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  1. As a result, at least 2 of our Championship games should be featured on Sky, as well as the Summer Bash. And the Our League App will carry a magazine show dedicated to Championship & League 1, featuring a compilation of the best action, focusing on the biggest personalities and talking points. The App is available: Depending on how you stream video to your devices, you may be able to stream directly to your tv. I am sure we will rise to the occasions!
  2. glemiln

    Today's game

    Disappointed with result/score, given the loss of bragging rights to our diehard fans and as possible pointers to the season ahead. Congratulations to Oldham - two Championship scalps, with next week’s Swinton game to come. Oldham must be favoured for promotion and if so, I hope we shall be playing them next season! From social media reports, it appears that their defence was excellent, how effective our attack and general performance - I await reports and comments from our Coach. After only two “friendly” games and with new and existing players still blending, it seems somewhat premature to write us off completely. Certainly this league is ultra competitive and not a few with substantial backing. As for “planning for league 1”- absolute b....x!
  3. glemiln

    Mayfield Hunslet Club Parkside beat a scratch Featherstone side at the weekend and the above musings have some resonance. Without taking anything from a reported very competitive Mayfield, this was the first game of a much changed Hornets with many players new to the team. The next two games will be better pointers, especially Sunday (!), and then hopefully we shall be firing on most cylinders for the crucial first home game.
  4. glemiln


    Oldham’s 24-10 win at Barrow today should help a concentration of minds, if any should be needed for the key “friendly”!
  5. glemiln


    Reported that our defence was soundly tested today by a very determined Mayfield attack to secure our 18-12 win. Look forward to reading of our performance generally, stand-out individuals and pointers to take on Oldham next week and beyond. Hope that everyone (inc. the Coach!) enjoyed the occasion and that there was a good turn-out.
  6. glemiln

    2019 squad.

    Good to see that Jordan Case is one of 4 “trialists” today, the others being B.Wood, Storey and Tyler Whittaker (from last season’s squad). Hope all goes well today in preparation for the “clash” next week & the coming season.
  7. glemiln

    2019 squad.

    A back and a forward (6ft + & 16st),respectively, I believe. Welcome to the fold..
  8. glemiln

    2019 squad.

    Absolutely! Carl has the luxury of knowing the ex-Haven lads, but it will take some intensive match play to get them fully integrated with existing and new players. There are many positives coming out of the club too. Hopefully, we can get a good start to what will be another very tough season. Bring it on.
  9. glemiln

    2019 squad.

    Reports were indicating he would sign for Leigh. Welcome to the Nets and let’s hope he will continue his prolific goal kicking and replicate Crooky’s feats. Ironically, he had a spell with Sarina Crocodiles in Queensland who were coached by Alan Kilshaw at the time. Welcome too, Lee Durant as team manager. The club is reshaping well - interesting times ahead.
  10. glemiln

    2019 squad.

    Festivities and hangovers over (maybe) and counting down to the "friendlies" and the new season....hopefully, less of a nail biter than 2018. Sponsorship, pre-season training and general club activity have been hopefully more news on the squad available for the start. 19 players now - as far as I know - plus any that may be currently on trial, but certainly insufficient come the season proper. Dual reg. with Wolves will add a few. Updates, anyone? Dec Kay, Ben Morris, Seta Tala, Paddy Flynn, Danny Price, Shaun Ainscough, Elliott Jenkins, Dan Abram, Callum Wood Ben Moores, Stu Howarth, Dec Gregory, Scott Moore. Lee Mitchell, Joe Ryan, Carl Forster, Mike Weldon, Ryan Millington,  Jack Cottington, Ellis Gillam, Liam Carberry, Nathan Reidy
  11. glemiln

    RFL usher in rule changes for 2019

    Which rules apply if a SL club plays, eg a Championship club in a cup or pre-season game?
  12. glemiln

    Mayfield Great news! Long overdue, but just what the community needs and hopefully swell numbers for home and some away ties with players joining the ranks in due course. A "Battle of the Borough" game too, 12Jan with kids under 16 free. The training aspect with Mayfield is interesting - presumably this is in tandem with our dr with Wolves (which I have yet to see confirmed)?
  13. glemiln

    #BeTheDifference Future RFL funding will be partly defined by the specific operational performance undertaken by clubs. A lower amount of basic funding (incl. the criteria of a club’s financial stability), plus some performance related funding. interesting times
  14. glemiln


    Dewsbury at home up first. Toronto home and Toulouse away shortly after. Let’s catch them cold!
  15. glemiln


    Dewsbury at home up first. Toronto home and Toulouse away shortly after. Let’s catch them cold!