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  1. Sport accord petition

    Probably, a non existing organisation blocking an other organisation to enter an other non exsiting organisation is quite something.
  2. Sport accord petition

    You guys realize that you need 40 ioc recognised active countries to be a member and that Sport Accord doesn't exist anymore ? Right ?
  3. This result is precisely the reason why they should be parachuted into SL...
  4. No, Montpellier is very much of an oddity for a city of its size.It has more stuff going on than bigger cities like Bordeaux or Lyon. Villeneuve becoming a basket case, St Gaudens struggling, Roanne nowhere to be seen, etc. are much more worrysome.
  5. Montpellier has something like 10 pro/semi pro teams in various sports. Fans and sponsors are allready spread too thin as it is.
  6. French RL exposure vs. other sports

    I suppose that TV rights is one way to mesure it: - Football 800 €M - Rugby Union: 95 €M - Basketball : 10 €M - Handball : 4 €M - Volleyball: 1.5 €M - RL/Ice Hockey/Women's leagues: nothing ? Ice hockey, volleyball or any women's pro sport (Basketball, football, handball) don't have any club as big than the Catalans, but have pro clubs spread all over the country. I'd personally ranked the sport as number 7 (after ice hockey). Then you have to factor the individual sports. As it is allready been said, Tennis and road cycling are some of the more popular sports here, then you could add stuff like alpine skiing, nordic skiing (biathlon mostly), athletics, boxing, judo, golf even, etc. When it comes to participation numbers, sports like Gridiron, Baseball or roller hockey are bigger than RL.
  7. What is debatable is to call the Championship a professional set tup, which is not. Besides, there is no extra media attention, there are no extra fans, no extra sponsorhip to play in that division. At best, revenues will be even, and costs will skyrocket. The only upside is that some french players will play in a slighty more competitve league. So, maybe we could lose against England by less than 40 points. Yipee ? Playing in the championship for the sake of playing in the championships serves no interest.
  8. Marseille has allready played in Elite some years ago. It ended badly, just like Bordeaux or Cannes did. Just like Montpellier likely will. "Elite" is not made for large cities where RL is a minor sport, but for small to medium cities where RL can shine as the prime spectator sport. Lyon might be the only exceptioon to this in the near future.
  9. It's the only club left in town, but it's not THE Marseille as the previous entity has gone bankrupt long ago. Moral successor if you want.
  10. 1,958

    Cut it to the twelve or so teams that could achieve an average of 10K on short term (some on your list will never achieve it).. Grow from it. If you ever achieve to get 18 or 20 teams at that level, think of P&R again. It's really that simple. It's the original 1995 SL plan which is still valid today.
  11. Try to run them through google translate. It might work.
  12. No, it's not. The french judo federation has been succesfull at blocking any MMA formal recognition in this country for the last 10 years. It's only one exemple I'm familiar with, but I'm sure one could find dozens of similar cases not related to rugby. It's first and foremost about power grabbing and state intervention, not RU.
  13. RL allready exists in these big cities, but he wants to bring them to Elite 1, wihich is complety silly as no one in these cities is even remotely interested by what Elite 1 has to offer. Basically, it comes down to the same issue we had for the last 20 years; what does constitute the french elite ? Is it the SL or our domestic top league ? Regarding, the rest of the "program"... It's a capital MEH... a mix bag of empty promises that we will do better than the previous ones because, reasons... The only positive side is that he doesn't seem as clueless business wise than the actual president. But, that - sadly - is.
  14. That IF you believe they can make to SL, something I and many others are very doubtfull of. A perennial championship side is not going to help anyone. Obviously, if we had a truly integrated european system with a well defined and fair pathway to Sl for french teams, we wouldn't have this discussion. The 'Elite" would have been downgraded to non elite statut, and any moaner (namely Carcassonne) would have been asked to work their way to SL or to shut up.
  15. It's the most ridicous idea I've ever read. Yet, I don't think it will have great consequences (positive or negative). Most likely, it's a publicty stunt aimed to be a short-lived experience that will help to establish the game in the area (and by establish I don't mean a canadian pro competition in 5 years, I mean a few new amateur clubs). The consequences for the english clubs will be close to none. The only looser here might be the RFL, which may loose an extra bit of credibility (depending on how badly it ends).