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  1. 1 Steve Tickle 2 Bill Burgess 3 Phil Jackson 4 Ken Goodwin 5 Frank Castle 6 Willie Horne 7 David Cairns 8 Bill Longman 9 Andy Ellis 10 Ivor Kelland 11 Eddie Sysmula 12 Bill Grundy 13 Phil Hogan
  2. Big loss

    I think the club, as well as some players have to move on, we are going up a league, and we will have to strengthen to survive, I think some of the players leaving, have struggled for fitness in the lower division, and would really struggle in the higher division. I think we need to be patient, and wait until after the world cup, and let the BOD, and coach do there job, they have done a pretty good job, to date.
  3. 2018 Squad

    I think you might be right, I don't think the raiders will start throwing money about now, after carefully building their squad over the past few years, if haven can offer more, I think that tells another story,
  4. Promotion

    Promoted, and top of the Forum already.
  5. Toal brothers

    Looking forward to playing you at Craven Park, should be a cracker, best of luck to you all
  6. Toal brothers

    Totally agree, and rarely misses a tackle
  7. A Season Stat

    Thanks Michael, I tried but got no where, the last set for the leagues, gives us confidence for the coming year, even allowing for the Whitehaven game. alan athersmith
  8. A Season Stat

    Michael, it would be interesting to see what the average attendance was for the friendlies / championship 1 home games compared to the super 8's / play off games alan athersmith
  9. 2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    Always pleased when Andrew in squad, 100% every game, pistons for legs, and a fearless tackler, will miss him
  10. Andrew Dawson

    Never seen Andrew have bad game, always gives 100%, sad to see him go, but at least he's staying in the county, all the best for your future.
  11. Cresta.....and a pat on the back!

    Simply the best
  12. It's Newcastle

    Well worth the wait, 80 minutes of strength, speed, spirit, and sense. Great game, thought the first 40 was good, but second 40 even better, every player deserves credit. Well done.
  13. Semi & Final

    Thanks Ron, going to warrington on Saturday, after reading your post, used the same company, delighted with saving, if one rugby fan can't help another, it would be a poor show. alan athersmith

    A good stirrer has more than one spoon, if you want to buy another let me know.
  15. Toronto take2

    Any seats left on the bus? Come on Raiders .