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  1. Our new position in the EU

    Like I said in the post you responded to ...
  2. Our new position in the EU

    Can't be bothered.
  3. Gosh. That's very sweeping. Have you spent time with Republicans in the USA?
  4. Our new position in the EU

    To me it is just common sense that those jobs uniquely tied to the EU would move to an EU country once we left the EU. It is very likely that those jobs are held by people from all over the EU even though they have been based here in the UK up to now. That these decisions have been taken before we have actually left the EU doesn't surprise me either because it is sensible to plan ahead of time. As far as I am aware I have never said that no jobs would be lost as a result of us leaving the EU; I don't think I have really commented on it at all. What I never did believe was that tens of thousands of jobs would go as a result of us leaving the EU and I still don't believe it. The banks are moving a few hundred staff to the EU to deal with Eurozone stuff which, again, makes sense. I am not at all bothered that a few hundred people are moving somewhere else so that they can do a job that exists as a result of an organisation we won't be part of anymore.
  5. The Culture Wars

    I like what he's saying at the moment. (I've only listened to 15 minutes of the first video though and so there is plenty of time left for me to go off him!)
  6. The Culture Wars

    Sadly, it is England that has become dumb. You should listen to some of the lightweight stuff spouted on the BBC and Sky over here. They call 'analysis' what I would call a Year 6 essay, and I may be insulting our primary school children there. There is a lot of air-headed invective btl on the Guardian website. The irony of their own attitude often escapes the left wing posters there.
  7. The Culture Wars

    Mention of Jung and archetypes takes me back to my degree years (literary criticism). I've never heard of Jordan Peterson before and so I have no idea whether I would enjoy listening to him. I may well look him up and have a listen some time.
  8. The Culture Wars

    I do believe in God. I was once a practising Christian of the protestant variety. Even during my most agnostic years I still had a vague belief in the existence of God (hence they were agnostic years as opposed to atheistic years). Only recently have I started to think deeper thoughts again about Christianity. It's been many, many years and I have no idea why it's all started up again now. PS I do indeed have a brother who is a vicar (and who also has a PhD in something to do with genetics). My Dad was also a vicar back in the day.
  9. Our new position in the EU

    That's why I wrote 'it turns out that only hundreds may be'. You will notice the word 'may' in my sentence? A few banks have recently stated that thousands are now unlikely to move to EU countries; just enough to staff their satellite offices created to facilitate ongoing Eurozone business.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    Good for the sugar intake anyway. Which company owns McVitie's these days?
  11. Our new position in the EU

    I wonder whether this falls into the same category as the bank project fear? After all, banks said tens of thousands of jobs would be lost if we left the EU but it turns out only hundreds may be, in order to facilitate continued Eurozone business. The problem with project fear is that people stop believing the claims. Crying wolf is another way of putting it. Perhaps Eurostar should invest appropriately so that their freight business could cope in the event of us leaving the customs union. (Not sure why they couldn't cope with such a change but there you go)
  12. Carillion - gone?

    Not a sticking plaster ...
  13. Carillion - gone?

    Network Rail have now announced that they will be employing all their Carillion workers direct until the end of April. RBS is also providing an emergency fund for those SMEs who are their customers along with offering things like payment holidays, following the lead by Lloyds. These actions may be sticking plasters but that is all they can be at the moment as negotiating new contracts with replacement suppliers/contractors will take time and the insolvency process will also take time. I also read somewhere that companies are now starting to take on the apprentices left stranded by Carillion's demise.
  14. Our new position in the EU

    I think that is fair enough given that political parties are exempt and the EU referendum was a political vote. Of course this should have been sorted out before the vote actually took place.
  15. Our new position in the EU

    More Brits think the UK is right to leave the EU for first time since July 2017. Interesting.