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  1. Poor lad's having a rare old time of it. Apparently his father in law is taking him to court.
  2. I had no idea they used virtual ones. I was actually admiring the paint job the other day and thinking what a great job they've done, blending those colours of the Betfred logo together. I was trying to work out how on earth they'd do it.
  3. If Wilkin did join the Sky team, for god's sake don't put him on Saints games. It surprises me they still put Phil on Wigan games.
  4. What a massively ridiculous decision! But at least it evens it out, so no excuses.
  5. I'm surprised he's been picked after this!
  6. Give over with your facts. It's more to do with Leeds than what happened on't pitch mate.
  7. Could be worse, imagine making fans pay to go down south ?
  8. I'm enjoying Wolfie's on going beef with David Fifita.
  9. Great work by Warrington. I love what they're doing this year, plenty of fun n games. I wonder how many circles they'll do haha.
  10. Some of his best friends are from Leeds!
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