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  1. You'll have to a bit harder, that was a great game. Do you actually like rugby league? Or maybe you're a Wire fan? Incredible intensity, crunching defence, plenty great players out there. Or maybe you were watching the darts by mistake?
  2. Gale and Williams could be great combined with Hodgson at hooker, and a ball-playing full back (if Tomkins finds form, otherwise maybe Widdop, maybe even Lomax). A good test series together could be the making of them. A total digression but as someone mentioned the junior rules about minimum passes etc, personally I'd limit each set of six to 2 runs from dummy half only throughout the game - it'd encourage better halfback play and generally be more entertaining. Interestingly SL has had loads more runs from dummy half than the NRL for as long as I can remember (although I've no stats to back it up) with the old Wigan, Bulls and Saints sides in particular scooting all the time.
  3. This is quite fun as I'm sure we'd have a load of NRL players in the side, but here goes (based on how I hope they'll be at the end of the year as opposed to form right now): Tomkins Manfredi Ratchford Watkins McGilvary Williams Gale Hill Houghton Watts Westwood Ellis O'Loughlin Bateman Clarke Warmsley Currie Plenty ifs and buts in that team with one player being retired and others needing to find some form.
  4. If Tomkins gets into his stride then his value to England's attack is immeasurable and should be in the side. He's not there yet though. Ratchford is excellent but I wonder if centre or utility is where he is best. Hardaker may yet show he's a great centre or wing in the NRL, and at international level maybe that's his best contribution. Shaul has potential but I wonder if people are seeing things in him that wouldn't get translate to international success and I'd like to see a more rounded came out of him first. Another name to consider is Widdop who spent years as a full back and knows England inside and out. I'd have Gale and Williams ahead of him in the halves so maybe he's a genuine contender for our ball-playing and running full back position.
  5. The game could be doing better, but hats always the case for every sport. It isn't in crisis and isn't going backwards although I bet every single year since its inception people have claimed it was. I don't think everything is brilliant - I think we don't have the super teams we had a few years back and I'd prefer a higher media profile - but I still live the game and can see so many positives. Shame some others on here are ringing the bell for the end of the world.
  6. A quick check on the spread of the voting suggests RL fans were very much Brexit supporters in the main. Looking at other threads this probably isn't so surprising given many on here bring very nationalistic, not wanting anyone born outside of England playing for the country, for instance, and others wanting us to look after our heartlands first and foremost. Being in the construction industry and working all over the world I really hope my colleagues and I are wrong and we don't end up in a recession as a result of the vote for many obvious reasons. Specifically for RL though, it is often our fan bases that are hit first and hardest in recessionary times, so there is likely to be a lot less money around in the game domestically, irrespective of how it affects us internationally, such as the NRL being even more dominant. For me yesterday was a very sad day, but at least we've had some cracking games to lighten my mood.
  7. Finally a few posts at the end talking about the game rather than swearing at each other and calling the sport a disgrace. Given how the vote went yesterday and how RL territories were overwhelmingly Brexit, I thought people would be feeling a bit less angry today.
  8. There's two issues here - player welfare and player performance. Standards and expectations change over time as to what is acceptable in terms of risk of serious injury and death, thankfully in the less tolerant direction, and ensuring our players don't end up cripples like lots of other professional sports people have done will become an increasing priority over the years. As such Eorl is just voicing his views on this and whilst I love the collisions and intensity I don't wish permanent damage on anyone regardless of how tough things were in our youth. Playing fewer games would certainly reduce risk to players, as would ensuring adequate recovery and scheduling of matches. Our current off season is ridiculously short when you consider that this should only partly be about recovery and holiday time, and moreso about performance development. I'd hazard a guess that 5 months training pre-season might be ideal (when you look at athletics for example) to develop skills, conditioning and power, and a meagre few weeks (which is all our international players get) allows for no progression physically out of season at all. You won't get 5 months but 3-4 isn't out of the question. It's not as though the majority of income comes from gate receipts although you'd need to give something else to Sky (more games per week?) maybe to compensate them. So I'd actually be very supportive of having a minimum turnaround between games, a maximum number of games any player can play each year, and a protected minimum duration of off-season for every player. It's safer, the matches would be more intense and our players would demonstrably improve. Maybe we'd even beat the Aussies!
  9. Well said Kris.
  10. I'd like a team in Super League that was both of strategic value and proved that they were worth it on merit ideally. Pin on map expansion isn't going to work. So with all that in mind I wonder if Toulouse can move up the pyramid and get in - I think they'd be a valuable addition. From closer to home a successful Bradford would be great (once they sort out their crater of a stadium). And after my own decade in the North East which included a modest lost investment in the Thunder I'd hope they can continue to grow and in time make it into the top flight. It's a bit different I know but I do think a well funded London team would a good addition to the NRL and I'd love to watch them.
  11. Oddly enough based on what I read on I was actually quite positive about this training stint. Maybe I am naive and gullible but as read it sounded great - I think our UK players could learn enormous amounts from training with sprint groups or genuine Olympic wrestling coaches rather than doing the stuff churned out by our former pros turned conditioning coaches. I'm a mid forties career professional and reckon I could still rate higher than plenty SL players in sprinting, aerobic fitness and power to weight ratios! What actually got me more worked up was hearing that the BBC thought this was worthy of covering on TV given their contemptuous disregard for the NZ series. We've all got our buttons that set us off I suppose...
  12. Just because someone disagrees with you quite politely you think it's appropriate to start throwing around insults? For what it's worth I think Ferres is good enough to get more than the odd run off the bench despite the other players who are on the roosters books. Not that having an opinion either way is really worthy of getting too worked up about it though.
  13. Embarrassing? In most of his internationals he's been world class, and you might have noticed some other pommie forward doing ok in the NRL who arrived with less fanfare. I suspect he'll do great despite the competition for places. And I'd be pretty sure he's not taken a pay cut to go to the Roosters either.
  14. Yes I'll second that. Well done and good luck!
  15. Interesting. When I read SM's most recent article in RLW I think it claimed that the second test was like watching an NRL game without the superstars and that each team could fit under the salary cap such was level of talent on display. Now it wasn't a great game but I've seen some woeful NRL matches genuinely devoid of superstars and without half the defensive intensity or closeness of score to keep it interesting. And isn't RTS an NRL superstar? Hall, O'Loughlin, Watkins etc aren't shabby and I'd have them over the 'superstars' on show in a Knights vs Tigers game any day of the week. So it seems the lack of respect might actually be a little closer to home than SM realises?