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  1. More money in the RFL's pocket is surely a good things, especially with the drop in Sport England funding.
  2. I cancelled Sky last year because of ridiculous price increases, so £3.49 for a one of international is fine by me.
  3. I'm surprised he still has a job, I though Widnes were the Leicester of Super League.
  4. I hope they don't get promoted, SL players have mortgages.
  5. That doesn't mean anything. He might not have realised france was far away from Australia, so he doesn't have to honour contracts.
  6. Smith is quoted on TotalRL as saying there will be a few less grey hairs around the place, he certainly doesn't seem bothered.
  7. Whereas if Warrington said to him, don't bother turning up to preseason, we don't want you any more he'd probably Sue them.
  8. Does any other sport leach players like RL? Do snooker players head over to bowling? Do curlers become jockeys?
  9. And don't forget a bigger prize for the crossbar challenge at half time!
  10. Congrats buddy, you didn't mention Leigh!
  11. Highland Spring must be paying rugger all!
  12. I believe Ben Cockayne is preparing a statement courtesy of whichever two teams don't reach the 4nations final, explaining that these players deserve the prize money because Christmas is coming and they need to buy stuff
  13. Probably still resetting a scrum somewhere.
  14. I hope England chose to put early pressure on the opposition instead of kicking penalties in the next couple of games.