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  1. How are we all doing with the new registration system?
  2. Challenge cup 2018

    I thought Queens had disbanded. Obviously not - but what did they win to enable them to be included in the RLCC?
  3. Blackbrook 2017

    subject to acceptance from the remaining member clubs
  4. New Teams 2018

    'an amount of money given towards the cost of buses' isn't quite the same as 'free travel'. The amount of travel funding that was given to NCL clubs was based on the mileage that each club had to cover to fulfil their travel obligations for the division they were in. Consequently, many clubs received a far smaller amount than others - quite rightly, as clubs in Cumbria for example travelled far more miles than some other clubs. The travel grant was apportioned fairly, when each club was given a specific amount 'per mile' and it would be fair to say that the grant each club received didn't actually cover the cost of two buses. Hardly 'free travel'.
  5. New Teams 2018

    I can't honestly remember the other incentives, and sadly we were never offered 'free travel' (if only!).
  6. New Teams 2018

    Well, there is a Clubs meeting next week and, I imagine, all will be revealed. So us member clubs won't have to wait long. ( It amuses me that the ones who are in the "know" aren't even part of the NCL. So much to say, and nothing to do) If Leigh East avoid the drop to Division Three it will because of the re-structuring of the divisions because Clubs have dropped out. Leigh East have no control of that, it will be decided no doubt by the NCL Committee. Leigh East didn't complain too much when they were double relegated a couple of years ago - so if they get to stay up, well good on 'em!
  7. What is the future ?

    The NCL is an amateur league which is not run by the RFL, but by volunteers and most certainly not c***s. You should perhaps get up off your ###### and volunteer to go on the NCL committee seeing that you imagine you are the bees knees and know it all. Keep your eyes and ears open for when the AGM is - get yourself nominated and seconded. And while we're waiting for the AGM to come along, put some sensible suggestions together on how our game can be saved.
  8. Summer/Winter debate

    Ten NCL Clubs?? Don't think so Taxi....... There must be more than ten !!