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  1. As much as I am against DR and would much prefer a mandate that all clubs run a "Reserves Team" I am eagerly awaiting the reaction of the Angelic Cynic, Leigh have been his nemesis for the last couple of seasons, will he commit Hara-Kiri or will he be applauding any loanee's who will adorn the Eagles crest.
  2. Leigh's start as you say is a baptism of fire, but even if they only take 2 points from the first five games but have been competitive and not trounced, that could do them well for the games ahead, but they do need a good squad not just a good team to keep some momentum going. You say you live near the LSV, but you have not picked up the dialect Christoff, the pronunciation is not "Leigher's" (Lee-hers) it is "Leythers" (Ley, as in weigh, ther as in the first part of Thursday).
  3. At least a good number of the Toronto players and coach know the ground very well😜
  4. This country and the world even, is littered and strewn with companies that have overspent/over invested in the hope that they will kick on to greater and better things, the company and its management in Bradford that ran the professional Rugby League club are no different in that respect that they tried and failed. Green's failure was the advise he accepted and acted upon in the employment of his senior management (coaches) and subsequently that managements choice of his "hands on personnel" (players) who ultimately proved that they were not upto the required standard to complete the job in progress, albeit they came within a whisker of achieving their goal. Was Green unlucky in that the same monies could have been invested and he would have gained the success he desired had he been advised better?
  5. Looking forward to it. A real competitive "Battle of the Borough"
  6. Not to divert the thread, but are you forgetting Toronto Parky, and to a lesser extent Toulouse, maybe when one or both of these two make SL you could well be right.
  7. Losing the window to see who is online is not good.
  8. Almost definitely, we have debated and most probably exhausted the pro's and con's of the triple 8's to which some of us are going to be happy and some not so come the evaluation meeting of the system later this year, as far as we supporters are concerned it is che sera sera. Parky, you have championed the straight promotion with a years amnesty from relegation for a while now, could you please explain how you would see the mechanics of this system working if it were to be introduced, I interpret from what I have read that the promoted club can not be relegated the first season, that being so, is :- (1) Is promotion/relegation in this system going to be a bi-annual event (2) In the event that the promoted club (unlikely) does not finish bottom in the first season, will the club finishing in last place be relegated, and the winners of the Championship be promoted. (3) Will the 11th placed SL club should the promoted club (likely) finish bottom in the first season be relegated, and the winners of the Championship be promoted. If the answer is (1) the bi-annual approach, how would that be deemed fair on the team that wins the Championship in the "fallow" season, and would if such a system was introduced would it not encourage those Championship teams with ambition to spend over their means to try to gain promotion in the promotion year, and what about the demoted SL team, no pathway back to SL, massively reduced funding, this year at least HKR supporters have a purpose, would the club have kept continuity with their supporters and sold all those season tickets if this season didn't matter. It may well be that the Championship gets funding reverted back to 300K as you mention under such a system, considering the team that gets promoted will only realise promotion come the Championship Final, the last game of the season, surely the team they will be entering SL with will become the whipping boys in the first year, effectively devaluing the SL. For the reasons in the last paragraph, there is no one left to sign at this late stage of the season for a promoted club to sign players of SL quality, excepting for the demoted clubs players who would/could be in shop window, that is why normal P&R each season could not work, but for me there are to many imponderables that are to difficult or impossible to assess by having a bi-annual promotion/relegation system, as much as it would appease the promoted club, it could be the death knell for the relegated one.
  9. It is what it is Parky, you and others make this system sound as though it was cobbled together a couple of weeks before it was introduced, I can't blame Bradford for taking the gamble to spend what they did in 2016 considering that they were a few minutes from achieving their goal the previous season, and HKR found themselves in a position they should have been nowhere near has they had two years effective preparation should they find themselves 80 minutes away from relegation after being awarded £3.65M to help them along in maintaining SL survival. Bradford tried they weren't successful and I will lay that fairly and squarely with the players, I watched the 3 games v Leigh and although Leigh took 5 of the 6 points on offer there wasn't the thickness of a cig paper between them, losing to teams (with no disrespect to those teams) on paper they should have beat should not have happened, they had the quality, to me they must not have had the attitude. I am sure that had they been in the top 4 they would have gained momentum from it, had it been them not Leigh who gained promotion fair enough, but otherwise they could be claiming a big call this coming season. Hull KR, most definitely should be lining up in SL this year, it is no one's fault only their own they are not, so don't go blaming the system that it is that which is decrying the competition of "big city" games and derby's, it is down to the club's themselves. Yes, I am fortunate to support a club which found a benefactor to finance it to get the players to give us the opportunity to gain promotion, but our game is littered with the money man being a salvation for a lot of clubs to either get them or maintain them in SL.
  10. I have never ever been a fan of these pre-season so called match-up's/friendlies/run-out's call them what you will, they obviously have a purpose as far as the coaches are concerned, but to charge the speccies to watch these training sessions is quite ridiculous.
  11. I think this is were there can be a divide in SL, that is if it is down to them wether this system stays are not. The previous vote you quote was a walk into the unknown for the SL teams, now that we have had 2 seasons of the 8's, the first were status quo was maintained and the second which lost one if it's number how do you think the vote would go a second time? Will they go for the auto trap door of relegation, or a system that places more than one club in the play offs for relegation, but, I believe with a better chance of avoiding the drop.
  12. No HKR in the top 4 of the Championship, want a wager Ben?
  13. Still having to refresh, when I select either NEXT or the following page number.
  14. I sincerely hope that this system is maintained, especially for the middle 8's, it seems to me that a lot of the posters (not all) who are against it are from clubs who may or have already been threatened by the ultimate consequences of finishing in the bottom four of the SL, under the closed shop licensing fiasco those not involved in SL but with ambition had nowhere to go no matter how well they did, being a supporter of one of those teams come the end of each season there was a flat feeling, in this system albeit the prospects of promotion are very thin there is a purpose to strive for from the Championship, and even a purpose for those bottom 4 SL clubs not to suffer the ignominy of relegation instead of sitting smugly looking down below the trap door saying "know your place" We have had two seasons, the middle 8's have brought passion, surprise, excitement, heartache, relief and even despondency not only for the clubs involved, but for RL followers in the main. To me what makes the middle section really work, is that it is a new competition within the season, the bottom 8 still have relegation to avoid so there is still some meaning for some of the clubs till the end of the season, and we will still have the usual culprits vying for the top of SL, the problem area for me is for the clubs in both divisions who finish in "no man's land" those being in SL the clubs avoiding the bottom 4 but outside of making a push for a top 4 spot, and in the Championship not making the top 4 but far enough away from possible relegation. It is these two areas that need addressing, but leave the middle as it is.
  15. Saw, Willie Tonga at Training prior to Xmas, if he plays half as well as he has evidently prepared himself as he looks in incredible shape he will have one heck of a season.