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  1. DoubleD

    Tongan Train on Squad

    Is he having a tummy tuck?
  2. DoubleD

    ‘League 1 South’

    I didn’t realise Bedford Tigers were that strong? I still think the Outlaws would be better off in NCL, travel would probably be less too. I feared this ship had sailed, the southern amateur game desperately needs a longer season at the top level, but it needs to be fully supported by RFL and competing clubs equally, not just left to a whim which sadly too many things are in RL
  3. A bit surprised he only got 2 games...............think he's lucky. That could easily have broken O'Brien's jaw/eye socket. By the laws of the game, the grading was probably correct, but he should've got the maximum 3 games for that given the severity in my opinion. I don't want this to turn into another disciplinary bashing thread but I think, in general, some punishments are overly lenient in the grading. It was needless and reckless. We need to be thinking about the next generation of players and what message does it send out if we don't protect the exciting pivots of the game and players of smaller stature (I realise the offender was actually a pivot in this occasion too). O'Brien has had a lot of head knocks in his career, I do fear he'll end up with some permanent damage from it.
  4. DoubleD

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink
  5. Yes but the question everyone wants answering is, will WWR be able to field a side away against Newcastle on the final game of the season? Or will they void it?
  6. Getting a full team on the pitch would be a start :). Then learning how to tackle. I should apply to be his assistant
  7. DoubleD

    Toronto Sends Bussey Packing

    He certainly bit off more than he could chew. I wonder if that's the last time we will see him in a Toronto jersey
  8. Quite, and it’s for that very reason that he never made it at the top level. Not sure why Kheirellah didn’t take the kick mind
  9. What are the issues with the stadium? That’s a lot of money to spend on a stadium that was only built 18 years ago. Is that a reduction in capacity then, because isn’t it 80 odd thousand at the moment? I’ve visited it but never seen a match there
  10. It’s not hard luck Dragons, they blew it. On the set when Hunt missed his kick they had 3 opportunities to get him the ball to have a shot but they left it till the last when the pressure was on the most. The Dragons played dumb finals footy, the wild blind offload from Dufty when they ran it on the last which led to a Souths try, to running it on the last again with a minute to go. They missed Widdop big time. Cameron Murray was immense and was the best player on the pitch. Really like watching him play. Tom Burgess and Cook also good for the Souths. The less said about George the better. Not a classic but a better second half and a tense finish
  11. I agree, but it’s not a great spectacle
  12. Been a fairly average game this so far, a bit disappointing. Hope the 2nd half improves
  13. I agree but The commentators flip from him being poor to being a world beater. He’s had a fairly average game but they’re now making out he’s been sensational
  14. Can someone enlighten me as to what they’re doing with the redevelopment of the ANZ stadium? Is it to make it more spectator friendly and create a better atmosphere?
  15. England Women will travel to face France in Carcassonne on Saturday, October 27th (KO 1.00pm BST/2.00pm CEST). The game will be played at the DOMEC Stadium as a curtain raiser to the 2018 European Championship Men’s game between France and Wales. This will be the first time that England Women will play a test match since they reached the semi-finals of last year’s Women’s Rugby League World Cup in Australia. A National Performance Squad have trained together throughout this season and the squad for the international test will be announced next month. England Women’s Head Coach, Craig Richards said, “The players have trained well on the National Performance Programme and a number of new additions have added some much-needed freshness to the squad. “This has also helped to create a competitive and challenging environment and competition is a good thing to help drive standards of performance with the RLWC2021 in mind. “For the France test I will be looking to select a balance of experienced players who have an understanding of the international stage and young players who have performed consistently well in the Women’s Super League and Origin games. “This test will allow us to continue to build our team culture, forge some team cohesion and gain some much-needed game preparation against a tough France team.”
  16. Hardly a surprise, Leeds have been terrible since McDermott left. They’re now playing not to lose, so, very turgid, cautious rugby last week and this
  17. That crowd tonight is embarrassing. I’m curious to see Lord Lenegans plan to improve things now he’s got his own way with the structure because currently Wigan are only going one way off the field
  18. DoubleD

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    Well we'll have to agree to disagree on that. I played union as a youngster and league as an adult and the transition is massive. And I only played wing/centre. Other positions are far harder Solomona grew up playing union so it was easy for him to adapt. Folau is a rare breed, who is multi talented and has been able to adapt easily. Benji was never going to make it in union - the game is completely different for halves. It took him a while to transition back to rugby but he's now playing some of his best stuff which is good to see. Yaha has about 10% chance of making it Fages/Escare would have about 1% chance of making it
  19. DoubleD

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    I'm not sure what you've been drinking Southerner but I would steer clear of it if I was you. I think you grossly underestimate the differences between the 2 games, transition is very difficult for most. Generally wingers are easiest, but even Charnley struggled
  20. That doesn’t sound like union, are you sure? 🤨
  21. Come on DP, I was relying on you! It’s surprisingly difficult to get information on the South African setup. This is the best I can find but not sure how upto date it is. Seems a lot of clubs
  22. Do you know if the South African league has expanded? Looks more teams than I remember
  23. DoubleD

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    Have they discovered the mobile phone yet?