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  1. Nipping these stories in the bud is appreciated by all supporters.
  2. alba


    thanks walneyite, great to have Luke back.
  3. alba


    Has the Raiders squad been named yet?
  4. alba


    They don't need to destroy anybody, but they do need to be proud of club, and play as a close unit, and find some way of using the pace we have in the backs
  5. Did you notice Michael the same Eagles forward claimed interference at the play the ball, which got him a penalty against Barrow, but he was penalised himself, by this ref, for play acting, and the penalty was given where the offence occurred.
  6. alba

    19 fit men

    Ask your bar staff in the bulldogs bar, how many barrow fans they thougt packed in there, I counted 6 Batley fans.
  7. As long as they've got numbers on their backs, what ever turns you on.
  8. Keep up the good work
  9. alba

    Kids go free

    It helped to sell out a boxing night, I love the forum, but can also see the value of using every type of publicity,
  10. alba

    Steve Neale NWEM

    I think we all support the same team, and we need money from wherever we can get it.
  11. alba

    Ground share

    Who had the most postponements
  12. It depends what you want from your fullback, the commentators raved about the New Zealand fullback, bringing the ball out of defence, saying he had the power of a second rower, well when Gildart went through, he was nutmegged like a second rower, he was also involved in the penalty try, so I think our fullback did ok.
  13. alba

    Barrow Afc

    three cracking games
  14. alba

    New Signings

    Well, he's brought this forum back to life, not a bad start.
  15. alba

    New Signings

    Just watched the u/tube match PNG v England world cup quarter final, Amean played fullback, stong and fast, great signing.
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