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  1. Great player. Always looked forward to seeing him play.
  2. I asked in a previous thread if Briers had anything lined up after Wire 'cos I thought he'd be a good addition. Looks to me like a decent coaching set up but I guess only time will tell.
  3. Yep right down the front as well and live on Sky. It was now't to do with me though... I was up in the balcony. There was plenty of Burnley and Rovers rivalry going on that evening in the very raucous crowd so that might have had something to do with it.
  4. Yeah it's Iggs "doing Crass tracks".
  5. We're going to that. One of the supports are well worth checking out if you are not already familiar with them - Headsticks.
  6. Took me a moment to work out what you were on about but then I spotted it
  7. Yeah there's a great scene at the moment with loads of new bands around. Last night was excellent.
  8. I'm off to my first gig tonight since before the lockdown. Gigs are the thing I've missed the most during the whole covid situation. Gonna be blowing away the cobwebs with a triple bill of UK Thash Metal bands at The York in Bolton. Can't wait!
  9. Very much looking forward to watching this one. There's every chance that this game will be a cracker.
  10. As Lee Briers got a coaching position lined up after this season?He knows a thing or two about attack.
  11. Hoping for a Wigan victory but simply can't see it the way they've been playing. Mind you Cas have also been trash for parts of the season so there's always a glimmer of hope. Just hope it's a good game with some good attacking rugby on show.
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