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  1. Our new position in the EU

    This is what I've been saying.
  2. Our new position in the EU

    You reckon? You think we would want Schengen and the Euro?
  3. Our new position in the EU

    Undoubtedly we used to have influence. In Thatcher's day we had plenty of it. With a reunified Germany getting settled though that was never going to last.
  4. The new NHS thread

    Cameron tried to deal with this problem as they charge the NHS well over the odds and instead of implementing long term recruitment plans various hospitals/trusts were simply turning to agency nurses to fill gaps. I don't remember whether Cameron got the proposed caps through or not? I know there was a lot of media attention given to this racket a few years ago.
  5. Our new position in the EU

    Why will we be less globally influential? Just curious as to why you assume that no longer being subsumed into a club would make us less globally influential.
  6. Carillion - gone?

    Nationwide has announced it is bringing the 250 staff supplied by Carillion on to its own payroll as permanent staff. It has also arranged a contract direct with the third party company to which Carillion had outsourced about 1000 further staff. Good on Nationwide. Lloyds have also set up a contingency fund for SMEs affected by the Carillion collapse, which is also good news. This is further to the announcement yesterday that British banks will provide more general support to those SMEs affected, such as payment holidays and extended overdrafts.
  7. Carillion - gone?

    From the Guardian rolling news site: This is a very important issue -- thousands of companies are facing financial losses, because they were owed money by Carillion which (probably) won’t never be repaid.
  8. Our new position in the EU

    Another remainer myth busted The BoE has been shovelling money into the system since the banking crash. No sign of that stopping yet. The US is still doing it as is the EU. Drop in investment? So Nissan, Lidl, McDonalds, etc, etc, haven't invested in the UK since the vote? Oh, ok. I did mention the value of the £ as being the one projection that has been realised although, of course, that has had its benefits too - see recent export figures and increase in tourism. It may help if you read my post first so that your reply will actually respond to what I wrote rather than what you imagined I wrote.
  9. Our new position in the EU

    Ha! By that reckoning the arguments for remaining are not strong given the names leavers have been called on these boards and elsewhere. Projections are just that: projections. They can be right, they can be wrong. The pre-referendum vote predictions of the remain side have almost all been wrong. I think only a drop in the value of the £ was correct and even that situation has improved over the subsequent year.
  10. Those nice tories

    Incorrect. As you will know from my contributions to date on these boards I am very consistent in this respect. Unless something is of a criminal nature I am against the current mob mentality prevalent in UK culture at the moment, exacerbated by tabloid media on and off screen. The only exception to that position is Corbyn.
  11. Carillion - gone?

    Also from the same site:
  12. Carillion - gone?

    Report on the BBC rolling business news:
  13. Those nice tories

    I disagree because firstly people and their beliefs change over time and secondly because our culture changes over time. He blogged what he did in the context of popular opinion at that time and he was 22 when he blogged. I don't know about you but my views have changed since I was 22; they were changing pretty much from year to year at that age. This non-story is yet another example of faux outrage.
  14. Those nice tories

    Of course it was. Real news is going on all over the world but the media stick a non-story about what an MP blogged before he was an MP six years ago. All very silly but predictable.