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  1. Glad you don't mention Nobby Noble, the most over rated coach ever. Lucky to be in the right place at the right time taking over from Elliot, always thought his teams had only one diemention that being Plan A, and when that was not working revert to ........................................... erm Plan A. His CV has not been very good since leaving the Bulls, been found out and shown the door at a few clubs, he talks a good game though.
  2. Bollux for the good of the game, tell that to the Irish who will have trained themselves to a standstill, have played in oppressive conditions in Cairns and will do so again in Port Moresby, have taken and will be taking all the bangs knocks and bruises that goes with test match rugby, as far as I am concerned charity begins at home, I can identify better with the players of Ireland and appreciate that all the odds are against them in this game. C'mon the Wolfhounds.
  3. Actually Paul its 4 SL clubs within 12 miles. I am a Leigh fan of over 50 years, and we are what we are, yes a small fish in a big pond a small town of under 50K, but we have a belief and a passion, some would like to get rud of us and replace us with London because they have "potential", also your club because it is a fallen giant, or Tolouse and Toronto because they create expansion. But you know what I will be there again as always today, in the middle of and surrounded by a lot of fervent passion and for that hour and a half I won't give a toss about what is "good for the game" I will be no diffetent to any fan from Cas, Saints, Leeds or Hull over the last 2 evenings, I will be in attendance because my club is playing and like them I will want my team to win and any thoughts of the opposition I will have in that time will just be to defeat them. If people are going to criticise me for those feelings then go ahead, but whoever they are and whoever they support, 99% of them will like me be putting their own team first and foremost.
  4. Actually John remember the other day when you suggested I try harder Leighs average attendance this season has been 6521, Cats Dragons was 8777 just 2256 more or put another way 34%, not 50% and certainly not more, and I would suggest that in that number that Catalan enjoyed more away fans that Leigh recieved from other clubs. Perhaps Blues Ox is correct in that the population of the Perpignan area some 130000 are not as bothered about RL as some people would like us to believe they are.
  5. Or put another way Sam 6500 + 50% is 9750 6500 + 100% is 13,000 I cause arguments and confusion at parties
  6. Well I seem to have had my question "do clubs still have pay turnstiles" answerd and it is an emphatic yes from those who have replied. FWIW Padge, through the method of counting i mentioned and Leigh being an all ticket venue the away attendance for Wigan at the LSV was 1410.
  7. Head says Tolouse, heart would like Sheffield to take the spoils, they have had it quite rough for a couple of seasons and I would like Mr Aston to get some reward for all his hard work and dedication.
  8. Agree with your first statement, today is full of exitement and trepidation in equal amounts and throughout the RL viewing public they will all have the team they favour to win and maybe get involved with, I know that I did in the first two MPG's I thought they were superb theatre to watch. Please do not go there in what you say in your last sentence, one great rule in buisness is to never ever rubbish your opposition, you do not get thought of well for it and you do not know if the statements you make will come back to bite you in the ariss.
  9. Morning Parky, That first statement is only mischievous in your eyes because that maybe is something you do not want to happen. Secondly, on his suggested return to the AJ Bell he mentions the loyal supporters and friends that he will be joining, these will still be in existance, of course there will still be those who will resent him, but that will be nothing new. Do you not keep in touch or even visit old friends?
  10. If there is any truth in the saying "there's no smoke without fire" this interview may just have given a big hint regarding the future of the good doc. The was a lot of sincerity in the words from Mr Beaumont, and from the time he says they and their respective families spend together there must be a lot of mutual respect. The passage in which Mr Beaumont relates to walking out side by side at Wembley seemed to me to be more of an invitation and I should think that if he is "airing" that in public, it may have already been mooted in private. So, Dr Koukash has decided to leave a position that even through all his hard work and generosity found he/it was not recognised and even maybe reviled by some in the club and some of their supporters, so if he still maintains that love for the game and still has that drive and desire to keep his involvment he could do far worse than invest his time, energy and money with someone he trusts and knows he would be appreciated, and I am sure he would get a rapturous welcome from the Leigh fans should he decide that is were his future rests.
  11. OK then, just so long as you promise not to throw the ball about, make every pass stick and run like the wind!
  12. We all dream Tongy, even your goodself, you may possibly dream of the closed shop scenario, that to me is a nightmare.
  13. Have you not got something better to do, crack a few tinnies or cook some sausages or something, everyone is tipping a clear Leigh win, and we all now what happens to clear favourites, and nobody say they useually win, please. Weather absolutely attrocious with downpours today in Leigh, not expected to improve much, and forecast to pour down tomorrow morning and all through the match.
  14. In the Championship yes, but SL? Why would anyone want to pay on the turnstile, if you buy the away ticket through your own club then they get revenue from each ticket sale, paying at the venue your club doesn't recieve anything for that ticket sale.
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