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  1. glemiln


    After Sheffield’s 44-16 win over Toulouse, our porous defence will again be under scrutiny on Monday. From what very little I have seen, our attack seems lack lustre too, with nobody calling the shots. We are not gelling and to leak 7 tries in such a crucial game, does not augur well for the rest of the campaign.
  2. 76 - 6 loss; hopefully the team gained something positive from the “experience”, but without any physical injury. Even Warrington got a 38-12 league pasting tonight at Saints! However, the disparity between SL and the rest seems to be growing. The new lower leagues’ 1895 cup competition may provide a future answer. Still, 8 days to recover for the crucial Swinton game.
  3. glemiln


    Well, with 6 regulars missing, Halifax beat London Broncos tonight in the Cup. Their return to expected form against us must have helped! Too much to hope we get better than near to Salford tomorrow night and a repeat home tie in the next round?
  4. glemiln


    At last the Forum is back with us, albeit a little late after the Fax game. It's a pity we couldn't continue with that first half performance and some promising attacking/tries. Alas, some of the defensive/tackle failings were still with us, which would be punished by any team in this division. The (worrying) penalty count 15-5 against us gave Halifax the maximum possession to fully exploit it. Reports indicate that the ref was somewhat myopic when it came to Fax's "blocking/obstruction" techniques resulting in tries - which can be seen clearly on 4 occasions in the highlights below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gMaBjZFwFA
  5. At least our fans do not have a trek to Workington or London! I hope we shall promote the “local”occasion, enjoy an away day in the City, (shopping for those who must), acquire a lot more money than we would without the game and the chosen players a chance to play SL opposition. A good curtain raiser for the Easter programme.
  6. Congratulations Hornets for commitment the full 80" - and a rare win at Haven, especially after last season's result! Appears that we were on wrong end of a lot of penalties, especially 2nd half, which doesn't help continuity of purpose. How did the team shape up without the dual reg lads, who would have been cup-tied had they played? Hopefully, a good draw at home, with 4 SL sides coming in and the likes of Bulls & Vikings to help swell coffers. Another 80 minute effort next week and some needed league points.
  7. glemiln


    I wasn’t there, but from these highlights Widnes were quick and expansive but some of our defence/positioning/ tackling was poor.
  8. glemiln


    1732 according to a Widnes report - should help the coffers! Long time since that attendance for us - so thanks to the large Widnes contingent and those from Hornets and elsewhere. Now, let’s get the wheels back on and better oiled quickly. Haven away next week - should be very interesting.
  9. glemiln


    Apologies Tyrone, for the photo - it was in my posting too, briefly, but after a computer glitch. I thought I had deleted it. How it transferred to yours ???
  10. glemiln


    Perhaps we should have hidden the posts last night! Clearly, the disparity between the "top sides" (and Widnes will soon be back to where they feel they should be) and the also rans was always was going to be the the case for this uneven division. However, it's concerning to say the least that we are shipping so many points (now -162 after 6 games & 2 fewer games than than most) and finding it difficult to score ourselves. Having to do a lot of defending, (sometimes well, thankfully), then inevitably a match over continuous sequence of tries. Hope that the club had a good attendance to help ease the pain.
  11. Only 19 penalties in total - no doubt most too far from posts at the time!
  12. 46-6 loss, but fortunately a better second half after being 30-0 at ht. In fact, it wasn't until 68th minute that Leigh ran in 3 tries in 7 minutes. 10 penalties conceded & yellow card didn't help. Much to do for the visit of Widnes. Swinton lost too.
  13. Match off for safety reasons with the high winds, apparently.
  14. glemiln


    Unfortunately, the crucial win came at the cost of two injuries (Howarth & Flynn), potentially, several weeks to recover. Anyone any news of Declan Kay, Seta Tala & Declan Gregory, seldom mentioned recently in despatches? We will need a strong team, firing on all cylinders, for the York game and beyond.
  15. glemiln


    It will be interesting to see the RFL’s response to this statement: https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/chairmans-statement/
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