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  1. I can just about stomach Match of the Day when the games are condensed to about 7/8 mins duration, I have tried watching a live game on a couple of occasions but the only benefit I got from it was that for me it is a great cure for insomnia.
  2. A buisness colleague of mine has a box at Old Trafford and on at least 3 occasions I had to turn down his invitations to accompany his party to watch United and to be wined and dined with free transport provided, I came up with some feasable explanations why it would not be possible to attend - because I respected his hospitality and did not want to offend him - but in reality it was because twice it conflicted with Leigh East fixtures and the third one because the Centurions were playing.
  3. Last night's result at Leeds makes it all the more important for both teams to get a victory from this game, still can't see past Saints coming out on top though.
  4. Well, well done EW, I bow in the presence of a superior intelligence, your reading of the situation was nothing if not brilliant. P.S. post me with this Saturday's lottery numbers please.
  5. I can half agree with you Woody, the intensity week in week out is unquestionably far greater in the NRL than it is in the SL and the Aussie based players should gain from that, but an observation of watching "our guys" performing in that environment is that they become stereotyped, by that I mean that in the NRL a player has a very definative job he is employed to do and their is no room for deviation from that roll, they would be encroaching on other teammates functions and game plans. For an example fans at Leigh are questioning what does Glen Stewart bring to the team, having watched the NRL for many many years, I reversed the question and asked them what they expected of him, they said being an International and SoO player they thought he would break tackles, set up plays, be a good passer of the ball etc, I replied that has never ever been his game, he is simply a defensive player, a good defensive player that is why and how he gained the Rep honours, he had a role to fulfill and did it well, that is the player Leigh now employ don't expect anything else. So, I do wonder that we should take our game to them in International contests, stop trying to emulate what they do throughout the match, but, with Bennett in charge it will stay the same, it is what he knows, it worked for him in a coaching capacity for NZ, and so it should, all their players were familiar with the NRL systems. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I simply cannot see us winning the WC with Bennett at the helm, their coaches know his tactics, their players are familiar with his game plans, and bringing the best together that Aus can offer they will nullify him. We need a Powell type involved, as assistant coach Paul Deacon brought a game that the Aussies found hard to read, we need more of the same.
  6. Nothing more sure in life than rules in RL changing, but as history tells us, it does not always result for the better.
  7. In the opinion of the guy who selects the squad/team he may see Ratchford as some kind of insurance, i.e. someone who sits quietly in the background until such time that he is required to fill a hole because others have become unavailable. Personally, I to see him in this role, and I think because of his versatility he will be nailed on to go to the WC, simply because it is taking place out of season and it is on the other side of the World, not a good recipe to send for any replacements -if indeed the rules of the comp allow that, I don't know. I cannot see any of the positions he generally plays in where he would be the No1 choice, can you, if so which, perhaps if Mr. Smith had seen him as a regular and played him in particular position, he may have made that his own. So barring injuries etc, I will agree with your assumption.
  8. I Don't agree with you Double 'O', I think he makes some very valid points, that you choose not to agree with him is your prerogative, either put him on ignore as you say, or debate the point.
  9. Down the years that is a badge I could pin to the chest of a lot of International regulars for our national teams, my opinion, we all have one.
  10. Really, there must be a lot of them/us, I know my place Sir, sorry for my interference.
  11. Expect Leigh's forwards to hold their own against the Saints pack, but we will be beaten because we lack penetration and guidance from the half's and the backs are collectively not good enough to compete with the Saints three quarters.
  12. As I said Moc, "many people would debate that statement" I have heard -no names- he has got of lightly, if he didn't play for so and so, he would have got more. Names have also been mentioned on this site previously that the severity of the offence (useually after a judiciary following a televised game) that such a body got more matches for an offence not as bad, reasoning being he doesn't play for such and such club does he? I have been watching this game well over 50 years and this is something that I have heard on numerous occasions, a little like players getting overlooked for Rep selection because they do not play for a fashionable club. Have you never heard it said Moc? maybe if not the reason could be is I have probably been subjected to it more being a fan of one of the lesser fashionable clubs than your goodself, is it Leeds you Favour?
  13. Not wanting to seem to cynical in reply to your statement Dave, but I think many would debate that statement based upon 1. Who the player is? 2 Which club he plays for? So many times I have heard/read that players not so famous or with clubs of a much lesser standing have been fined/banned for similar offences to a much greater degree than their higher profile contemporaries.
  14. If the players who become available of SL pedigree go to other clubs other than TWP they may well get signed up on longer term contracts, and I would not be surprised to see many present SL clubs offering extensions to players contracts, all this removes the amount of goods for sale of the shelves.