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  1. I think your right since Keighley away, the raiders have lost both their defensive strength, and crisp passing, The first half was bad, we should have scored on our first attack , two minutes later we gave away the first penalty, then allowed an offload on last tackle, and were 6-0 down, we continued the half giving away penalties. The second half was a disaster, not only giving away penalties, but for the first time this year our defence was poor, three missed tackles three tries, hopefully we will get this out of our system, the only ting I did not understand why we left out a centre with proven pace. On the day haven were the better team, because they made less mistakes, and tackled like demons, well done to them.
  2. brilliant
  3. I agree with that, but I also agree with Derwent you can get to a point where you just give up, when a brick wall and a head come together, the brick wall always wins.
  4. What championship 1 fans are not indifferent to is the stupidity of this league, barrow raiders will play Toronto twice away, but not once at home, if the league remains as it is now, during the season barrow will play 5 away against against top 4 opposition, and 1 home game, all clubs want is equal competition, there is no wonder the fans are becoming indifferent.
  5. Still says 2-0pm on barrow site.
  6. It's not just about fan numbers, it's also about an equal competition, for example, if St Helens during the super league season played Wigan away twice, and leeds away twice, and neither at home, do you think they would just accept it ?.
  7. Tonight I have witnessed another one sided game at Craven Park, along with most home games this season, I have stated on other threads about our fixtures, again I would like to state, if after next week the top four are 1/ Toronto, 2/ Whitehaven, 3/ Barrow, and 4/Doncaster, we will complete the season playing the other three in the top four, six times, five away, and one at home, this is not on, surely there must be something that can be done, I think everyone in the league knows the Raiders were handed heap of s"""t, with our fixtures, and it does not matter how good we have done, no team can cope with this, and the clubs future is tied up with this, and it must be sorted, every fan knows this but it just gets worse, sorry about the winge, but it is very serious.
  8. If as you say Michael, we finish 3rd, we will have played our two main rivals away, twice each, and neither of them at home all season, even playing field, what else can they foil us with. but as pete says, we should be good enough to finish second.
  9. Much better defence by raiders, forwards never took a backward step, the crusaders centre lucky to stay for 80 minutes. Looking forward to Whitehaven game.
  10. Got my tickets now, thanks to all concerned, great achievement, busy may/ june, keep up the good work.
  11. Can I book by phone as I will be away for a few days?
  12. As they say a game of two halves, loads of mistakes in the first half, none In the second, role on the final.
  13. I know they lost to hull at home week after final, still had hangovers.
  14. Paul will need a full squad to cover three games.