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  1. Those nice tories

    I think she was very foolish not to follow through in 2008, that's what I think. If I had been in her position, there is no way I would have just dropped it (and I would be very surprised if the council suggested that too - I know Warrington Council didn't in 2011 when my passport expired!). I would have been right out there getting myself organised, unless I wasn't bothered about going back to my country of birth. Heck, when I spent a year in the States and was offered some expenses while doing some voluntary work, I was on to the authorities there asking exactly what if anything I could claim, etc, etc as I didn't want to be deported and/or not let back in due to doing the wrong thing. Take immigration status for granted at your peril, no matter where you live.
  2. Those nice tories

    This is another example of a pre-'hostile environment' situation being worked into the current narrative: "O’Brien had first been informed that she had a problem with her paperwork when the council pointed out in about 2008 that her Canadian passport had expired, and asked her for an alternative document." She should have addressed the matter then and the council should have advised her to do so. It is not the fault of the government that she didn't follow through. She is an adult. She was an adult when she moved here. She has to take responsibility for her own migration status surely?
  3. Those nice tories

    I will give the helpline a call myself I think, just to see what it is really like. After all, some folk have already had their claims sorted. Two of them appeared alongside Lammy on Newsnight last night.
  4. Those nice tories

    I can't see if there is a date on that letter? I mention it only because it might have been received by Lammy's constituent before the Windrush team was set up.
  5. From initial reports, the Jewish groups do not appear to have been very impressed. ETA The statement from the Board of Deputies following the meeting.
  6. Local Elections - 3rd May 2018

    I doubt it. The Tories are expecting a spanking. I think their spin doctors will say either they did better than expected (if they do better than expected, ie don't get a spanking) or they will learn lessons from the message given by the electorate and then proceed to try and look like a watered down version of the present Labour party (which will be entirely the wrong thing to do but the present version of my party doesn't really know what it is).
  7. Local Elections - 3rd May 2018

    The 'liberal' bit of LibDems meant that they could tie in with Cameron's Tories, who were predominantly liberal rather than conservative.
  8. Apart from suspending a few people, what exactly is different about that article to all the other guff Corbyn's come out with to date? He was interviewed en route to somewhere today on TV and he just kept referring to anti-Semitism and racism within society rather than taking ownership of the problem within his party, which is what he was being asked about. Corbyn - weasel words.
  9. Those nice tories

    To begin with, you quoted my post in which I referenced the statement by Rudd showing that immigration controls have been tightening for the last couple of decades. Those controls referred to migrants per se. I have clearly stated earlier in this discussion that the problems endured by the Windrush migrants have been an unintended consequence of greater migration controls. With regard to the 2014 Act specifically, that was put in place to discourage illegal immigration both in terms of fairness to the taxpayer and also holding employers and landlords to account in the fight against human trafficking. On Sky TV news last night a lady was interviewed whose problems began in 2008, which was well before anything the present government did. I don't know whether Sky realised that they were undermining their recent narrative about it all being Theresa May's fault by interviewing that particular woman but she isn't the first whose problems began before the Tories were elected. On the Guardian site earlier this week among the stories of individuals who were experiencing problems was one man whose difficulties began in 2009, again before the Tories were in power. This has been a cumulative problem. However, that doesn't excuse Rudd from not seeing the rising number of issues or seeing them and not doing anything about the problems, whichever was the case. The problems for the Windrush migrants are now being resolved. I sincerely hope they are resolved quickly and that the compensation is generous to those who have lost jobs, etc, and experienced distress.
  10. Local Elections - 3rd May 2018

    It is. Both Labour and LibDems are lefty. Most people are voting either Labour or LibDem.
  11. St George’s Day

    Happy St George's Day!
  12. Those nice tories

    On the Guardian's rolling live news thingy, there is text from Amber Rudd's statement in the Commons today about the Windrush debacle. I found this part of it interesting: The Immigration Act 1971 provided that those here before it came into force should be treated as having been given indefinite leave to enter or remain in the UK, as well as retaining a right of abode for certain Commonwealth citizens. Although HMS Windrush docked in the Port of Tilbury in 1948, it is therefore everyone that arrived in the UK before 1973 who were given settlement rights and not required to get any specific documentation to prove these rights. Since 1973 many of this Windrush generation would have obtained documentation confirming their status or would have applied for citizenship and then a British passport. From the 1980s successive governments have introduced measures to combat illegal immigration. The first NHS treatment charges for overseas visitors and illegal migrants were introduced in 1982. Checks by employers on someone’s right to work were first introduced in 1997, measures on access to benefits in 1999, civil penalties for employing illegal migrants in 2008, and the most recent measures in the Immigration Acts of 2014 and 2016 introduced checks by landlords before property is rented and checks by banks on account holders. I wonder whether Sky and BBC will refer to this on their TV news broadcasts, and whether this newly revealed information will be discussed on Newsnight, the Papers, Question Time, etc. Makes things look a tad different from the 'Theresa May's a racist' garbage that has been thrown about by some Labour MPs over the last couple of days.
  13. Our new position in the EU

    Apparently John Major did the same thing and as a result we signed up to Maastricht.

    Crackerjack on a Friday nights and the prize was a pencil. Playing the music of Gary Glitter before reality hit. Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. Newspapers. A stack of six vinyl singles on my record player, one would drop down, play, and then the next. Recording the chart show on a Sunday on my cassette player (naughty me). Shops. Lots of shops. HMV selling posters of my favourite bands. The clinking noise of the milkman delivering milk in glass bottles to my front doorstep. The smell of cigars at Christmas. My baby cousin almost being killed by some dockers as they shoved a concrete block through the glass door of my uncle's house. My uncle worked for the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board at the time. Italian restaurants where the centrepiece was a bottle covered in wax from the candle in the top. Shoulder pads. Perms. Going to the Rocky Horror Show in my best big shirt and doing all the moves. Wimpey burgers. Snuggling under an eiderdown. Morecambe & Wise Christmas Specials - oh how I miss them!
  15. Our new position in the EU

    Schengen is about movement of people, not trade. We aren't in Schengen but we have frictionless trade (or mostly frictionless trade anyway, depending on whether the French are on strike).