6. East Lancs Lions played out of the Anchor Ground in Darwen for a while and I also used to watch Accrington from time to time. Not sure what the current state of play is around here these days though. Last time I watched Accy they were playing at Blackburn RU.
  7. Not a million miles away from the Heartlands but whilst living in Blackburn and saving up for a mortgage deposit (late 80's) we started stopping in on Saturday afternoons and that's when I started watching Rugby League. Blew me away. My first game in the flesh was Wigan v Saints at Old Trafford in a cup semi.
  8. New 'Tau Cross'. So looking forward to this album!
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