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  1. Fantastic first half in defence, and attack, the two half backs combining well, moving the ball out to the backs at pace, second half, I think we got involved in silly retaliation, and got on the wrong side of ref, to be honest without the penalties I don't think haven would have threatened at all.
  2. Thanks roughyed 34, I was a bit concerned about Adam clay, hope he is ok, all the best for the season.
  3. Great game in the conditions, agree about the scrum half. From raiders point of view, everybody played their part, in defence and attack. Talking to Oldham supporter, he thought after 30 minutes championship side's class starting to show, after 70 minutes raiders looked like the championship side, Paul's main problem will be to select his final squad, I think Oldham have big problems, and I don't think DR will be the answer.
  4. All the best everybody, for Christmas, and a brilliant 2017.
  5. If not it will be socks again
  6. Maybe a Raiders v Whitehaven decider?.
  7. Nice to see you back
  8. I agree Morty
  9. Happy new year Rooster, you smell a plot coming on.
  10. I think the raiders would rather have support at the match, rather than on the forum.
  11. Thanks Dave, we will all miss you, I won,t list all the reasons, but you and your fellow directors have steared us into calmer waters, and given us belief in the future of the club, and along with the coaching staff, we can see the steady improvement, and more important, players are again wanting to play for us. all the best for the future, whatever you do.
  12. If true Whitehaven will have 8 home games, and 6 away games, not required to travel to Toronto, all they need for a triple jackpot is for the rfl to allow them to have mr hewer ref all their games, stranger things have happened.
  13. hope you get super super crowds as well
  14. Barrow have lost a centre, a goalkicking half back, and a second row forward, Liam Harrison, the three signings are to fill those positions, on similar terms.
  15. I think dave clark was a great player, and coach at barrow, and important thing he has in common with paul crarey, is that players enjoy playing for him, and that is important along with getting experienced players to look after youngsters, hope all goes well with him and Workington.