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  1. If we finish 9th (5th in Super8 table) and the S8 fixtures mirror those just announced for League1, it seems that trip will be the case and the last match of the 8s (it would be good to celebrate that one again!). Of course, if this weekend's games go against Toulouse, a shorter trip to Fax could beckon. If this fixture pattern is correct our games, in sequence, will be Swinton H, Eagles A, Batley H, Bulls A, Rams A, Oldham H & Tox A. 8th finish indicates Tox H, Swinton A, Bulls H, Eagles A, Rams H, Batley A and last, but not least Oldham H.
  2. Our 7 Shield games have changed (from my original source above) according to the RFL & based on current league positions : Home - Batley, Swinton, Oldham Away - Bulls, Rams, Eagles, Toulouse Were we to finish 8th, I think it would be Home - Toulouse, Bulls, Oldham & Rams Away - Swinton, Sheffield & Batley. Hopefully we shall have a fit and fired-up squad to secure our status. Dates will not be announced until after next weekend's games. How fixtures map out will be crucial to the final outcome.
  3. Thanks to the tweeters for today's updates. Feared the final score after being down 18-0 after similar minutes, but credit to the lads to pull it back to 18-24 before Broncos' full-time class/fitness took it to 18-58. Disappointing that we did not score 2nd half and that we lost Massam at ht - trust he's ok for the date with the neighbours. Results mean we slip to 9th and now need Dewsbury to lose at home to Sheffield and we win or draw to regain 8th. A loss and we shall almost certainly finish 9th. If so, I believe we would have Oldham, Swinton & Batley at home; Toulouse (or Fax), Sheffield, Dewsbury & Bulls away in the Shield. (In what order/dates ???). 8th position could give us homers with Dewsbury, Oldham, Bulls & Toulouse (or Fax); Batley, Sheffield & Swinton away. Either way it will be a tough 7 weeks to obtain at least (I guess) 7/8 points to maintain our Championship status - but first the neighbours. PS. We won the penalties conceded today 4-11. Way to go!
  4. Then again, Broncos have qualified for the top four and season points obtained are wiped for their 8's. They may wish to finish on a high at home to Batley. If we could get 2pts and Swinton beat Dewsbury, we cannot be overtaken for 8th place. Then, another 2 off Oldham would put us in a great position for the last with 4 home games. Keep up the momentum, finish as you mean to go on, I say.
  5. Well done the lads... a tense encounter it seems, but the crucial two points going into the final two league games. 4 points would give us 8th spot and 4 home games in the Shield. Oldham = Eagles(a),US (h); Swinton = Dews (h), Bulls (a); Dewsbury = Swinton (a); Sheffield(h). Final league positions will be close. Today an impressive 21/8 second half, having suffered a 10-3 penalty count against us first half; a yellow card and 6 tries but only 3 conversions! Trust we finished without any more injuries. Bring on the Broncos. Good luck to Swinton in surviving another winding-up petition - £100k in debt, apparently!
  6. At this crucial stage of the season this is a blow, but it could be an opportunity for any remaining squad members to claim a spot through the Shield to help secure our Championship status. DR will have to be used to some degree and hopefully the best of those who have served us well so far. DR rules from the Fev forum:
  7. The remaining 3 league games will of course be massive, for the bottom 5 in particular. Each of these plays 1 or 2 of the 5. Dewsbury has 2 away games. Naturally, the more wins then will help survival after the Shield's 8 and I guess no team will wish to be faced with having to win more than 4 from 7 to survive. I think we'll need 4/5 wins from all remaining 10 games. The top 4 of bottom 8 leading into Shield I believe get 4 home games. So, we could be looking at another visit to Toulouse if they continue their losing streak. It was never going to be easy and our position could be worse. Immediate is getting our team back on the song that beat Bulls. After the reports from Sunday, it's going to need a huge response. Belief, continuity, better discipline and a settled team. A few names seem to be absent (injury?) recently - eg. Eccleston, Holmes, Lobwein - the presence of Tahraoui may have been useful for the run-in! Hopefully, Middlehurst will be cleared to play, along with others injured, any suspensions will not help! I am sure the faithful will, as ever, be in fine song in what promises to be a tense derby. Now's the time for the team spirit which got us into this very competitive and tough league.
  8. ....performance(?), especially 1st half (28-0) to lose 40-10. Given what's a stake, I thought we would have performed much better for 80mins. With Oldham beating Toulouse and other rivals for the drop performing better (to lose narrowly) we now drop to 9th, fortunately with (for now) a better points against. I had viewed Rams' video of their win over Toulouse and they looked a very useful side, not to be taken lightly. It must have been painful to watch today for the faithful. Still shipping too many penalties and another sin-bin (Galbraith) - what's not happening?
  9. Until the RFL reveal their hand for next season, Hornets can only play against the cards dealt for relegation this season and hopefully take us out of the equation. We are still slightly ahead of the relegation pile and at least a couple of wins in the last 4 league games would ease things for us in the 7 Shield games. I think our Coach would prefer not to be faced with having to secure, say, 4 wins from those 7 which will include Batley, Sheffield, Bradford, Halifax or Toulouse. PS> I long ago stopped thinking about what the RFL may or may not do, but certainly Hornets will not be paramount in any decision!
  10. Our 14-24 defeat and with Dewsbury, Swinton and Bulls all winning means that only 2 points separates us from a drop position. Scores were level 14-14 until very late in game until mistakes cost us dearly. 3 tries but only 1 conversion and 11 penalties puts us under pressure. Apparently, not a few decisions went against us - including a try allowed by touch judge and over-ruled by ref! However, thoughts switch to Dewsbury who beat TO 34-22 - that should focus our minds - every remaining game is a cup tie. I think we will need min 2 wins from next 4 to enter Shield games with a chance of staying in Championship.
  11. I guess the faithful are still celebrating a very crucial win and one that will give us the impetus to finish strongly. The conditions must have been torrid and to come from a 14-12 ht deficit to nil Bulls 2nd half a testament to our team work. Hope the injury to Ant Walker is not serious and look forward to reading how the new recruits fared. Still a lot to do and Batley's 70-12 win over Sheffield indicates the challenges ahead. Our and Oldham's results against Dewsbury will help shape the outcome. 12 games inc. Shield to come - 4/5 wins could be enough to be in Championship 2018.
  12. And ......Geoff Toovey finally confirmed as Bradford Bulls head coach. We have to be up for this and all of our remaining 13 games- 5 wins min. I reckon - whatever the odds.
  13. I feared the final score, being down 34-4 at ht, but the lads did not wilt badly in the 30 degree heat/humidity and to the pace/class of TO. I just hope that nobody (from either side) will be the worse off from playing in those torrid conditions. Playing summer rugby takes on a new meaning when in the south of France, especially for part-time players. Well done Hornets (and the travelling supporters) and hoping that you can take a lot more into next week's crucial home game - weather forecast a cool 21 degrees! Will be interesting to see our team selection next week after all those debuts today.
  14. According to the official site we are expected to be without 6 regular players (4 backs/2 forwards) for Toulouse and have recalled Lobwein for cover. Most absentees owing to injuries. DR to the rescue and damage limitation for warm welcome & expected 31 degrees!
  15. AK was extremely disappointed with our performance on Sunday, especially the first quarter after half-time and not continuing the heroics of the Summer Bash. As we head to Toulouse on Saturday and the towards the finishing line, any thoughts on strengthening the side,etc to meet the challenges ahead? AK seems to favour the current squad backed by DR. (Given Warrington's form currently, we may have a larger pool available!). Injuries may dictate his hand too, so we cannot afford to have players out on loan and not integrating with the set-up. Our points difference is better than 4 in our section, but from reports/results we need to tighten up for the run-in. Goal kicking is an issue and we know how vital it was in our promotion and could be at the finishing line. On the basis of previous Championships, it seems that we shall need around 20 points to avoid relegation. Obviously, the more wins the better we shall be, but 6 or 7 from the remaining 14 fixtures ( 7 league, 7 Shield ) could see us safe. 4 wins from the next 7 league games could give us a chance of the top 4 of the bottom 8 clubs contesting the Shield and qualify for 4 home games. Four of our remaining league fixtures are at home. Dewsbury has London, HKR & Toulouse (1st 2 away) before we go to them. Bulls need a miracle or the RFL to avoid relegation! It's all to play for - let's go for the highest position and increased revenue 2018, not just survival.