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  1. Barrow

    Nearly the same as try raiders scored in 8-8 draw, fullback made mistake, raiders player kicked ball over line, touch down and scored, with this one fullback made mistake raiders player kicks ball over line, but this time fullback takes him out, ref never even spoke to fullback
  2. Raiders v Toronto

  3. Raiders v Toronto

    Captain survival, Toronto played well, they are very fast, and scored two lovely tries, and pulled off a brilliant drop out, I think the difference of the two teams is the team spirit of barrow, who seamed to wear down the wolf pack forwards, and it was unusual to see Toronto slowing the game down
  4. Raiders v Toronto

    TMF you have got it wrong, It was a brilliant game, the raiders were magnificent, their defence gets better every game, the team spirit unbelievable, I agree this forum used to be great, and I love discussing the games, its just the stupid backstabbing, there are lots of people I disagree with and your right that's what forums are about, and if we could cut out the personal attacks it may be good again.
  5. Raiders v Toronto

    No the 3 posters would call the 1100, the usual suspects.
  6. Raiders v Toronto

    I think we have finished up with a worthless forum, where most of the remainders simply want to stir things up, I have better things to do, and places to put my point of view.
  7. fevnut's blog: Barrow v Fev

    Great game, well done raiders, with a bit more rub of the green, could have been very interesting, every player put in 100% effort for 80 minutes, with this kind of spirit, we should be fine.
  8. Mud

    I think Castleford would agree
  9. Halves?

    maybe brad could go to hooker, and the aussie lad to halfback
  10. Toronto

    what a silly KA KAY KAYAK MA,MA,MA,MAN
  11. Toronto

    The second word is old cumbrian word with silent T
  12. Today’s game with Leigh

    And a big thank you to the grounds man, pitch held up well, ask shane toal.
  13. Today’s game with Leigh

    There were two things I thought about Leigh, when they moved the ball out quickly to the three-quarters they had pace, but they got it in their heads they would eventually steamroller the barrow forwards, it never happened. As a full time professional team, they should know if your fighting the clock, you form scrums quickly to stop the clock, instead they just looked at each other and did not know what to do, even a good amateur team are taught that.
  14. Today’s game with Leigh

    Brilliant game, apart from scrappy period just before half time, Leigh never looked like scoring without assistance from ref, and linesmen, In the second half, barrows fitness was unbelievable, they played out their sets, and defence was top drawer, keep it up lads.
  15. I think I follow you, The lefties in England even make you drive on the left, whereas the nice French let you drive on the right.