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  1. Everyone is different.
  2. I said the BBC and Sky were obsessed with the numbers. And they were. I know because I was skipping between the coverage on both channels. You make yourself look very silly by referencing Hitler btw.
  3. It was good to see one in there already, the winger who they were calling Captain America. Pity he wasn't a Canadian but at least he was an authentic American rather than a heritage player. Clearly with a fulltime team they will be able to bring up to speed the other North Americans they have recruited from the amateur game so hopefully those in their squad will get a run out as the season unfolds, especially when they are playing at home and particularly if they are Canadian.
  4. I think he already knows this. Hence his retaliation. Over here both the BBC and Sky were obsessed with the numbers as if it was some kind of competition. That Obama was the first black president in a country known for its relatively recent history of segregation seemed to pass both organisations by, somewhat deliberately I would suggest. That Trump's support had to travel hundreds of miles to get to DC was also never mentioned. Amazing really. Not. We all know the media manipulates, or rather those of us who take time to read, reflect and revisit matters do anyway. For example, I have noticed that apparently Theresa May in her speech last week said that if the UK didn't get the deal it wanted, the government would simply default to WTO rules. I listened to that speech and read it in full. She didn't say that at all. She said that if the EU decided to take punitive action to refuse UK access to the single market then the UK would withdraw and fall back on WTO rules. The former is not a position I would support necessarily; the latter most certainly is. It did not seem to matter to any TV media outlet that the truth was reported; they just wanted to stir the pot. There does not appear to be a choice between sensationalist tabloid reporting and serious journalism in the non-print media anymore and I think that is both disappointing and dangerous.
  5. I liked this post instead as I wanted to make gingerjon happy. He seems so earnest in his vulnerability that I just couldn't withhold from him.
  6. So you are stalking me. You need to get a life!
  7. Gosh, are you stalking me? And there was nothing obligatory in it.
  8. Tell that to my Dad, left on a trolley in A&E for 9 hours in the early noughties.
  9. I'm afraid you have as great an ability to read for comprehension as someone who hasn't had much practice. I was replying to a specific post which began 'surely any health system is better than none at all' which clearly implied Obamacare was the first health system adopted by America. I thus went on to explain the system as it was prior to Obamacare. I didn't at any time say any of it had been replaced or disbanded or indeed comment upon Obamacare at all in that post. I know about the American health care system as it was pre-Obamacare. I've even used it. I have no idea what Obamacare looks like other than it is a health insurance system rather than a taxpayer funded system, and I have never claimed to know anything more than that about it.
  10. Why is that bad news exactly? It's an article about the Swiss telling British bankers and possible other businesses that they won't form an alliance to persuade the EU over access to the single market. Why any of our businesses would think the Swiss will form an alliance with anyone given their history is beyond me but nor do I see the outcome as being bad news. It's just a non-story.
  11. I was responding specifically to your post, which came across as a Shakespearian tragedy. You know, the kind where they all hysterically die in the last act. Melodrama at its best.
  12. Quite the opposite. I am very persuaded that you are being sexist. Your follow up post simply convinces me further.
  13. Once a member of the IRA, always a member of the IRA. He's an opportunist pr"ck who should have been locked away for life. Hopefully all the real politicians and anyone else genuinely concerned for peace in Northern Ireland will stick him back in his box good and proper.
  14. It'll probably the March for Women thing that the media is presenting as an anti-Trump march but appears to be a mixture of all sorts. You'd think so, the way some are whinging. It would appear that the electoral college system has been ditched for the popular vote system.
  15. America had a health system, or rather a couple of them. There was the insurance based healthcare system, insurance being paid via employers out of wages. Then there was Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid was the healthcare system in place for people with limited resources and all states were required to offer a Medicaid service. It provided free or low cost healthcare provision. Medicare was the federally funded healthcare system for seniors, those with disabilities and those with long term healthcare needs. There were systems in place, and contrary to UK folklore nobody was ever left to die on the street, but the debate was about whether the free/low cost systems were good enough and available enough. Medicaid suffered similar problems to the NHS: high demand, restricted resources.