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    Who needs enemies?

    For those wanting a more positive perspective, head over here.........this was published after the signing of Widdop. Glass is more half full
  2. Well well, this is comical, you couldn’t make it up 😂😂
  3. DoubleD


    That he has a plan B 🤦‍♂️
  4. DoubleD

    World Club Challenge

    Wigan will get slaughtered
  5. DoubleD

    Widdop - Wire

    Is that because he’s keen to experience the life and sights of Warrington?
  6. DoubleD

    Have we given up on Russia Russia head coach Denis Korolev has been a guest at Toulouse over the past week, learning from Sylvain Houles. Korolev has been observing Olympique’s preparations for the upcoming Championship season under former French international and now coach, Sylvain Houles. Russia are currently preparing for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup qualifiers with Scotland and either Greece or Norway in the autumn. On his visit to Toulouse, Korolev said: “I have long wanted to visit a professional team that performs at a high level. “When you see their processes, ask questions, share and hear opinions and practices, that can only be good for developing your knowledge-base and experience. It was extremely interesting as well as useful. “Sylvain’s entire staff gave me a wonderful opportunity, they were so prepared to share, and I cannot thank them enough for that, they made my week with them immensely enjoyable as well as productive. “Hopefully this is the start of a closer link between the nations too, that is the plan with the French Federation.” Korolev, who is also president of the Association of Russian Rugby Klubs which helped preserve the sport in the country, observed Toulouse’s physical and classroom training sessions. He is also head coach of CSKA Moscow, for whom he played, gaining six international caps.
  7. DoubleD

    Scotland RL hiring

    He was from Stirling though. If you’ve ever been to Easterhouse it is like the end of the earth and turn right. That was a council led initiative to try and help with the deprivation there. It would be nice if RL could broaden their reach there though beyond the lowest socio-economic sector
  8. DoubleD

    Scotland RL hiring

    It might attract someone young, hungry and ambitious to make a difference
  9. DoubleD

    Scotland RL hiring

    With Easterhouse? Yeah and they’ve been doing some development work there over the past couple of years again too as there is now a Glasgow team but not sure what games they’ve played........perhaps just the odd friendly up there. Youth seems to be the focus, which is a better way to go anyway
  10. DoubleD

    Scotland RL hiring

    Interesting to note that they’re focusing on Edinburgh and Glasgow schools in particular. I wonder if this is because those councils are funding it or if it’s a wider strategic move. Those areas seem to be getting integrated into the North East leagues, so not sure where that leaves Strathmore and the Aberdeen clubs who had been looking to revive
  11. So for the million dollar question..........................Do you think Albert Kelly is overweight?
  12. DoubleD

    Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    But that’s his/her opinion. Why should that be censored? It’s a sad state of society we live in whereby people’s thoughts and opinions are so readily censored for fear of causing offence. I suppose we have the snow flakes to blame for that. Oh dear I’ve just offended someone so this will probably get censored too 🙄. For what it’s worth, I don’t agree with Denton Rovers opinion on it being cowardly. I have been through depression myself, as is quite common, but each to their own in their view of it.
  13. Do you see your transition to prop being a standard progression at this time of your career or was it merely due to the talent available at Penrith? Do you prefer loose forward and is that the position you wish to play for at the Rhinos? Is there much difference between the 2 positions these days - do you think the traditional loose forward has now gone from the game or do you still see it as a vital link in the attacking line?
  14. So many NRL forwards come over here with big reputations and fail to deliver. Why do you think that’s the case and what makes you think you can buck that trend?
  15. If they find Hodgson and Whitehead difficult to understand, they’ve got no chance with Bateman. Even i struggle to understand him and I’m from Yorkshire!
  16. Great news. Didn’t even realise there was any rugby being played in Carolina
  17. DoubleD

    South West Rugby League 2019

    A step back in the right direction, glad Devon have been allowed back in the Fold. The game is too small for people to cut off their nose to spite their face. The work you’re doing in the community is fantastic and should be lauded, how much support do Saints and RFL provide? 250 schools is a huge number, how many people do you think you’ll engage and is there a plan to divert them to community clubs thereafter? I get the distance point, but if there’s only ever a 2-3 month season it’s really not going to foster commitment or loyalty, let alone actually assist players development and skill level. You probably need that youth development to come through to be able to push a longer season, unless one of the clubs took the step up to the Southern Conference.
  18. DoubleD

    South West Rugby League 2019

    Good news but very short season!!!
  19. DoubleD

    Luke Gale

    Must be ruptured Achilles if reporting him being out for the season. Still a chance he could make the back end of the seasons though if it’s that
  20. DoubleD

    RFL petition

    But you’re quite happy to spend your time coming onto a board to criticise someone else for starting one. Strange logic
  21. DoubleD

    London sign Morgan Smith

    Yeah, sorry Daniel is Cameron’s brother. Too many Smiths!!!!
  22. That’s a point worth making, the executive board are seemingly invisible and Barwick sure isn’t going to do the dirty. Perhaps the clubs could start a call of no confidence?
  23. DoubleD

    RFL petition

    Why don’t you start one then?
  24. DoubleD

    London sign Morgan Smith

    He was an extremely talented youngster. He was at Rhinos academy but the Wolves poached him, although to be fair, all was not well at the Leeds Academy at the time. He’s the younger brother of Cameron Smith (the loose forward one, not Melbourne hooker!) Traditionally a scrum half, he excelled in age groups, playing for England Academy and looking like he’d develop into a top half. For whatever reason, he’s not really kicked on the last couple of years and has been used as a bit part hooker for the Wolves. Halves often take longer to develop so this could be the perfect move for him. Could be a shrewd bit of business for the Broncos