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  1. I know they lost to hull at home week after final, still had hangovers.
  2. Paul will need a full squad to cover three games.
  3. Come on Raiders
  4. I think the raiders do have careless spells in the middle of games, but when they turn it on, it's full on, well done lads, and well done York, great game.
  5. I don't think I mentioned any of the above, but maybe your right we should say nothing and let it happen, simples.
  6. I don't think name calling helps, but I think supporters, no matter what league, want competitive matches, and hope of progression, if a team is put in a league knowing they can spend what they want, and knowing they will win every match, what is there for the supporters of the rest , scraps?, the rest of the league are just going through the motions to help Toronto up the ladder.
  7. end of story, they can do what they want. we are only supporters, following a champ 1 side with close contacts with amateur, game, running academy system, no dr, no loans, but struggling against " operational rules", again I say what is the point.
  8. The RFL made a different decision for as you say 2 new teams.
  9. Are both decisions right?
  10. Well I have followed rugby league for 60 years, and have never seen anything like this, who wants to watch teams humiliated, to me teams should play at a level they can compete, and the supporters should not have to put up with such a silly experiment.
  11. A level playing field would be a start, which other champ 1 team could afford him, when scores above 100.0 occur what is the point.
  12. At the same time Toronto sign super league player, what a joke they are making of championship 1.
  13. When are the RFL going to stop allowing the rest of championship 1 teams being made a fool of?
  14. Some pleasant people up the road.
  15. No what we will do is take the decision, and use our squad system to cover it, that's what barrow raiders have always done.