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  1. Those nice tories

    nasty vindictive yobs with nowt better to do,i,d have shot them ,as they serve no purpose
  2. Those nice tories

    McDonnell and his fat union bully boys would be holed up somewhere in a 5 star hotel giving orders out,,,
  3. Blackpool

    well to quote a lot of my working class friends,,unlike blackpool ,,,socialists created the ###### that was once called london
  4. Those nice tories

    aided and abetted by nasty McDonnell,,,,maybe he wanted mogg lynched,,,nasty socialist bully getting other people to do his nasty work,,,i,ll now leave the question time audience,,,,ta ra
  5. Blackpool

    yes either the Viking or the claremontwhere you wouldnt get socialist perverts like brand and ross ring the like of Andrew sachs up telling him brand had shagged his granddaughter,,i,d have battered him to pulp if he,s said it to me,nice tories,,,nasty socialists,,,Viking Claremont good old fashioned comedtans ,give them a go.,,thats it I,ll leave the question time room,,,goodbye
  6. Blackpool

    blackpool is not good enough for the millionaire socialists labour gangsters and their big fat union bully boys,as for your comments if anyone disagrees with you then you haven been on here long,your told which papers to read and the rest of the pro labourmessage,,,first time I came on here it was ike watching question time, as for people getting above their station I thought we were all the same. anyhow off to book my next all inclusive with real people ,,,tara
  7. Blackpool

    blackpools not good enough for middle class socialist snobs,,and me and the mrs in our seventies enjoy the all inclusives with proper working class people at the Claremont and the Viking with proper funny comedians not like the filth that passes as adult humour on the bbc,,,,,oh and McDonnell is the biggest bully in the uk. tara
  8. "No" Mr Renzi

    you mean the baying frenzy when Maggie died? all you leftys come over holier than thou,,the murder of jo cox was awful,,but let me cast you back to the tory conference when labours allies the ira murdered innocent people at the tory conference now my memories of that day were labour activists cheering at this so I,d like you leftys on here to be open and honest,how many of you lot cheered?
  9. 10 dead at French Satirical Mag

    oh,,,,and to all you lefty luvvies,,,,i,d rather be a scab than a bully boy,,,i bet you all had practice on the playgrounds,,,nowt but socialist #######
  10. 10 dead at French Satirical Mag

    ok,,a load of lefty bully boys then,,,,,i think that about sums up the majority on here, ta ta
  11. 10 dead at French Satirical Mag

    nowt but a load of uni lefty smart *****
  12. 10 dead at French Satirical Mag

    edl was set up when the cowardly labour party stood by and watched dead british soldiers being abused my labours muslim cronies on our own streets,,,,fithy cowards,,,,and thats why the edl were formed,,,its interesting you never mention the clerics who preach hatred on our streets,,,i suppose its to be expected from a question time audience. ta ta
  13. 10 dead at French Satirical Mag

    well weary rhino,you you apply for a translater like your asylum friends if thats how you feel,,,,whats matter is someone takingyour ground? theres nothing like being personal esp when it comes from lefties like your self,,i suppose i could claim it racist with remarks like that coming from you,but as most people in this country know,racism is one way. ta ta
  14. Lovies

    guardian,,,,,taliban mouthpiece
  15. 10 dead at French Satirical Mag

    biggest anti white,anti racists,,,take a look in labour own backyard ,with the like of a nasty woman like abbott.and choudrey should be jailed for incitement,but the lib,lab,cons are scared of him. nowt but cowards.