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  1. glemiln

    Short list

    And some candidates have a Warrington connection! Hopefully, all candidates will be considered on what they will (hopefully) bring to Rochdale Hornets and from the base we will be operating in 2019. League - budget/sponsorship, profile, marketing, etc. After this season’s unfortunate financial problems, improving the coffers will be a crucial consideration. Perhaps a final appointment will be delayed until after the play-off game, should we be in it? Or, the new man in place to assist our survival? Perhaps, but despite Mayfield’s poor season, they did survive the drop and he knows the locality and the important Fiji link (if they stay). From what little I know, we appear to have very good set of candidates. May the best man win and take us forward/upward. Let’s engineer a much needed win on Sunday.
  2. glemiln


    On the main forum, is a posting "confirming that Ralph Rimmer sent (on Thursday night), a very persuasive email to all clubs". The person stating this says he was a recipient and "strongly suspects that it was the content of that email that persuaded some clubs to change their stance at the 11th hour."  Knowing rugby league all will be leaked in due course! For now, let's hope today we can somehow obtain a much needed win and take the battle to the final weeks.
  3. glemiln

    Dual Reg

    I wonder if any Wire drs will be sought for the remaining league games and especially the play-off game (Grand Final weekend) when we may be short of players owing to prior commitments or departures?
  4. glemiln

    Club statement

    From the RFL, but even this raise issues, not least player contracts/availability beyond the originally expected end-of-season! To get to a 14 team Betfred Championship at the end of this current season two teams from Betfred League 1 will be promoted. As has always been planned this season, the team finishing top of League 1 will be automatically promoted. Teams 2 to 5 will then play semi-finals with the winners of the Promotional Final being promoted. The final place in the Betfred Championship for 2019 will be decided by a Play-off Final between the team that finishes bottom of the Championship Shield and the loser of the Promotional Final.
  5. glemiln

    Only bottom club relegated

    Just a thought - will players of the bottom club in 3 weeks time have to have their contracts renewed for the "decider" (perhaps 2 weeks later), especially any that have decided now to leave for pastures new next season? If so, who pays given this late decision?
  6. glemiln

    Only bottom club relegated

    Reported that "Lifeline being thrown for Rochdale in the Championship/League 1 re-structuring. They'll get the chance to play the losers of the League 1 play-off final to remain in the 14-team second tier" - perhaps v Oldham? Of course, if as likely, we finish bottom. The next 3 games have at least more meaning.
  7. glemiln

    Killer to Leave.

    Rob Massam has signed for NW Crusaders - seems our new coach (when it happens) will start with a clean sheet. Much depends on tonight's outcome of the format for next season.
  8. glemiln

    Only bottom club relegated

    Latest: Apparently the Championship and League 1 clubs are currently meeting to decide how many clubs in their leagues for next season. No agreement yet, and the decision will be made by the RFL board, rather than the clubs, hopefully today!
  9. glemiln

    Only bottom club relegated

    Gareth Walker reporting SL proposals passed. They go through with no changes with a vote of about 66 -70 per cent in favour. NCL apparently voted with SL So I think at least two or three "lower" league clubs will have voted with them too! Three years to next tv deal, but what next I wonder? Well, for starters, I guess only one club Championship club relegated this season! Latest: Apparently the Championship and League 1 clubs are currently meeting to decide how many clubs in their leagues for next season.
  10. glemiln

    Dual Reg

    Championship/League 1 Chairmen at the press conference yesterday said their group’s clubs would be pressing for an open vote at today’s crucial meeting. This on the basis that Clubs’ decisions should be transparent to their fans, whatever their preferences. Given that we can be almost certain that at least 11 SL clubs will be voting yes to their own proposals, it’s the remaining league and community votes that will count. The RFL are planning a closed ballot! A significant day indeed in rugby league’s history. What follows will be interesting, no doubt turbulent, but hopefully something emerges that brings the game together.
  11. glemiln

    Only bottom club relegated

    Tomorrow is of course crunch day, to put it mildly, on the RFL "proposal" to restructure RL, hopefully with a solution for the benefit of the whole game to move forward! Linked with this is how RFL(SLE) see future money emanating from a future new tv deal with Sky is distibuted . An article on TRL claims "the Championship and League One clubs want to retain the current percentage they receive, whether that increases or decreases". The RFL proposal sees that percentage drop if the next TV deal stays the same, and offers no guarantees (zilch ££ for Champs/L1) at all if it dips below £35 million per year in total. Feelings are running high if the forum is any guideline, but Swinton, Batley and Dewsbury have declared no support for the proposals, as they stand. Naturally, pressure is being ramped up before the meeting, but this below is totally out of order if true. Interesting to hear our club's response. A link to to today's press conference and the above question raised concerning Hornets
  12. glemiln

    Batley Bulldogs

    Sadly, another disappointing end after what appears to have been a good first half up the slope. Again, we switch off and concede quickly, late consecutive tries. Lack of on-field leadership? Insufficient experienced players? Resigned to relegation? ( Only a vote to accept the latest restructuring proposal, with one club only relegated, provides a possible, but unlikely respite.) It’s been a long, grim season, especially for the local faithful. Hopefully, the team can give them something to cheer from the remaining games.
  13. glemiln

    Only bottom club relegated

    Well, the Cup Final is behind us, the Bank Holiday coming to a close in a week which could see major changes/ramifications to the league formats outside SL. It is reported on the main forum that SL clubs have agreed (11-1) the proposed changes, which are now to be voted on by those clubs most affected! Under the proposal (mainly to get a 14 team Championship), League 1 would get only 22 league games next season, aggravating many clubs' financial situation. Hull FC's Chairman's says (threatens?) that if the proposal isn't agreed he can see that Championship and League 1 clubs not getting as good a deal again! Some Forum "talk" has been that this proposal may be the the first step in cutting off funds for the lower reaches in the not too distant future. Of course, our game with Swinton next weekend takes on much greater significance than bragging rights, should the proposal be approved.
  14. glemiln

    Only bottom club relegated

    On the surface, it seems that this proposal has not yet been ratified by the clubs, but who knows given the dark corridors of rugby league? Certainly, the recent "noises" emanating from the new Super League cabal, including abolishing the 8's, have precipitated this ridiculously late announcement. If the sole aim was to create a 14 team Championship (for 2019), the RFL could have proposed simply maintaining status quo and promoted the League 1 Champions & play-off winners, with no relegation this season. Presumably to retain some jeopardy, they choose 1 down, but 3 up with, potentially, the 6th placed club promoted with Bulls & Knights. Only the RFL would attempt to go with this a few weeks to a season close and for us and Swinton at least, I hope that a final decision is reached very quickly. We have to refocus resources to meet at least an opportunity to stay in the Championship.
  15. glemiln

    Killer to Leave.

    Haven fans seem to be gutted he is leaving (along with his assistant ex- Saints, Tony Stewart) with not a few saying what a good, enthusiastic young coach he is now and will get better. Apparently, he has given his all as coach and player at Haven (in difficult circumstances, similar to ours), and was voted Coach of the Year by fans on And of course Haven slammed us 38-0 in the Cup! Naturally, we need to wait to see if Carl Foster's appointment is official and if so, support him (or anyone) in Hornets' colours.