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  1. Paterson or Langi ? Paterson defending in the centres he is like a windmill, stationary with big outstretched arms, anyone who runs outside of that reach they run past him. Langi, i may be being a bit previous here, I missed Hudds but what I saw at Wire the previous week SL is a step to far for him or maybe two steps to far, definitely not the quality a SL club should be signing. Great statement "Jukes will do his customary raffle" i have heard that DB is protecting him to the hilt on Social Media, this is a no win situation for the fans who believe he is out of his depth, if he takes us down we lose, if we somehow manage to stay up no doubt DB will see him as the saviour and we will have to put up him again next year. Our defence is totally disorganised, and the offence - if you can call it that - is totally flat, no structure, no second phase options, at least 4 drives out of every set and finished of by the least effective kicking game in the comp. We need Wire to beat Widnes and we need to beat Salford on Friday to give us the better fixtures for finishing in 11th spot, for God's sake lets hope that Jukes can try something different, what have we to lose, his methods, game plans and structures have got us exactly were we deserve to be, bottom.
  2. Mosoe can make a huge difference for the 20- 30 mins he plays in a game, whoever plays against HKR have to play the "rope a dope" as Micheal Monaghan did with Feka Palleaaesina in the Wire v Wigan challenge cup match, when he kept running the ball at him, he completely knackered him out.
  3. Hopefully Wire beat Widnes, to give us a very outside chance of getting 11th spot by beating a Salford team who may have half an eye on the following weeks semi, the fixtures for 11th are more favourable than the fixtures for 12th as they should be.
  4. Please tell me how this can be 'fast tracked' to suit the needs and requirements not only TWP would need but also to furnish the other N.A. hopefuls if indeed they do come to fruition, read the Ryan Brierley thread how he believes in his experience that they "have to start young". To satisfy the future not just a few kids would have to take up the sport but multiple numbers to form competitive leagues to allow the best kids to advance in representative intertown/city or regional games, MINIMUM 20 years starting today to produce players good enough to try to compete with the best Championship teams, longer for SL quality. I wasn't going to post again but your colleague Captain Survival addressed me, so I thought it only manners to post a reply on the subject.
  5. Have a look at the other HKR thread Stevie, I hope explained myself in there, albeit you will disagree with me and I would not expect anything other, after all we will be in direct competition.
  6. Thought I would have a look at this being a new thread, but you have hit the nail on the head as far as I am concerned, I am one who falls into your categorie +1, I have got peed of with all the drum banging and back slapping and group orgies of compulsive "likes" at the mere mention of their name. Quite surprising as I write this not many of the usual suspects have logged onto this thread yet, but there is time I did try to PM you, but the site will not let me, it says you can not receive personal mails.
  7. My Leigh team. 1. John Woods 2. Des Drummond 3. James Leuluai 4. Neil Turley 5. Ian Schubert 6. Alexander James Murphy 7. Shane Varley 8. Derek Pyke 9. Kevin Ashcroft 10. David Chisnall 11 Mick Martyn 12 Tommy Martyn 13 Harry Pinner Subs 14 Tony Iro 15 Jimmy Fiddler 16 Denis Boyd 17 David Eckersley
  8. There is but not when it effects one personally, anyone wants their own to succeed even if it is at someone else's expense.
  9. And that is what makes this mini comp so intriguing, our third year in it and I have enjoyed it immensely.
  10. Spot on Tre, and I go every week. But one lives in hope, maybe the experience in the team will realise and do what is needed, i.e. play their own game.
  11. And I honestly think they will have their hearts broken for the second year in succession, when they came to Leigh in the cup they thoroughly deserved their victory no question, but the stand out player from both teams was young Jordan Abdul he absolutely ran the game, I should imagine they will lack a lot of inspiration and go forward with his continued absence.
  12. As it would be for the fans of any other team if they were to be relegated, but I suppose they don't matter in the bigger picture.
  13. Sorry I misread your post, the rest totally agree with.
  14. An upset, that would be putting it mildly, seriously, will the Fiji team not be populated by players that AUS have rejected from their selection criteria, i.e. not of a good enough standard to be considered. Am I correct in assuming they would all qualify to play for Australia? Thinking about it, that is great motivation for the Fiji team who would probably start out at 100 MPH, but I think that the AUS cream would rise to the top as the game progressed, way to much class. We can all hope that the game is bigger than the occasion and AUS don't win it, but sadly I do think it will be a one horse race, but as I said before I hope the English team proove me wrong.