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    New NCL Teams

    What have they got in the way of youth & junior teams though?

    New NCL Teams

    I'm sure some of the division 3 clubs wouldn't be happy with being regionalised as you suggest! Are you assuming that clubs in the third division are also struggling financially?
  3. Can anybody recommend a good insurance company that offers sensible cover for players. Ideally, I'm looking for all cover, i.e. off work through injury, hospitalisation etc, etc, and not just broken bones? Many thanks


    According to the Discipline Sheet, Egremont didn't attend for a personal hearing. Why didn't they offer the video of the game to the discipline group so that the Mayfield players' alleged misconduct could be looked at? That surely would have helped them?

    Time for a rethink ?

    If Stewart Prior voted yes, I guess it was a unanimous vote 😁😉
  6. Very sad to hear that Stanley Rangers have pulled out of the NCL. I hope they can re-group over the next few seasons and get back to being one of the great clubs again. The open age game is teetering on the brink just now - with the exception of a few clubs who are doing well. There's something broken and I don't honestly know how, and if, it can be repaired. Clubs travelling away with 11 and 12 players, 6 or 7 people at training sessions, clubs struggling financially. Summer rugby for open age hasn't been successful. Fewer spectators, more expensive coach travel, lower bar takings. How is it all going to end? ☚ī¸

    Blackbrook ARLFC

    Very, very sad indeed. They're a great club with excellent facilities that committee stalwarts have worked for years to achieve. Other clubs are in a similar situation though, and it's only pride and determination that makes them carry on. Some players don't want to commit to the game - if they want a game, they'll turn up and if they don't fancy a game, they won't. Sadly, I don't think Blackbrook will be the only one to drop out of the NCL (fantastic though that league is!) this coming season.
  8. Blimey! You've only been in the NCL two minutes and you're talking like you know it all. I'll send a PM to the NCL and suggest they run everything past you before commenting on here. A little less of the condescending attitude wouldn't go amiss.

    New season - it's finally here!

    They now have Anthony Murray as coach - and he's a great motivator! Muz knows how to get the best out of players, and I suspect he'll do a good job there.

    Challenge cup 2018

    One club offered us 17 'tokens' for food - which only covered the players. Made a complaint that clubs are supposed to have 25 tickets so that the coaches and other officials have refreshments too. The woman replied "if you think we're feeding the waterboys, you can forget it!". Another club asked me to show them where it said in the league rules that clubs have to give 25 refreshments to the visiting club. Generally though, there's usually lots to go around :-)

    Conference TV Coverage

    Well done to the NCL management - especially Trevor Hunt, who has worked tirelessly to bring some great sponsorship and value to the NCL competition!
  12. How are we all doing with the new registration system?

    Challenge cup 2018

    I thought Queens had disbanded. Obviously not - but what did they win to enable them to be included in the RLCC?

    Blackbrook 2017

    subject to acceptance from the remaining member clubs