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  1. alba

    Sunday v Swinton offer

    Great second half, and brilliant atmosphere in the ground, well done
  2. alba

    New league structure revealed

    I think at least the bottom team in the championship does get a second chance, as is the 3rd team in league 1.
  3. alba

    New league structure revealed

    I agree with most of this, but I still feel for the loyal travelling fans, who just won't be able to afford this, I suppose with more income streams , the fans seem to be left out of all these discussions.
  4. alba

    Some good news

    Just the news we needed, all we need know is for the raiders to return to their "A" game this Sunday.
  5. alba

    Season of the fake

    You do the maths, you might be right about defenders having a arm wrestle with the ball carrier, but this gives his team time to reform their defensive line.
  6. alba

    Season of the fake

    I think the most common piece of cheating, is losing the ball on the 5th tackle, if you look at it from both sides, the attacking team losing the ball, the worst that can happen is a scrum to the other team, the best that can happen is a penalty to you, and six more tackles, for the defending team stealing the ball, the best is a scrum, the worst is a penalty, and six more tackles or a shot at goal for the other team. I think the odds favour the player losing the ball.
  7. alba

    The next time we aren't going to bother.......

    I can't disagree, I've come away from defeats, some big ones, but today was the only one where I could not think of any good points. We hardly completed any sets, I think in the full 80 minutes I only remember one occasion when a forward took the ball at pace, and that was when Matty Holmes scored. It's as if we have 13 strangers playing together for the first time, we all know were better than this, I also think Batley played to our weakness out wide, and the first two tries showed that up.
  8. alba

    The Championship Situation.

    Well at least we have our first signing, a brilliant start.
  9. alba

    Sunday's Referee

    We will have to be on our best behaviour
  10. alba

    The Championship Situation.

  11. alba

    New league structure revealed

    Bradford with a little help from their friends, all right I exaggerated about British players, but I can forsee two separated leagues with different rules, but the super league teams could still raid the other league for young talent.
  12. alba

    New league structure revealed

    I'm sure your right, but the last time, we followed an Australian system, we had a virtual closed shop super league, which not only kept the money, but also made it near impossible to join the club. but teams already in the club promised to improve their grounds or build new stadia, some are still promising that 10 years after. The original pioneers who met in Huddersfield would have been shocked at what is happening, If we carry on going down this route, we could finish up with a super league with no british teams in it.
  13. alba

    New league structure revealed

    I agree, at the moment the only team to suffer from these changes will be the bottom team in the Championship, who will carry the can for the rest.
  14. alba

    Statement from our Chairman

    The pressure just starting to ease, well done everybody.
  15. alba

    The Championship Situation.

    As for the Raiders, They built a good foundation in the first quarter of the season, and although lots of injuries, they have won games at key points, that's what this years plan was , Paul Crarey warned us at the start there would be big defeats, but to keep our nerve, will be relieved when we are certain,, but never boring following the Raiders.