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  1. "All the players will stay full timers" and no doubt a shed load of antipodeans on their way some time soon. Against the £150k from the RFL, a significant shortfall for the newco owners to supplement. Deja-vu all over again? The attendance/media attention for their first match at Hull KR and then at 'home' v Hornets could be interesting.
  2. Great to be on the way again and it appears that we made an encouraging start, despite the 18-44 loss v our super league neighbours? 18-24 at one point after ht, no doubt full-time player fitness a factor in the end. Trust we came away without injuries and ready for El Classico, with Oldham scraping a last-minute draw at Barrow. Look forward to reading/hearing the details and how the new combinations fared. 850 appox. attendance.
  3. Bradford Bulls Capital Limited has been registered (5/Jan) with Companies House by David Thorne, a New Zealand-born businessman with previous links to rugby union in the UK. It is understood Mr Thorne led the final bid to buy the Bulls, which was eventually withdrawn before the club went into liquidation. Mr Thorne saving rugby union club Wasps from bankruptcy in 2012 alongside businessman Derek Richardson, and was previously a director of Premiership Rugby. Mr Thorne on joining Wasps: Perhaps they will dual reg with Wasps in Coventry!
  4. The RFL is seeking expressions of interest to set up a new professional rugby league club in Bradford, by 9 January. (I guess they know now who is coming forward!) Some of the criteria/conditions: whether it is indented that the playing squad will be full or part-time? personal guarantees to support their assurances that the club will complete its fixtures in 2017, 2018 and 2019 proposals relating to an Academy (NB subject to matching the same, all Category 1 Academies get £100k funding from the RFL) proposals relating to the ‘RL debts’ (circa £50k) being the parties subject to the Operational Rules (largely based in the Bradford area) that were owed money by Bradford Bulls Additionally, it is believed that the RFL has applied special dispensation with the salary cap rules, to any club signing a "Bulls" player and has relaxed rules on overseas players.
  5. The reinstatement of Haven, with two of our best, has been muted but presumably they will have geared themselves to C1 status and promotion - and up against full-time Toronto. We showed it can be done! Hornets would have factored in good gates v Bradford, but playing the "newbie" version (-12pts) gives us some potential help in staying in the Championship. Personally, I feel confident we will stay up whatever the scenario. This sorry saga does not do RL any favours - and a hopefully a new, modern, forward thinking set up at the RFL will emerge in due course - sooner rather than later. Breath not held!
  6. Salford visit soon - hopefully the weather will be kind, a good crowd and a rousing welcome to our Champions and the new squad. Good to see that Mayfield have been rewarded (for their Conference Cup Final victory) with a home time v Barrow in the League 1 cup. This the weekend of 18/19 Feb. - the former hopefully to avoid our HKR game. Best wishes to all and good eating and drinking! We can carry on as we finished the 2016 season and finish next season on a very high note. Bring it on.
  7. Bradford in administration (again) and their membership of the RFL terminated until there is a resolution, raises some interesting outcomes. The proposed new national RL museum planned 2020 for Bradford, could be put on hold! It appears that a 6 or12 points deduction or relegation are on the cards. Whitehaven being reinstated to the Championship would result in three of our 2016 squad in opposition. The prospect of Toronto's parachute landing early could be a possibility, despite being an unproven entity. If so, it may be marginally warmer for a February fixture at Spotland! Hopefully, the outcome will not drag out too long - Chairman Marc Green: “I will be working closely with the Administrators over the coming weeks and it is my intention to regain this club from them within the shortest practicable time frame.” Administrator: “I appreciate the club has been in this position twice before in recent years and in my own view ensuring it does not occur again will be paramount.” We shall see.
  8. A fantastic opportunity for Hornets. Being televised on Sky is great for exiles such as myself and for Hornets to maximise exposure to a wider audience. Hopefully, we shall hit the ground running (in the right direction!) and the new squad will be well integrated for what will be surely a terrific "encounter" . No doubt festivities will continue well into the summer night at nearby South Shore attractions. One of many tough encounters to look forward to in 2017 when our fixtures come out on Sunday night (?).
  9. A good mix of power/pace/skill Tiger from an exciting squad - hopefully the new and "old" signings will gel and develop rapport quickly for the big tests ahead. Some testing 'friendlies' for starters. No easy league games next season - a good home record will be crucial, also the fixtures when we have to travel during Spotland's pitch renovation. Perhaps, as newly promoted Champions , our enforced away days could start with a fixture at the televised May Bank Holiday " Blackpool Bash"? A very exciting season ahead - but a long autumn/winter!
  10. The squad for next season is shaping up well and at pace, with some renewal of contracts from this season's heroes and new additions. For certain, we shall need to add extra levels of commitment, skill, pace and "beef' to meet the Championship challenges. We survived in there 3 seasons ago only to be denied a place by RFL restructuring. Since then the Championship has become much stronger. So have we - and buoyed by promotion as Champions I am sure that Killer and co will be aiming for more than just survival. The season ahead is long, especially so for for part-time players and strength in depth will be essential especially in the forwards. Anyone have a list of the squad to date with expected playing positions and which can be updated regularly? The fixtures for 2017 cannot be far away...should be interesting.
  11. Hopefully this unseasonal weather continues and the Snowman will go the natural way. Hornets are the Champions.
  12. A great effort Barrow, your 2 sin-bins and injuries near half time the difference it seems. You were an in-form team but the toll on part-time players is particularly hard at the end of season. Sorry you cannot join Hornets in the Championship and good luck next season, especially those games against your nearest rivals.
  13. Well done Barrow - 46-6 is a superb result and should set you up very nicely to take on Toulouse. Good luck there, do not let them intimidate you, play your own game and hopefully we shall see you with Hornets in the Championship.
  14. The intensity level will be huge next season against ex Super League and well seasoned Championship sides. I read that Oldham"s forwards took a battering through the season and that having a larger squad and good forward cover was one factor in their survival (well done, by the way). Looking forward to squad/club announcements and to what will be another great challenge next season.
  15. Of the 5 Toulouse players before the disciplinary, only Hulme got 1 game ban; Aders is eligible for 1 or 2 but decision seems to be pending. Bentley's "tackle" on Jono = no action; Jono gets 2 game ban! From Sébastien Planas, the Toulouse captain, who now wishes "to show that we (TO) are the true Champions"- "You knew Rochdale would use trickery to rot your life." "The attitude of Rochdale players goes against the spirit of sport based on speed" "What we saw Saturday is far from the British fair play. I'd go up in the Championship for pleasure evolve to the next level but also to regain Rochdale and make them pay for it." Hornets are promoted as Champions.