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  1. Merry Christmas to all our Raiders Family.. Ron, hope to see you soon all the very best.
  2. AGM

    Hi Michael An AGM will be announced after Christmas and is expected to be in February where we hope to present 2015 & 2016 accounts which will be finalised in January. That would allow us to present up to date accounts at AGM's in the future instead of a year behind. Merry Christmas
  3. yes I
  4. I agree with the Logo being a little dated but as has been mentioned the cost would be substantial to change it all at once. If we look to the future it can be minimised by a slower introduction and planned change. I have always loved the old crest and personally I feel it creates a stronger bond to the area. Something to discuss possibly for next season and perhaps we can put a pole on the website to see what the fans want?
  5. welcome back York
  6. Thanks for being so understanding Phil and I promise we will look into some sort of benefit for the Season Ticket Holders purchased before the change of game day. Again apologies for any misunderstanding and we have taken onboard your observation as we value all our supporters not only from purchase but throughout the whole season.
  7. sorry double post
  8. I personally missed most of the games last season due to work commitments and my wife only used 3 tickets from her season ticket book. When you look at the cost in comparison to the gain Phil only needs to make 7 games out of the possible 11 or 12 home games to save money. I must correct you as we did not mislead season ticket holders, the early early bird was advertised as it is £99 each. there is nowhere we said games would be on a Sunday, however as I say I will look at how we can reach a happy medium.
  9. Sorry to hear that Phil it was not intentional just an oversight on our part. Perhaps we can make it up to the season ticket holders who cant make the game on a Saturday. I have a couple of ideas to put to the Board that I hope you will be happy with.
  10. York are almost guaranteed to start the season giving us a home tie instead of our Bye. The format is this coming season that the team winning the super 8's is automatically promoted with teams 2 to 5 going into a playoff. These fixtures are only until the super 8'S start then depending on league position teams will have either a further 3 or 4 home games. We dont have great home fixtures this coming season in the first part of the league and I do feel hard done by, however Keighley were in the same boat last season. I'm afraid until home and away fixtures return there is nothing we can do to change these this season (believe me I tried) so all we can do is continue to support and watch the Raiders as we really push for promotion this season coming. We will need as much support as we can get when the lower tier teams come to play us to finance all we are and hoping to achieve with Barrow Raiders. All your bums in the stands and feet in the popular end is not just financing the team but its ensuring the future of Proffessional Rugby League in South Cumbria through development programmes, Club and ground development and local association with clubs and schools. If fans decide they dont want to watch these games the only people who suffer are the Club, schools and the Players who knock their pan out even against weaker opposition. The only way to progress out of this division is with the support of the fans no matter what is thrown at the Club fixture wise. I hope to see you all at the games (even the ones we are expected to win) as we need a fantastic atmosphere for the good of all. PS dont forget the Academy U19's games on a Wednesday. Come and see the future stars of Cumbria and Barrow Raiders its great value and great entertainment. Mike
  11. where is the link for the commentary?
  12. not on this weekend but if your away and cant get the game and enjoy the full atmosphere of a winning team with over 1000 supporters, great after game speeches and a few beers after the game then try this for me being away and not making the game. Support the Raiders whenever you can. if you dont come through the gate we wont be on the radio...
  13. Come on Guys let's get the forum back up and running with points and crowd predictions Barrow v Rochdale 36-22 Crowd 1098
  14. Hi Stuart, it has been good here we even had a bit of sun. The forecast is a few light showers over the next few days with a breeze. The pitch has never had an issue with standing water and drains really well. There are two problem areas on the pitch which are the entrance from the players changing room and the 20 mtr line at the Willy Horn stand. These are being addressed but unfortunately it's in the hands of the Gods and the RFL. No jokes on the last statement