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  1. Is Russia a threat?

    When did we lose the ability to build our own aircraft (for defence purposes I mean)?
  2. Is Russia a threat?

    And what's wrong with cat videos on YouTube? But yes, the reasons you give are the reasons I find the idea freaky and yes, it is only lately that I have even given it thought, probably much like most ordinary folk.
  3. Is Russia a threat?

    Somebody's been playing Risk over Christmas.
  4. Is Russia a threat?

    And yet, we don't want shale gas and we don't want coal (coz it's environmentally bad) but we haven't yet got up to speed with renewables (which don't work when its too windy or cloudy anyway so aren't reliable), so what are we supposed to do?
  5. Is Russia a threat?

    The idea that they could cut our seabed internet cables is a bit freaky to me.
  6. Is Russia a threat?

    As an aside on the matter of defence generally it looks like Gavin Williamson may have made quite an impression.
  7. The Culture Wars

    If they are then that's many of our curry houses down the tubes! (Although I do realise that many of our curry houses are run by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis rather than Indians)
  8. The Culture Wars

    Churchill isn't in the Indian café though:
  9. The Culture Wars

    If it was about empire then yes, but the commonwealth includes countries which were not a part of our empire.
  10. One thing I will say for the Donald is that he has stuck to his campaign promises so far. How many actual politicians can we say that about?
  11. According to the BBC report tonight the Chinese still do subsidise their solar manufacturing.
  12. Is Russia a threat?

    There was a little while there when Russia didn't feel very threatening at all but under Putin it has reverted to type really, in modern terms. The UK could never take on Russia alone but I don't think that was the point being made by the General. I think the point he was making was that we need to be ready to help out our eastern European buds because things are getting a bit restless on that border. I believe we are not withdrawing all our capability from Germany anymore because of this although apparently the plan is to stockpile rather than maintain a sizeable troop presence there. I think being on our guard over Russia is rather wise.
  13. The Culture Wars

    Another one for the culture wars. Why does everything British have to be about imperialism? (Answers on a postcard to ...)
  14. The Culture Wars

    We can agree on that point though!
  15. The Culture Wars

    It isn't helpful but have you read the verbal abuse towards Greer? Those so-called feminists are abusing Greer because she holds a different view. They deserve to be sneered at. 'All over the world' is a bit of an exaggeration. In the West at most and they are hardly being empowered. I don't think you really understand what that means. Greer is empowered because she can say what she thinks regardless. That is empowerment. Asking everyone to protect you is not empowerment. In fact, it is the opposite. The #metoo 'campaign' is part vengeance, part powderpuff. Take this example. Aled Jones was taken off air on 22 October for a tweet he apparently sent when he wasn't even employed by the BBC. He's just returning now. His character has been undermined, his career has been undermined, and for what? Has he been arrested? Charged with a crime? No, of course not. What the tweet was is anyone's guess and it was years ago and clearly has broken no laws but that man and his family have been through the ringer because some woman either saw an opportunity to take revenge or make a point. I have no respect for the women doing this knowing what the outcome will be for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is unjust. The principle of innocent until proven guilty has disappeared. Secondly, it conflates a number of matters, serving none of them. Rape and violent sexual assault are crimes which deserve to be punished to the full. But the sort of stuff we are seeing over and over is not rape or sexual assault, and the risk is that women who are genuinely assaulted will be undermined by this bunch of either feeble or vengeful women doing what they are doing. And since you mention the 'male sexual predatory playground' .... you are speaking about the whole planet. It's all up for grabs to a predatory male. However, not all men are predatory in their behaviour but this kind of behaviour from women risks undermining the majority of men who are basically decent but who may make a mistake here and there, and that concerns me. Hopefully perspective will return soon as at the moment I think some of my gender has gone bonkers.