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  1. alba

    Ground share

    Who had the most postponements
  2. alba

    Team For Second Test

    It depends what you want from your fullback, the commentators raved about the New Zealand fullback, bringing the ball out of defence, saying he had the power of a second rower, well when Gildart went through, he was nutmegged like a second rower, he was also involved in the penalty try, so I think our fullback did ok.
  3. alba

    Barrow Afc

    three cracking games
  4. alba

    New Signings

    Well, he's brought this forum back to life, not a bad start.
  5. alba

    New Signings

    Just watched the u/tube match PNG v England world cup quarter final, Amean played fullback, stong and fast, great signing.
  6. alba

    Paul Rowley

    Not a bad first post, finding a second might be a problem.
  7. It is my understanding that the procedure, by which a 14 team championship, would be formed, was not part of the first meeting, and was only decided by the championship and league 1 teams. if they had thrown out the first proposal this second meeting would not have been required.
  8. I think your right, if the clubs who broke ranks, had stuck with the rest of the lower league teams, ,on the first vote, this farce would have been avoided.
  9. I think for many reasons, most teams will be glad this season is over, and we all hope for a more stable season next year, and we can come together again,as the rugby league family we are.
  10. That sounds like too much common sense, the way I look at it, is if you have a tank with 12 gallons in and you want 14, you add 2 gallons, not take 1 out then add 3.
  11. If all the non super league clubs had stuck together, this would not have happened
  12. Barrow had one of their biggest crowds in last home game against Swinton, about 1,300
  13. I think the early bird this year inflation proofs your season ticket for life