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  1. First of all I provided my evidence. You being obtuse isn't a reason for me to repeat it. Secondly I didn't say the use of a racial slur was worthy of a 'mild slap on the wrist' so stop making stuff up.
  2. We can't set up any formal trade deals with other countries because the EU does that on our behalf (or doesn't as is the case with the USA). I don't know of anyone who supported leave who thought we were unable to trade with other countries?
  3. The US is our biggest trading partner, by individual country. Maybe we have yet to achieve our trading potential with the US. Our trade with the EU has been decreasing for years.
  4. Apparently hybrid trains are being introduced instead, which can run on both diesel and electricity. The Northern Powerhouse was George Osborne's project and all it did was create another layer of useless bureaucracy in forcing mayors on places that didn't want mayors. Network Rail - a state run organisation - cannot seem to get jobs done within budget no matter what it is called or which shade of government is in power. How surprising. And Corbyn wanted to renationalise the whole system.
  5. If you can't see it then you need to learn how to read because to me it's quite clear.
  6. Yes they have. It's just that you either do not understand the sentences you read, choose not to understand them or choose to deny that you do understand them.
  7. Nope. They - the lawyers, the activists and David Lammy previously - have all said they wanted a non-white judge and a non-white panel. It's quite clear (although you may have to click on the extra link in the quote I gave from the Guardian since you seem unable or unwilling to understand what is written). The point still stands: we should not appoint a judge or a panel or indeed anyone on the basis of their skin colour. To do so is racist.
  8. The deficit rose compared to this time last year because inflation rose in May and so the cost of servicing the debt rose. Or at least that is how the BBC explained it.
  9. I'd missed out the first paragraph and so amended my post to include it. My point stands because it all started with the judge and the colour of his skin (not to mention the fact that he hadn't been in a tower block - gosh! sack him). He's still included in the 'diversity' rubbish that the lawyers - and others - are spouting.
  10. I liked Sean Spicer. I also felt sorry for him. He had to try and fend off some nonsensical stuff at times. I bet he'll feel relieved to no longer be in the job.
  11. Remember that I used the word 'implicit' in my previous post: BMElawyers4Grenfell have accused the government of failing to consult about the composition of the inquiry panel, the selection of Sir Martin Moore-Bick as chair of the panel and the expert advisers to the panel. In a letter sent to Moore-Bick on Friday and copied to the prime minister, home secretary and lord chief justice, the lawyers call for diversity reflecting the varied backgrounds of the survivors and those who lost their lives to be respected. At a consultation meeting on Thursday night attended by Moore-Bick and members of the panel, residents and survivors, barrister Peter Herbert, a member of BMElawyers4Grenfell, challenged Moore-Bick about the lack of diversity of the panel. So because the judge is not non-white, he isn't fit to lead the inquiry. What the f*** is my country coming to when whether the appointment of a judge is suitable is being assessed on the colour of their skin? If it wasn't so serious then it would be hilarious. Do they want a multi-coloured judge? Shame on the lawyers for pandering to racist undertones and for stirring up trouble when what they should be focusing on is whether the appointed judge has the right professional background, qualifications, experience and skills to fulfil his duties. No doubt he will resign in due course as he'll be hounded out of post. If that does happen, I hope the government just appoint another white male judge from a middle class background if only to get up the noses of left wing racist over paid lawyers.
  12. According to the Daily Telegraph we are knuckling down with the Americans to sort out a trade deal as from Monday.
  13. I like him. He isn't afraid to be who he is. He can be really funny too. I loved the slap down he gave David Dimbleby on QT that time.