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  1. Understandably, there is an ongoing thread on this sad news on the main forum. A pivotal moment for rugby league. Best wishes to the ‘lad’.
  2. Sardar Udham An understandably very heartfelt film based on a true story and with Indian and British actors. Almost 2.5 hours long and rightly, a reminder of the terrible massacre at Jallianwala Bagh in 1919 during the “British Empire”. Some scenes difficult to take in. https://watch.amazon.co.uk/detail?asin=B09J2WB32K&territory=GB&ref_=share_ios_movie&r=web
  3. “Rugby is the latest sport to take the digital billions”. From the Independent. Rugby Union’s premier Autumn Nations series, starting next week, snapped up by Amazon Prime Video for £20m, as live sport has helped them drive UK subscriptions beyond 11 million. Netflix, 213 million subscribers, is considering a bid for Formula One. DAZN has bought up elusive rights to Matchroom boxing bouts and recently outbid Sky Italia, offering £2.1bn to show Serie A football. As the article points out, benefits for fans used to a single Sky ports package is less obvious. BT is in talks with DAZN about selling its sports arm, with rights to 52 Premier League matches/season.
  4. To my knowledge, these are our 2022 players to-date- please add when known: Gregg McNally - full back - 30 - ex-Whitehaven Cian Turner - wing/full back - 20 - ex-Newcastle Rangi Chase - half back - 35 - re-signed Rhys Davies - 2nd row - 25 - ex-Dewsbury Paul Brearley - forward - 29 - re-signed Luke Fowden - prop forward - 24 - re-signed Zac Baker - loose forward - 23 - re-signed
  5. Guilt BBC - excellent Scottish series set in Leith. All 4 episodes of the first series and all of the current second 4-part series showing also on IPlayer. They are well written by Neil Forsyth, well paced and acted. A repeat viewing of the first series may be needed as the two are 2yrs apart because of Covid and the latest has some character changes. For the 2nd series, I experimented with subtitles (!) as I didn’t wish to miss any of the superb writing. In doing so, this provided a bonus brief pop-up caption of the titles/artists featured on the excellent soundtrack, all without spoiling the film. Enjoy.
  6. With new kids on the block, like Amazon, would a tender for an all-exclusive package for this great game provide a better outcome? For now, will the RFL now build its OuRLeague platform solely for League 1, presumably with no extra money to the massive £20k/club for 2022?
  7. More should unfold with the announcement that Matt Calland has decided to continue as coach for 2022. hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/953/matt-calland-signs-new-deal-for-2022… #ThisisRochdale We have lost Josh Jordan-Roberts to Alan Kilshaw’s Hunslet, who appear to placing emphasis on ‘local’ talent too. Yet, the info. https://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/our-club/vacancies augurs well for Hornets. The next few months will be crucial given the large revenue reduction by the RFL to League 1 clubs for 2022 season. For which future rugby league structure they will be playing is another matter! Currently, 2x10 SL1 and SL2 leagues seems possible, but it’s the other 16 (for now). At least next season we can renew battle with our ‘neighbours’ Oldham and Swinton.
  8. Another good advert of full passion and entertainment for League 1….and the endeavours of all those club stalwarts instrumental in getting the shows on the road. RFL…get fully behind League 1
  9. Batley really need to hang in. Rochdale were well behind in the 2016 final on Toulouse’s patch but won well. And the RFL only had blue ribbons, assuming that Toulouse would win!
  10. Rangi Chase signs for 2022… and let’s hope he has better fortune than last season and help pass on his expertise to our younger players along with Matt Calland. Well done to all involved. https://t.co/vab0WCAnqZ Trust it was a successful meeting tonight.
  11. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwj-iOD7sv_yAhXpgv0HHZaxD70QFnoECAMQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.loverugbyleague.com%2Fpost%2Fsam-tomkins-excited-to-lead-england-against-france-in-perpignan%2F&usg=AOvVaw2fGm-OcqBzGxr5mKz_ixlr From 9/9 “LoveRugbyLeague”.
  12. Seems to have been a positive final game, scoring 50pts with 10 tries but only 5 conversions! Our bad injury situation throughout the season contributed to our final league position, but it was disappointing that we missed the play-offs. Still, the coach and management have more time to relax, examine and learn from this season and prepare for possible major changes. As things stand, it seems that League 1 will be the same format for 2022, welcoming our neighbours Swinton and Oldham, but with the prospect of a circa £55k less from central funding. Ottawa may be here too, if rumours are correct! Typically, what the clubs in League 1 (and the Championship) will be competing for in 2022 is vague to say the least. The last ‘proposal’ indicated, I believe after the 2022 season, a restructed Super League of SL1 and 2, each of 10 clubs and a 16 team League1. Tonight, the following article by Gareth Walker with a good contribution by our Chairman: https://www.totalrl.com/third-tier-clubs-concern-over-funding-cuts/ Worrying times.
  13. https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/364059-championship-and-league-one-funding/ The ongoing reactions to the funding of clubs below Super (?) League are above. Some examples: "but League One clubs are set for the biggest % reduction" I believe from £75k down to £20k per club, but see 4 below. "Clubs finishing lower down the league (Championship) have done perfectly fine with 150k funding and this should be the funding across the board. Some Championship select clubs should not be getting 4 times the amount of others". "So we squeeze everyone under the super league because Sky broadcast it, what about all the others in the food chain, cut them and super league wouldn't last long". "Clubs (League1) who finish outside playoffs (top 6) will get less than £20k." Speculation? "Total idiocy to destroy lower league clubs to support the elite, just a moronic short term plan" Says it all. "Take money from clubs desperate for help so the SL clubs players wages can go up, agents can keep creaming it and the executives can take their cut. The most disgusting and short sighted actions that will see the game implode and lose tens of thousands of fans in one go, with absolutely no idea on how to bring new fans in." Agreed. The RFL is at a pivotal moment for itself (and their very large salaries!) and especially all the clubs (and their Sponsors,etc) and the game it is supposed to represent, especially below SL and future growth across its diverse communities. Sky is not the only ££ player in town; streaming with Amazon, Netflix and of course BBC and Commercial tv has championed rugby league over the years. Like it or not, major sport is changing with additional hybrid versions emerging and expanding revenue streams- we cannot stand still. We have to expect Club executives to act in solidarity to protect the future of UK rugby league at all levels.....we can only hope common sense prevails - for starters.
  14. And a professional, forward thinking management unit capable of taking the whole of rugby league into the modern era and embracing the communities they serve.
  15. Pipped in the last minute after the tremendous effort by the remaining 'lads', playing with 12 twelve (Tiara red!), since the 15th minute of the game and 11 players for 10 minutes at one point. It's no irony, nor comfort that discipline again cost us what is now the end of the league campaign, aside for fulfilling the last game next week - no pushover. Our season has been blighted by too many injuries, but finishing 7th and missing the play-offs must be a blow financially to the club and its faithful supporters. Aside from finishing with a victory next week, what happens in the near future will be crucial. At least we will have the company of Oldham and Swinton.
  16. We shall be without Fairclough, after ‘events’ at Hunslet, for the final two league games. Marriott is on the preliminary team sheet on “OurLeague” along with most of last week’s team. Barrow of course is on the verge of automatic promotion and all eyes on Worky’s ‘must win’ at London Skolars on Saturday. Tense games at home as we need 2 wins (and Hunslet to lose their last game at…Worky). We may then shade it on the % rule into the play-offs. Should be a great atmosphere and hopefully a Hornets victory.
  17. Battlestar Galactica The original 4 series including “Razor 1/2” are available on BBCPlayer. Only 5 months to watch this excellent series.
  18. I am not au fait with all those potential people within the game, but if none is capable, singly or as a collective body of decision and/or persuasion, then RL is truly fluked! Or, perhaps trawl these forums!
  19. Absolutely. The older brickworks need to be ‘encouraged’ to remedy their weaknesses and newer material encouraged as essential to help cement the whole. A total promotional approach across rugby league would help too. Sky isn’t the only player in the market…..A major break came last week (June 2021) when Amazon announced it was buying the rights to France's Ligue 1 football competition from the Professional Football League, to the detriment of local broadcaster Canal+ and the Qatari beIN Sports — in a move that instantly crowned the Seattle-based giant as France's main football broadcaster. https://www.politico.eu/article/amazon-europe-sport-football-tv/
  20. Courtesy of the Crusaders’ YouTube site. We shall have to improve a lot to win the remaining games v Barrow and Coventry who came within a whisker of beating Hunslet away today. The “highlight” of yesterday was towards the end after our fullback dropped the up and under. After the play the ball, Crusaders ‘walked’ in a try without any defenders involved. The reaction by our captain spoke volumes! https://youtu.be/YW7R3TwCQRI Anyone know why Rangi Chase was yellow carded at the final hooter; it’s not evident on the video, nor on the Twitter feed? For the faithful, the club and sponsors we must finish this forgettable season on a high - Onwards…
  21. A 36-10 loss and surprisingly not more in second half. Lost count on Twitter of the penalties we gave away, plus a red and yellow card and possibly a team warning to boot! Similar to last week. It should be interesting at the disciplinary hearings. We have one option remaining for the chance of the play-offs- win the last two games - well, two; improve discipline. It's extremely unlikely Hunslet will lose all of their three games.
  22. Hopefully, our pre-world cup warm-up date will follow soon. The Rugby league World Cup (all 61 games on BBC channels) will be sandwiched between the Commonwealth Games and the Fifa World Cup. "Rugby League World Cup 2021 (RLWC2021) have today, 26 August, confirmed the dates for the tournament that will now take place between Saturday 15 October – Saturday 19 November 2022. RLWC2021 can also announce that the opening match and the men’s / women’s double header finals will be played, as originally planned, at St James’ Park, Newcastle and Old Trafford, Manchester respectively. We are delighted that these two iconic venues will remain in place to open and close the biggest and best Rugby League World Cup ever."
  23. Looking at their fixtures, it should be at least 2wins out of 3. Hunslet’s last game is at Worky who may be declared champions earlier, especially with the win percentage formula. The latter may help Hornets who will finish with one fewer game than Hunslet, but I believe we have to win 2 out of 3 to be in 6th place and the play-offs? Over to your formulations. Having yourselves, then Barrow and Coventry at home should help some team! Expecting a great game on Saturday and that we meet in the play-offs. Looking ahead, if the latest RFL proposals for the league structures is enacted for 2022, six clubs will be be relegated from the Championship into a 16 team League 1. Perhaps we’ll meet again?
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