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  1. I don't know Brisbane that well, but it doesn't seem as disparate as say Sydney in terms of local regional identity A new team could do we based somewhere like Redcliffe (should be able to attract players to a beachside locality) but the majority of games should be at Suncorp (maybe 8 or 12). They could use the other games at smaller grounds further from the CBD like Redcliffe, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast to get a better relationship with fans that might get missed out by the Broncos Sticking full-time to a locality on the fringe of the city like Ipswich or Redcliffe would alienate potential fans from the other side of the city who would find it too hard to travel - especially when transport is geared to a CBD location like Suncorp
  2. We have the in laws visiting from the UK this year Christmas will mean one less day closer to them leaving My wife no longer feels bad that we don't see them very often
  3. Does English cricket live in constant fear that a wicketkeeper is going to get injured or do they just like mixing things up?
  4. For all the acclaim he got in the Ashes he didn't exactly blast a side out At this stage he is a good quick bowler - but hardly unplayable Will be interesting to see how he goes in South Africa where pitches should favour fast bowlers
  5. I am sure this was not the case in say the 90s and the England team still wasn't particularly good
  6. Of those players I think only Anderson and Wood are not available due to injury
  7. Who are the other 11 test players eligible for England who sat this one out?
  8. To be fair, it is usual for the major cricketing nations to play the minows in 2 match series before they play fellow major teams like NZ is doing in December
  9. The other problem was that this was not even an official Tongan team I hope the first change from this match is that the Tongan domestic organisation sort themselves out
  10. Yep - pretty much Australia's Jason Roy Picked as test opener because he opened in ODIs Didn't actually open the batting in domestic first class matches and surprisingly didn't do a great job as a test match opener Then we can get started on the 'all rounders' that Australia have tried out
  11. Seems similar to Australia up to a year or so ago - particularly batters Picking players on potential and what they did in ODI and T20 games. That had a one off success with David Warner (came into test cricket with barely a first class game) - but nearly everyone else has been a failure. If you can't score runs regularly in domestic first class cricket it isn't often that you suddenly start scoring them when you play test matches
  12. Looks like white people in Britain are more likely to move to Australia and Spain than another county or city in the UK
  13. He is probably the only point of difference in the side Both batting line ups have fragile players who are subject to collapses for not much. They all have players that can get runs - but are inconsistent The bowlers are both good - with the English side able to generally make better use of the conditions
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