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  1. I've always found the Paul Hayward story pretty fascinating and tragic in equal measure. He features heavily in the biography of drugs mule Warren Fellows, who served time with him in Thailand.
  2. Rebranding

    Personally I love the 'Gallant Youths' moniker and feel that, with a bit of thought, it could easily have been as marketable as 'Bulldogs'. I don't see any going back now, though. The nickname has become pretty synonymous with the club.
  3. Rebranding

    That's a feasible option, isn't it.....
  4. Today's match, boxing day.

    Nice words, Kevin. Dave improved the club website immeasurably over the last few years, and the fact that he did it all on a voluntary basis was very impressive. He will be missed by many.
  5. You're entitled to your opinion, of course. In my opinion, Graham doesn't come anywhere close to matching Kevin Ward. In his prime, Ward was simply a joy to watch - a brute who could burst the line at will and had the best offload in the game. I like James Graham, but he's predominantly a metre maker who occasionally plays a link role.The changes in the game do need to be acknowledged when comparing players, though.
  6. Cheap season tickets for 'Batley Boys supporters'

    A simple offer of a discounted family season ticket - available to all (regardless of whether or not children are affiliated to a junior club), would have been the most inclusive concept here.
  7. Cheap season tickets for 'Batley Boys supporters'

    Hi Kev, does the offer extend to current Batley supporters whose children play at Batley Boys - or just parents who haven't previously supported the club?
  8. Dane Manning

    It's of most concern to me that Bradford have entered administration despite charging fans through the nose for admission over the last two years and splashing out on a number of very costly players for 2017 in recent months. It smacks of either arrogance or rank stupidity and ineptitude (or a combination of both).
  9. bulldogs best fullback

    Shocked to see that Aussie sensation, Bob Grant, hasn't warranted a nomination here.
  10. bulldogs best fullback

    No-one to even touch Lingard in my opinion. His level of try-scoring consistency was incredible in what was an underachieving team. I actually thought his defensive attributes were pretty decent, too.
  11. Sheffield sell-off

    Tubbs isn't daft enough to let his lad go without an assurance that he'll be going anywhere other than Sheffield Eagles on loan next season.
  12. Todays Batley News

    When our club starts doing its upmost to promote itself to the town (off the field), I'll start to get upset at other clubs trying to muscle in on our territory. I want nothing more than to see Batley grow and become self-sustaining through good crowds. However, the reality is that we do very little to attract new fans through publicity and marketing. When the 2016 season ended, I hoped to see the club keep the momentum going and capitalise on the great success we had. I'm very happy with the new signings, but squad additions and glorious memories of playing at Headingley won't increase crowds/help make us self-sustainable.
  13. Batley briefly fielded an American wingman by the name of Shelton Davis during the early 00's. I believe he had previously played American Football.
  14. mcalpine 4 nations fixture.

    That might well explain his absence, but wasn't it last year when he was out injured around the time of the international series?
  15. mcalpine 4 nations fixture.

    I realise the game has changed in the last two decades, becoming more structured and percentage based. However, Saturday's Test emphasised the importance of still having that pinch of maverick brilliance which can open up a watertight defence and win a game. Unfortunately, there's a total lack of that in the Super League and England's dull attacking options were laid bare. When a bruising prop/loose-forward is considered our biggest offensive threat, it shouldn't be a surprise that the atmosphere was as flat as the proverbial fart. We really need to look at the way in which we coach our youngsters in this country. I'm positive that the talent is there, but when the unspectacular/mediocre likes of Gale and Widdop are considered our best choices at 6 and 7, our chances at Test level will always be limited. Sam Tomkins was the last young half-back who really excited me with his flair. Unfortunately (and frustratingly), he ended up being shoehorned into a different position altogether. I also struggled to understand on Saturday why the one-dimensional and classless Sarginson was given a game ahead of Mark Percival - a centre who actually has pace and the ability to beat his opposite number. Similarly, when an absolute plodder like Mike Cooper is selected over an explosive runner like Alex Walmsley (possibly a slightly biased example, ahem), I really despair.