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  1. From the 73rd minute try at Toronto https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/toronto-game-abandoned-due-to-storm/ he seemed somewhat disinterested!
  2. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/toronto-game-abandoned-due-to-storm/ Scroll down to view video of Toronto’s scores - power/size/speed, full-time a huge difference, along with the travel, but alas some inadequate Hornets cover/tackling at times. Hopefully build on that first half effort for the last 2 games.
  3. It would have been good to witness the try ‘live’. The “reprimand” targeted at Junior S’au under the posts was, perhaps fortunately, unheard on the video! Hopefully more like this (or any tries) in the remaining games and ideally another win to lift the faithful’s spirits after this woeful season.
  4. Head over to “Our League” https://membership.rugby-league.com/dashboard. to see a replay of the full game. A very encouraging last 60mins (the first 20 speaks for itself). A brief chat with Matt at the beginning.
  5. 18-50 loss but we did outscore them 18-10 over the last 50mins of the game. Will clutch at any encouraging straws that can give the team/faithful fans hope to see out the remaining games with more confidence and an 80 minute performance. Trust we had a good crowd?
  6. Out of curiosity, how do you know your guess is correct? I guess you are somewhat disappointed at Matt’s appointment! Barrow has just released Spedding after a loan approach by Featherstone. Their coach says he doesn’t need players who do not wish to ‘wear’ the Barrow shirt. See their forum for details. It’s the coaches call. Getting a full suitable calibre of players for Championship rugby mid-season, within the limited budget available was an unenviable task for any coach. Sure, it’s galling to suffer weekly defeats and 50 points, but hope springs eternal that we can at least get closer (esp. in Toronto) over the remaining 4 games. Hornets’ faithful are seasoned optimists! Matt has his player list targets for League 1 with a full season to meld them into the finished team. It will be ultra competitive and wish him well. Judgements later.
  7. Hornets’ statement: “We have every confidence in the coaching staff, and plans are already well underway to assemble the most competitive squad possible for the 2020 season. “The recently-appointed board of directors have committed to reviewing the progress of the club in September, and we are focused as a collective on building a strong Rochdale culture at Hornets. “That will be based around hard work, high standards, local talent and establishing a proper pathway for young players from college to amateurs to the professional game. This presumably against the ‘normal’ reduction of central funding for League 1 in 2020 and rumours of little or none in subsequent seasons, depending on any new tv deal and any largesse from Super League! Other future Hornets’ revenue streams naturally/hopefully ongoing. Future league restructuring below SL will be rumoured to death, dependent on which and how many clubs survive spending what they and/or their benefactors haven’t got to retain a status quo. With Super League clubs apparently obliged to run reserve sides next season, dual registration arrangements may not continue and result in a run on the perceived best available players from elsewhere. The statement seems to indicate that our links with Mayfield and Hopwood College will strengthen. We cannot assume that the best emerging “local’ players will not move to other clubs, unless identified and contracted for a short period to Hornets at some stage - they will move on ultimately..... £££/experience. Hopefully, we will not rule out other infamous ‘localities’! We will need some tough, experienced heads - life in League 1 next season will be tough. Some of those clubs which do not obtain promotion this season, perhaps going for broke, given future uncertainty. Then, there is the possibility of Ottawa & New York joining from 2021 - whichever bit they do join, more upheaval and more restructuring. Life with rugby league is never dull! We have overcome the odds in the not too distant past. Hopefully, we shall get the mix & results right - the fine film “Local Hero”: Maclntyre: Give me a 42 year old whisky, Roddy. Roddy: We've none of that tonight Mr. Mac. Maclntyre: Well give me four eight-year olds and a ten-year old. Roddy: Aye, that adds up.
  8. At least we scored 5 tries, but they 9 tries...obviously still much work needed on our defence and focusing for 80minutes, especially in the remaining 4 games... and for next season in league 1.
  9. Sadly, another growing aspect of the game is when groups of players, of both sides, surge towards an incident usually resulting in a pathetic mass brawl. This happened yesterday late in the escalating cauldron and certainly did not help the carnage shortly to kick off.
  10. It’s so easy ——the individual percentage donations to your good causes from the retailers are small, but soon build and it costs you nothing. After registration, all your transactions are directly via the retailer online as usual. A record of your donations and the overall total sum to your causes is provided and updated regularly within the App. Your Christmas shopping lists are coming sooner than you think!
  11. Given the large number of games today, I guess it was difficult for the RFL to find a ref without Dewsbury connections! I wasn't there, but our 4 disallowed tries when you are down in all senses and needing a bit of luck is hard on fans, coach and the players. With his Batley Ref Society connections too, I hope he finds employment elsewhere next week when we play your very nearest and dearest. Good luck with the rest of this miserable (for us especially) season and whatever the future brings for clubs/supporters outside the elite.
  12. 12-32 loss, having conceded 24 points in first 20 of second half. At least we kept them scoreless for last 20mins. I guess that ref Childs was not Hornets' flavour of the day having disallowed 4 of our tries, 2 in each half.
  13. A ‘yellow warning’ is in place with 90% precipitation forecast. Presumably, it’s about the weather or perhaps the fall-out if there’s another postponement!
  14. The bad weather forecast (75-90% precipitation) for tonight and tomorrow in Rochdale suggests that the game could well be in doubt. This especially if the football club have worries for the new pitch. Perhaps the game will turn out to be last of this season rather than what should have been the first!
  15. Given Hornets’ results and Dewsbury’s hope to avoid the drop you may be right...but again you may not. Then it will be “tough Bleep”!
  16. Thanks JPL.....and good luck in the play-offs.
  17. Despite the score line it seems, from the Fev forum, that we played some good stuff but that tiredness took its toll eventually? Next week’s game v Dewsbury should be a good indicator of progress.
  18. Our win/lose ratio in League 1 should hopefully be higher in the former. Unless the RFL change relegation to one down only (as rumoured) to accommodate Ottawa in the Championship, probably one of Barrow, Dewsbury or Batley will join us. We could lose Oldham and Haven to the Championship - the former a significant dent in our gate revenue. Given the future uncertainty of life below Super League, my guess is that not a few of the stronger clubs remaining in League 1 will go for broke in 2020. For Hornets it should at least be a better season than this one.
  19. And it will not be snowing! Based on recent performances, we must hope it will be for the remaining fixtures against candidates with all to play for. A Toronto blizzard could be possible! Saturday's game "resume" - thankfully 80mins condensed into 6mins. Dreadful covering/defensive effort to provide TO's first try and not a few others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxVLk7CS49Q
  20. Not in a very special game in 2016 did they do so, and I guess they are still smarting at our impudence! That said, it is a huge step-up for some of our players, especially the ex- Mayfield lads. No excuse, just reality and Toulouse are now being pressured, against expectation, for one one of the top 4 spots. However, the end of this season cannot come quick enough and I suspect that is a factor too.
  21. Sadly, not very good....Hornets 0-32 down at HT....6 tries conceded; 2 lots of 3 each lot within 5/9 mins - a familiar story, alas. Hopefully much, much tighter or Final score 68-0 another 6 tries conceded. TO had 67% possession & of course are a full-time, seasoned outfit. Only 3 penalties against us & we conceded 70 points last season, but scoring 14 points. Not getting any easier for the lads - only Fev away next week!
  22. Toulouse has a few key players missing, but more than enough talent/speed to cause any team problems. To keep it close, we will have to control Ford’s mercurial distribution talents and prepare well, especially defensively, for a Toulouse side that has faltered too many times recently. Good luck - a lot!
  23. On, no! Now this thread could go on forever.
  24. Unlikely? No changes....in 2020 or for 2020? I suspect that the Championship clubs challenging not to be relegated with Rochdale would have voted for a stay of execution! Presumably then, Ottawa in League 1 for 2020? It’s obviously too much to ask the RFL to issue a categorical statement.
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