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  1. alba


    I agree TMF, but I would say both centres deserved MOM, for effort going forward and in defence, I think today was the most obvious, that two leagues exist, and to me if it is not sorted it will, or maybe has already ruined the game. I just wonder what would happen if Sky pulled out. Having said that, all the Raiders squad deserved the applause at the end,,
  2. alba

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    £1 a pint before 2-0clock
  3. alba


    I agree financially would be great, A s for staying up, most people are quoting 17 points to be safe that means 4 points needed in 11 games, with at least 5 at home.
  4. alba

    Club Statement

  5. alba

    Club Statement

    It might be a good idea to keep updating the fundraising total, and keep the momentum going.
  6. alba

    Halifax game

    I think they did ok, when the new lads settle and one or two more return, I think we will get back the confidence
  7. alba

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    Yes but some people only pick the bits they want to quote,
  8. alba

    Next 5 Championship matches

    I hope so, my heart keeps saying the raiders are a different team at home.
  9. alba

    Next 5 Championship matches

  10. alba


    Do you mean a seriously low attendance at the world cup final if England get there?
  11. alba

    Todays Championship Matches

    Your right Michael, teams 7-12 all lost, Those teams are our league, and we need to try to finish top of our league before the eight's, We have had a terrible time with injuries, but through it all the squad, or what was left of it, have been immense, I watched Dan toal play in 3 different positions in one match, and tackled everything in sight, his brother Shane at Featherston, , and Toronto, ran himself into the ground, Gerard Stack takes high tackles every game, I could go right through the squad, they have all put their bodies on the line for this club, I think with some players back, and the spirit they have, next game against Halifax, like the Rochdale game is our next cup final, and I think all of us supporters need to get off our backsides, and get down to Craven park, and make the place shake,
  12. I can see the Toronto victory is being quoted between about 25 to 64, which could well be right, but the raiders are down to 15 fit players, and something exceptional has happened, amateur teams have rung up offering their best players, and another player i s coming out of retirement to play, that is community rugby at its best, and I'm to much of a gentleman, to say what you can do with DR.
  13. alba


    I think the full squad were all brilliant, Their defence was gret, no high balls dropped, nobody caught behind the line, I think one tackle by Dan Toal, was one of the best Ive seen, Dally's sixth tackle kicking was brilliant, well done all of you, great to watch, and a good crowd. Have no idea what next weeks team will be, the lads that come in today, proved the squad system is best.
  14. alba


    I agree Michael, we didn't get the luck, but we did not do ourselves any favours either, we are much better than that.
  15. alba


    I think its the worst performance I have seen all season, from all the squad, its no good blaming individuals, I don't know the shape didn't look right, the passing wasn't crisp, we fumbled and dropped the ball, at critical times, we gave away penalties at regular intervals, and yet in the last ten minutes, we scored two brilliant tries, should have had a third, which would have reduced the gap to four points, then we lapsed again, and allowed a final try for Sheffield. we now have two weeks to prepare for what I think will be one of the main matches this season,