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  1. StevieM13

    Salary Cap

    Parksider will be along in a moment to show you the error of your ways
  2. Morley, Westwood and Atkins with possibly Higham. No other will make the final squad.
  3. StevieM13

    Hull KR fans

    Apparently Cas fans self policed during the chanting. The Cas club put out tannoy announcements immediately and used cameras to identify the perpetrators. Expect a massive fine for Wigan then.
  4. StevieM13

    Hull KR fans

    It's been on every 5Live sports bulletin all afternoon, and the same on Radio2.
  5. StevieM13

    Gonna be tasty at leeds on Saturday

    Peacock is captain. He has to rally his troops. Leuluai was wrong to run so far to abuse McGuire, and so was Clarke with his pathetic comments. Wigan will be favourites, and with all that is at stake it should be a hell of a game.
  6. Keith Macklin and David Watkins. Went to the old Fartown few times.
  7. StevieM13

    Disciplinary this week

    The Briers one was worse than the Buderus effort because Briers was not effecting a correct tackling technique. He had hands between legs and lifted.
  8. StevieM13

    Why are Referee's running the Line?

    I was referring to Gilmour when he failed to make any attempt to go for the ball and for making contact with a player off the ground as King leapt for the Briers cross kick and was then adjudged by the VR to have knocked on. It should have been a penalty to Warrington.
  9. StevieM13

    Hull KR fans

    Could be some Stonewalling going on here........unless of course someone at the ground makes a complaint. I wonder if it was in the match commissioners report.
  10. StevieM13


    I would guess that the Saints team of that era would have supporters cramming up the buses to follow them wherever they played. Cas is round the corner. Salford with Watkins, Fielding were a bit of a glamour club back then. Are attendances from nearly 40 years ago really relevant to this era?
  11. StevieM13

    Salary Cap

    Those clubs that are able to spend the maximum cap already attract the best players, so how does that differ from a free market? Where does wage inflation enter the equation? Super League created wage inflation of extreme proportions when the first News money came into the game. Are you saying that the men behind the top clubs are so incapable of realising that e.g crowds, hospitality and merchandise are so important that they would fail to continue to tap these vital revenue streams and simply spend their own money? The production lines at Saints, Leeds, Wigan etc are there because of the astute management of the clubs and the existence of strong amateur leagues in those areas, plus an ability to attract kids from elsewhere. How is the competition more even? What indicators are you using to assert this assumption? The Ceteris Paribus rule does not apply simply because all other things are not and never will be equal. You say if you have money you are in, but it doesn't actually work like that. The ability of a club to compete should not be determined by preventing investment, it should be determined by an ability to meet it's obligations. If you have got money you are in, as you say.Scrap the cap, it's there in name only anyway.
  12. StevieM13


    No matter how many times I have rearranged those three words it still makes a nonsensical reply from you. I thought it was a very interesting tactic that does not appear to have been picked up on. In the wakefield vs Hull FC game a couple of months ago, Kirk Yeaman was called offside at the play the ball when he was getting back into the line from the previous play. He was in roughly the same position as Tuson relative to the play the ball but not deliberately so. He scored but the try was chalked off. I would be interested to know, from any match officials on here, why Tuson was not penalised for deliberate offside and trying to distract defenders by mving towards them when the ball was played.
  13. StevieM13

    Hull KR fans

    I think the OP has a very fair point. Chanting does not endanger players, it shows a lack of understanding of their sensibilities, the poor luvs. There did appear to be just one incident of a lighter making it's way on to the playing surface, though the Sky cameramen and broadcast editor may have picked up more and declined to the pictures. I didn't see hordes of KR fans down at the front of the stand making efforts to trespass on to the playing surface and assault the Wigan players either, then again the cameras were not down at that end too much. Did the match officials see more than we were shown and make the decision not to insist the Wigan players stood behind the posts, or were the KR supporters so uncontrolled by the club stewards that player safety could be compromised. Either way, it looked terrible and that one incident could actually do the image and reputation of the game massive harm. Huge fine for Wigan failing to have sufficiently well trained stewards to prevent player safety possibly being compromised, and a huge fine for Rovers for not asking their fans to behave properly at all times.
  14. StevieM13


    Out of interest, what is the population of Featherstone and when did a crowd at PO Road exceed that? I don't think Featherstone will ever be invited to join SL.