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  1. It should encourage teams to be more competitive and earn the chance to be the top 4. If you haven't got enough points then it's hardly a fault of the system.
  2. I do hope that along with this restructure there is a major look at youth development also.
  3. Widnes voted FOR yet Dennis Betts was in the media last week saying P&R could kill the game?
  4. Looking forward to seeing the "interesting details" of where our game is now in the League Express when the full details haven't yet been released.
  5. With Toulouse launching their SL 2015 bid, how would you fit them in now? Especially as two teams will have already been relegated, I suppose the only way you could do it is by relegating three teams. Placing them back into the Championship would still mean someone unfairly losing a place.
  6. Looks great. Then mix the top teams up with the bottom of SL and you have an interesting and hopefully very entertaining and intense competition of its own.
  7. Here is Twitters take on todays developments. There will be NO new Rugby League fans ever again because of the new structure (League freak said that, does that guy ever say anything positive about our game?) Rugby League will be bankrupt within a few years. The RFL are only in it for themselves. And sit around eating biscuits all day. It's going to be a disaster. The new structure is purely a distraction to stop people talking about clubs in financial difficulty. It is total madness and the RFL "better have a bloody good reason" Nobody gets the new structure (I doubt the majority have even read about it) Rugby League is now dead Richie Mathers thinks there should surely be change on a day when major change has been announced. It's quite disheartening looking through twitter to be honest. The full details of the restructure have yet to be announced and already alot of fans have completely written the idea off. One person even tweeted he has lost interest in Super League purely because of this decision and will only watch the NRL in future (although I suspect he is being a bit of a drama queen). But what is it about Rugby League that makes fans turn against it so often? There is barely a bit of RL news these days that isn't met with a huge amount of negetivity by fans. Personally I think it's going to be very interesting, especially seeing the top championship clubs playing against Super League clubs to fight for a place in the next seasons SL. Within those games I think there will be just as much intensity as those fighting for a place at Old Trafford. I do wonder how sponsorship will work across the leagues with them eventually coming together in a way. But I dont think there will be any trouble getting TV coverage. If anything, I think the new format will encourage multi-channel coverage.
  8. I don't like the fact that Gentle brought over a player from a feeder club in Australia in Miller. I'm glad Pearson is going for Local talent, there must be plenty of young decent players over here without bringing in unproven Aussies.
  9. Instead of other clubs getting that money, they should invest it in a way that lets Bradford fans in to a couple of games for free. Partly as a thankyou to the fans who donated to help keep the club alive last year and partly to attract new fans by giving them a free sample.
  10. I suppose you're right (again lol). The internet does seem to distort things sometimes. When I woke up this morning it was a fev fan in hospital, then it came out it was actually a Fax fan.
  11. haha I'd pay extra for that issue! (50p at the most though )
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