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  1. UKIPpery

    The whole thing about racism has been completely overblown by people of the left-wing. I will probably be voting for UKIP in May, and the issue for me as well as 80% of UKIP voters is a cultural one not a racial one. Rozanna Duncan is a sad deluded woman who sounds like she has mental problems. If UKIP had have vetted their candidates properly she wouldn't have even been allowed entry into the party. I am glad UKIP HQ kicked her ###### out but really they need to be so much more professional with these matters. Personally I just want to see the culture of my country defended. And for a multitude of reasons I don't think our government gives a hoot about doing that. Last year I visited Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania (just Pogradec) and Northern Greece. Why did I visit? Because I wanted to visit the true culture of proud nations that had not yet been ruined by globalisation and multiculturalism. Coincidentally on the flight there I sat next to a Bulgarian girl of 24 years who visited England for three weeks and she said that she hated London because she never met many English people whilst there. I completely understand her point. Sofia would not be Sofia without Bulgarians living there. When we consider the culture of indigenous peoples, the culture of third world countries, or even the culture of small nations such as Ireland or Scotland there seems to be a reverence for it. We have respect for Tomas de Zumalacarregui for defending Basque culture, or W. B. Yeats for defending Irish culture, yet nobody seems to give two damns about England. I will be visiting China on holiday on Tuesday and no doubt will see things that I don't see here in England. I hope I do. We rightly spend so much effort on defending biodiversity, well we should be doing the same for cultural diversity. As you can probably guess I have a dislike for globalisation, neoliberalism, multiculturalism, mass immigration, and multinational companies that I believe collectively are destroying some of the true greatness of our world, including my own England, the nation I cherish. That is why I am voting UKIP. Oh and just to note no I am not a 90 year old war veteran, I was born in the early 1990s actually.
  2. UKIPpery

    Unfortunately you are missing one important piece of information. (But then again if you get all your 'facts' from that rag The Guardian then what do you expect!!) The Green party member mocked up a UKIP 'online poster'. Using all the official type, logo, colours, layout etc, but instead writing things that were not official UKIP policies. He then distributed this around Twitter, but did not identify that it was 'a joke' ( yes I know many people alter election posters for laughs), hence it was considered official. I don't agree with policeman going round houses, I am worried about how the county police knew who had wrote it, and I really am unsure whether there is any laws concerning 'political campaign impersonating' Nevertheless I do not think it is good for politics for Labour to pretend being Conservative, for Conservative pretending to be Liberal, for Liberal being UKIP etc. I know this was online, but if it had been posted through my letterbox (a UKIP leaflet created by the Green Party) I would not consider that fair play. I don't think what the Green blogger did was right. (Oh and Julien Huppert the Muppet - who we will be saying au revoir to in 2015 - should keep his gob shut.)
  3. No! Not the people of Lancashire and Yorkshire! This is actually a BBC Scotland documentary that attempts to look at the similarities and differences between Scottish, and Finnish/Swedish/Norwegian, culture and politics. It is a shame programmes like this are only shown on BBC Scotland and on BBC Parliament. I must say my opinion of supposed "Nordic" culture has not changed. I am skeptical that the Finnish education system really is a good respresentation of real society without even the hint of competition, nor acceptance of academic hierarchy. However I think what the Norwegians did with their oil money is fantastic, and I think it's great that Sweden actually helps new mothers, putting babies first instead of the economy and $$$ (take note Osborne). It's a shame immigration was not mentioned. Sweden's naivety in the acceptance of mass immigration has hit the country hard but I think they are finally seeing sense. Strangely enough I completely disagree with the closing comments of the documentary. After interviewing a Swede who focuses on the uniqueness of Swedish culture, and a Norwegian who loves the friendly rivalry, it amazes me why he thinks a debate like this is about Europe. It is not - it is about Scotland and the United Kingdom. If Scotland wants to go it alone as an INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN NATION than they should go for it. No Scot I know of wants to become a province of Europe. Even in our modern age an independent Scotland will be completely different to a devolved Scotland. We should never forget the importance of self-determinism and natonal sovereignty. iPLAYER LINK HERE
  4. Stobart sponsorship deal & truck spotting

    I refuse to believe that any of you have seen any Super League lorries without PICTURES! Camera in one hand, drive with the other = it's that simple guys!!!* * ShotgunGold will not be held responsible for any crashes you might sustain
  5. A lot of things are on my mind at the moment but the main thing is how many characters our status updates are allowed to be because at this moment I seem to be able to keep on typing and the text is getting longer and it doesn't look like it's about to stop and this must be approaching 500 characters now so I'm going to stop now but I'm glad I have finally got this curious wondering out of my mind now and I can finally rest kowing that I have done something very useful today :D

  6. I agree with 2 and 3, of which Wigan certainly do have. With 1 I disagree a little. You spend the cap, that is all. It's HOW you spend the cap which is important and obviously that ties in with having a great coach. Having the extra money is great for building up the club off-the-field, but once you've spent the cap that's crucial in the results you get throughout the year.
  7. Sad news - Terry Newton

    Just heard about it now. Thought it was a rumour at first... RIP man.
  8. French Update

    What percentage of Elite One and Elite Two players are French/North African? Does it vary hugely between clubs or are they all quite consistent in the number of Aussies/Kiwis they have? Is there a foreign quota like in Super League? What are fans saying about the forthcoming European Cup? For it, against it, optimistic, excited, not expecting anything but a win, worried about any teams in particular, much faith in Goulding etc etc One of the games is being held at Albi Tigers home ground isn't it? Thanks for any answers.
  9. I was going to start a similar thread. I really want a Huddersfield Giants v Wigan Warriors final! Saints v Leeds would just be -_-
  10. I don't think league in this country has enough "casual fans". It seems like most who are a fan of the game goes to a good few games a season at the very least. Union and the NRL both have that fanbase which will very occasionally go watch matches, or turn up to big matches. It's almost as if it's the same group of fans upholding the bulk of season tickets, Challenge Cup, CC Semi-Finals, CC Wembley, England internationals, World Club Challenge, Millenium Magic, SL play-offs and GF. Obviously lack of media coverage and the matches on Sky effect this, but probably more so is the location of clubs. But hey that's the way it is. I actually think that League fans are some of sports most loyal and am amazed by how well most matches and events are supported by what is, compared to football/union, a small fanbase.
  11. A Question from a RU Fan.

    When I first watched RL the scrum was the only time when I went WTF. It's the worst bit about the game and something needs changing. Don't actually know how it needs to change, but it does!! I can't imagine how many people it puts off the game when they are watching for the first time. When I am explaining the game to a friend (which is pretty regular) I just keep quiet when a scrum happens!!
  12. Daily Telegraph Australia Sydney Morning Herald After the progress they had made in the Pacific Cup, this is a big blow to PNG. I thought he was a great coach, but even if they were to replace him with someone better I doubt the results could be achieved because obviously this coach would only have four weeks preparation before they face The Kangaroos in Sydney. Why do you think he left though - it sounds to me like he's using St George Illawarra to cover up the feuds. PNG could have got third place in this years tournament. England did poorly last year on home soil, and awful in Australia in 2008. Remember the game in Townsville finished 32
  13. Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos

    Absolutely fantastic match, shows what the Play-Offs were really about. Took agggges to make the decision, but in the end the kick was oh so slightly short. Wigan will have to do it the hard way.
  14. Trouble at Harlequins?

    I've spoken before about my views of Harlequins not being a "real team" with a shared identity and a turbulent history, and so whilst this is sad news I really hope it puts an end to the Fulham/Crusaders/Broncos/Harlequins team. Honestly - as in Fulham/Crusaders/Broncos/Harlequins 1980-2010 RIP. What London needs is a new team to represent them in the Super League or the Championship. The reason I'm saying Championship is in a city of 8 million and with so many aims, I think the key aims can be strengthened by having a Championship team and channeling effort into key areas. Lets look at some of the things a London Super League club is supposed to do... A. Be an example for all London junior players that they can get to the top B. Be part of the development of future London born rugby league players C. Give London fans of the game a chance to see and support a team week in week out. D. Teach the rules of the game to Londoners (I mean in a spectator sense not a player sense) and persuade them to become real fans of the game. E. Gain media coverage in the city for the club and the game F. Win matches and trophies. Now Harlequins have been hitting... A, B and C. But have not been hitting D, E or F. Due to the timescale that they have been involved in the league, surely it is time to concentrate on developing London players, and then once that is sorted (probably another 10 years), then concentrate on winning London fans and the London media over. You've got to admit that HRL do have a harder job than other Super League clubs as they get next to nothing local media coverage and it's full of people who don't even know the rules of the game let alone not just people who are simply not interested. A Championship team would partly hit criteria A, hit B, hit C, won't hit D because lets face it SL is always going to appeal to people more than Championship games, I certainly don't think they'll lose the little of E they get, and well they could do well with F. So yeh, personally I think a new professional London Championship side (setup in the same way as the SW Scorpions with the fans picking names, emblems, full of Londoners), the London Skolars and another new London team in Championship 1 or Conference National would be better for the London game than a failing Rugby Union Super League team. And it would be better for Super League which I really don't think 'needs' a team in the capital and of course it would free up another licence spot for Leigh or Toulouse or someone. Just my take anyway. Edit: Strangely stumbled upon this from 2001. Would seem London have always had trouble...
  15. Sticking at it in wrexham

    I believe they're around