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  1. A 24-16 loss, but apparently no shortage of effort and desire, which we certainly need to build on with the tough upcoming schedule. Given that again we were on the wrong side of a 16-9 penalty count/sin-binning, with some dubious calls from the ref, it's to our credit that we kept the match close against such full-time opposition. Unfortunately, we drop to 9th and we need some winning points. Our respectable (of the bottom 7) points difference emphasises the need for strong defence to continue given the opposition coming our way. This and those 4 points dropped at Batley/Swinton may decide our league status! Still, a performance today to take to our only home game v Fev. until 18 June, after which it's Bradford. Some match that could be! Over 7000 at HKR today - no doubt our faithful smallish contingent were large vocally?
  2. It's great to hear/see (Hornets' official site) our Chairman's enthusiasm for our club and prospects for the remaining half of the season. In particular, some detail on our disciplinary issues and, until recently, always on the wrong side of the penalty count. The RFL has said that Jordan Hand's sin-binning and subsequent penalty was wrong, similarly that of Hadden against Batley, which resulted in our defeat. Six sin-binnings away from home have also proved by the RFL to be wrong decisions. Tiara, sin-binned several times apparently by the same ref., all decisions subsequently found not guilty. Tiara must be somewhat frustrated, but of course it doesn't excuse the recent red card. I understand that we have give away some stupid penalties and dissent is non-productive to say the least. Let's hope that we can build on our early season form and play smart, hard but fair rugby. It's going to be a stern test of character, body and player resources with 5 out of the next 6 away (inc. at Blackpool Bash) and 4 of the favourites for the top four! Good luck and some points.
  3. The alleged offences ( I wasn't there ) by Mark R. are the sort of problems we shall face until our lack of discipline is addressed properly. I hope that incidents, on both sides, are fully investigated and those affected by injury are ok. It's a hard, full contact game and handbags are expected from time to time, but ours is a problem that is worsening - it has to go away, as do those who think it will help our cause. We certainly seem to be missing Crook's kicking and I am surprised that Palfrey has not yet set our attack alight. Panic no - but we have missed at least 2 winning opportunities that would have set us up well for the end game. Having made it to this level in the best possible way, it would be tragic for it to have started well, but end with discipline our downfall. What happens next is for others to decide, but time is running out and we cannot rule out the affect it has on the club.
  4. A 23-22 loss. A tetchy match apparently, some serious injuries, one to Swinton player which delayed play for some time. And with 23 penalties (only 10 against us!). Oh, and apparently we have a spear tackle put on report. 2 tries scored against us after we were ahead 12-10 when a yellow card was issued to Jordan Hand. Then a Taira red card in last 15 minutes! To our credit we then pulled it level. Their field goal with minutes to go the decider. We scored 4 tries to their 3 as well! So a disastrous Easter programme - as we head nearer the drop zone candidates - 4 points thrown away and a home capitulation by lack of discipline. It's galling enough to see this happening regularly on Twitter feeds, so you local diehards must be incensed to say the least. A week 'rest' now - - but no rest for the main 'concern' our continuous stupid lack of discipline. It's killing the team and will affect the club, its support and the season will be over early. Only HKr, Fev and Halifax next in the remaining 12 league games, so defence will play a part too! All the best efforts of the club deserve better.
  5. 18-42 - the only consolation is that we conceded fewer penalties (9-13) than Sheffield. Defence wins matches, but shipping 30 in a first half doesn't, unless you are Batley with the slope, etc! Hardly a first half performance "to repay the fans"! Apparently, we missed at least 3 chances on the opposition line, by careless play. We have now shipped 188 points in 5 league games. Seems that we are finding it difficult to match the pace in the Championship now the dry grounds are here. Also, I wonder if DReg, (4 in side for each of last 2 games, not all the same) is upsetting our play? Whatever the reasons, some radical surgery or treatment is required and I hope that we can find a hoarde of plasters in time for Monday. With Oldham winning, Swinton will be anxious to get their season started, but hopefully not at our expense, and others in the bottom places are starting to win. It would be great if we could too- sooner rather than too later.
  6. After Killer's post match discussion with the Referees' Adjudicator, apparently the latter both agreed and disagreed with some of the points raised. In particular, the Adjudicator said that the second yellow card issued against Hadden was harsh and should not have happened. We all know how that affected the last 10 minutes or so! The ref also sin-binned the wrong person for the first "offence"! Says it all. Time to move on and hope that we take our best game into the Easter programme and for a fair rub of the green.
  7. I didn't and apparently he wasn't, but the sheer number of penalties against us clearly influenced the result. Were Batley really 3 times better disciplined than we were? Certainly we have an escalating discipline problem - either by deed or adjudged by reputation - which is costing us dearly. It has to be addressed by all parties involved before it does real damage to the club. Reports indicate that we played some great rugby Sunday, which hopefully can be replicated, with firm defence, over the Easter period. A heartbreaking defeat, but Onwards Hornets.
  8. Cannot believe we surrendered a 36-12 lead in the second half to lose at the death 38-36! It was hard enough following it from afar - the travelling faithful, team and coach must be shell shocked, to say the least. Congrats to Batley for their fight back, but after our great start, yet again we did not do ourselves any favours by conceding 18, yes eighteen penalties to their 7 - and 2 yellow cards (to their 1), the last yellow having helped to give Batley extra momentum in the final 10 minutes. Apparently, there could have been some doubt about the winning try, but I guess no doubt about the popularity of the ref, especially from Hornets perspective. It should have been celebrations for a fine Hornets win, but not to lose in this way after that start! Need to sort that discipline now and take refs out of the equation, or we are going to suffer again.
  9. I wasn't there, but I believe Palfrey may have been concussed at some early stage, as Killer has said he had failed subsequent concussion test and he would miss the next game, along with Riley (hamstring). Having watched the link below to Toulouse's "resume" it's evident that most of our team were hamstringed - we were certainly not at the race in the first half. Toulouse were slick, fast and creative and have stepped up a gear or three since we last met. However, we seemed disinterested, allowed them freedom of the park with half-hearted tackling and some dreadful positioning in defence. The latter had been much better of late, but you are correct Baron, our right side was woeful and from what little I have seen, has been on a few more occasions. Teams are starting to gel and it's a much different ball game with the firmer surfaces. Certainly, we need to up a few gears around our total game. We are not too far away, but this bad run at least emphasises our deficiences at this level. The next 3 games against part-timers will provide some parity, but all have the experience and personnel to cause damage. Some points from these are essential to build on the base from our first 8 games and put some daylight from the drop area. Unfortunately, we have a few injuries and it will be interesting how Killer addresses the gaps, as well as the getting the fire back in our belly.
  10. Well - I dreaded us giving Toulouse a good start, but not a 36 point one by half-time and then not even scoring! Fortunately, we achieved almost parity 2nd half to lose 52-14. It seems that Ford was allowed to run the show. Hope that it was not too painful for the Hornets faithful after the early season promise. Toulouse are a very good full-time side and will cause many teams damage - yet, apparently we didn't help ourselves - again - missed conversions, 8 penalties against and another sin-binning. If we are to survive at this level, we need a big health check as the fixtures will not get any easier. How did the DR player fare? Must say I am little puzzled at letting a contracted forward go out on loan to NWCrusaders, then bring in another forward on DR!
  11. Our magnificent win in Toulouse which gave us this Championship berth is to be celebrated ( and no doubt a cup with ribbons may be visible!). Hopefully, we will play what's in front of us and not the 'occasion' as can easily happen. Certainly, we must not give Toulouse as good a start as we have done in previous encounters and as Fev. found to their cost last week. We have made good start to this Championship against some of the favourites and with fewer errors, better discipline ( & balanced refereeing) and finishing we could be higher. With 2 out of the next 3 games at home it is an opportunity return to winning ways and cement a top 8 position as we approach the half-way league stage. Unfortunately, we have 4 games up to 17 April, so part-time status plus injury levels will be a factor. A Champions performance tomorrow for starters.
  12. Having listened to Killer and seen the video highlights I can sympathise with the coach's frustration. The officials' sudden onset of blind eyes to the two very clear successive high shots on Yates and Middlehurst were a disgrace. Play was stopped & the latter player needed treatment, so presumably it will be on report? Certainly, we defended and competed well until the last period after Tiara's yellow. I think we can continue to be competitive to a good league place, provided we get a fairer rub of the green! Better execution and finishing of our sets would help too. Apparently, Toulouse played very well yesterday, they started strongly with Ford the usual architect of some delightful rugby on the drier surface. They had a few discipline problems too, which allowed Fev to rally. Only a top all round performance will claim a second Toulouse scalp.
  13. ...from leading 8-6 at half-time to a 8-28 loss to the Broncos. Sadly, discipline seems to have let us down again with a 13-6 penalty count against, 8 of those in the 2nd half - and 1 yellow card in each half! Having to play away at a full-time side with a full quota is hard enough! Tweets indicate that London got away with not a few high shots, but we need to get a lot smarter than we seem to be currently. A cutting edge seems missing. Whatever is ailing us, aside from discipline, needs to be addressed now and certainly for our home game with Toulouse - with a their 34-26 win at Fev. they will be flying high. Hopefully, we can again ##### their balloon! Consolation. We remain 6th as those around us failed too. Thought. York lost at home to NW Crusaders,with Lee, Cookson, Dandy, Bloomfield (with Francis to add)!
  14. ...a blessing that we lost 26-20 today? The latter if it allows us to concentrate on our Championship status, provided we address (quickly) the on field errors and penalties which, sadly, seem to be escalating. These and some tries disallowed and missed kicks allowed York to build a lead. At least we fought back the deficit to draw level, but lost through, yes, another error. Not surprisingly, York were up for this game, apparently deserved winners - good luck in the cup and league. Anyone pin down our problems, or is it just a blip? We seem to be drifting away from our great start, when we are told that we should get better. Certainly, we shall need to for our next two games, for starters. I believe we can can reciprocate, but we cannot let things drift way before this becomes a much bigger hill to climb.
  15. The "highlights" video producers decided, naturally, to omit some of the reported lesser highlights - hard to take, even via solely a twitter feed! Perhaps one problem is that many players are still adapting to the weekly intensity at this level, especially as part-timers. We have played 2 full-time teams, and 2 of the probable top 4 seasoned favourites, winning 2 & close with 2. Tackling (literally) this lot alone in some very poor conditions, possibly took it's toll come last Sunday. Tonight's braining and training session should hopefully clear the air with the focus switched firmly to what lies ahead. We have had a great start to a second life in the Championship, better than anyone could have envisaged in 5th place. More of the "smarter" play that Killer emphasises is missing and we could have been higher. Still, with 7 points in the bag we could be only 7 wins from safety after the full 30 matches including the Shield! Our next two league games are against full-time teams, one of which has a little 'French history' from 2016 - points gained here could really set us on to a top 8 place. Before then, a not small matter of York. Need to keep a positive momentum. Carry on the good work.