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  1. The UK is the world's 5th largest economy. You talk as if we were Lichtenstein. Good grief. I think the bilateral talks between the US and UK will go well because we already do a lot of trade and we invest a lot in each other's countries, just so long as the stupid UK media don't continue going off on one about chicken.
  2. Trump is very much in favour of bilateral trade deals; its the trading blocs he doesn't like. It doesn't require being a mastermind to know full well that it is likely to be the French behind any farming restrictions. They are well known for getting very stroppy if they feel their farmers may have competition. It seems they are getting stroppy with Macron already, and he hasn't even mentioned farming!
  3. I'm a free trade fan. I do wish our media would stop this descent into irresponsible tabloid hysteria and instead serve as a conduit for evidence and information, weighing stuff up instead of just lobbing it out in random directions with no thought to the consequence but in desperate need of ratings.
  4. According to the Adam Smith Institute, the EU's own scientists say chlorinated chicken is safe.
  5. Them saying that would make sense given the reliance upon subsidies by farmers. That reliance is why I'm really surprised to learn that some actually voted to leave.
  6. Were they? I don't remember hearing from them to be honest.
  7. No idea, and I doubt you do either because how people voted is not disclosed publicly.
  8. Erm can you tell me if I'm going to win the lottery this week as well please? It's just that apparently we're going to allow everything in and drop our standards and strip naked for the Americans ALL based on one single meeting to start talks about talks about talks. Some people need to realise that you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers, especially when the something they are obsessing about isn't going to be on the horizon as a discussion point for at least two more years. The media in this country is getting more ridiculous by the day and the people of this country are getting more hysterical and less analytical by the day.
  9. Were there any Brexit supporting farmers? I can't remember any being interviewed before the vote. Maybe I missed them. I know that all the fishermen were Brexiteers but farmers came across as very pro EU because of the subsidies.
  10. First of all I provided my evidence. You being obtuse isn't a reason for me to repeat it. Secondly I didn't say the use of a racial slur was worthy of a 'mild slap on the wrist' so stop making stuff up.
  11. We can't set up any formal trade deals with other countries because the EU does that on our behalf (or doesn't as is the case with the USA). I don't know of anyone who supported leave who thought we were unable to trade with other countries?
  12. The US is our biggest trading partner, by individual country. Maybe we have yet to achieve our trading potential with the US. Our trade with the EU has been decreasing for years.
  13. Apparently hybrid trains are being introduced instead, which can run on both diesel and electricity. The Northern Powerhouse was George Osborne's project and all it did was create another layer of useless bureaucracy in forcing mayors on places that didn't want mayors. Network Rail - a state run organisation - cannot seem to get jobs done within budget no matter what it is called or which shade of government is in power. How surprising. And Corbyn wanted to renationalise the whole system.
  14. If you can't see it then you need to learn how to read because to me it's quite clear.